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Independent Film Makers Release Indyref Film Online

indexScotland Yet, a film about independence, has been released online in an effort to shift the focus of the referendum away from party politics.

Rough Justice Films, an Edinburgh based film company, has opted to make the feature available for free in order to meet growing demand since its premiere last month.

Producer Christopher Silver reflected on reactions to the film: currently at the midpoint of a tour of community screenings across Scotland.

‘We’ve been overwhelmed by the response. There is a real thirst for compelling stories about the importance of the coming vote and Scotland’s potential futures.

Above all else this is a film that celebrates the quality of our national conversation and despite being candid and at points controversial – in the villages, towns and cities where we’ve shown it – people have found a refreshing antidote to conventional referendum coverage.

Why? Scotland Yet is a portrayal of a society grappling with a unique historic moment. It is a film without precedent about events without precedent. We therefore feel it is vital for it to be seen as widely as possible.’

Its makers hope that Scotland Yet, which focuses on the non-party, progressive movement for Scottish independence, will have a positive impact in the final weeks of the referendum debate.

Director Jack Foster said of today’s announcement:

‘Audiences have routinely asked us how this film can be seen more widely, so we’re delighted to make it available for free online.

We hope this will extend access to a more meaningful debate about the kind of country the people of Scotland want.

This debate has been taking place for well over a year now in town halls and on doorsteps, but it has only fleetingly been picked up on by large media organisations, who tend to focus on party politics and leaders. In contrast Scotland Yet makes the grassroots, alternative debate its central concern,’ he added.

The 90 minute long feature film can also be purchased on DVD from Word Power Books, Edinburgh. Combined with their ongoing programme of screenings over the coming weeks, the film aims to reach out to a wide audience prior to September’s vote.

The team behind the film is independent of any political party or campaign. Its entire budget was raised by crowd funding a total of 739 donations, a rare achievement for any production and the first film in Scotland to do so.

Christopher reflected on the film’s significance:

‘We’re confident it will be a reference point in years to come. Today however we feel that it’s time to inject more vision into the final weeks of the campaign and in doing so, to remember why we’re having this conversation in the first place.

In the course of making this film we have realised that, whatever the result in September, the process of questioning our current state and the act of modeling a new one has already been transformative. Scotland Yet is a filmic tribute to that process.

We ask undecided voters to look at this film, not for simplistic answers to complex questions, but for inspiration and the chance to think about the potential of building a new country.’

Scotland Yet contains a diverse range of opinion, including commentators such as Tariq Ali, Ian Bell, Ruth Wishart, Lesley Riddoch, Derek Bateman and Neal Ascherson; veteran activists like Ian Hamilton QC, George Galloway, and Jim Sillars and several of Scotland’s top artists, including Dick Gaughan, David Greig and Karine Polwart.





  1. Scotland Yet will be made available for free on video streaming site Vimeo from Monday 18 August to Friday 19 September. To watch the film, and to view trailers visit scotlandyet.com
  2. ‘Scotland Yet’ refers to a song written by the late singer from Prestonpans, Davy Steele (the Battlefield Band, Ceolbeg, Clan Alba) at the time of the devolution referendum in 1997. It was released on his 1997 album Chasing Shadows (FMS/Temple Records). He took the title from a 19th C poem by Henry Scott Riddell. Several performances of the song feature in the film.
  3. The film is available on DVD from Word Power Books, priced £13.99. word-power.co.uk/books/scotland-yet-I702811629295/
  4. Scotland Yet is an entirely crowd funded project: its budget was raised through online crowd funding website Indiegogo.
  5. All enquires should be directed to Christopher Silver: [email protected]


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  1. Searched the site and cannot see how to view ,help a technophobe

  2. tartanfever says:

    Great news, look forward to watching this.

    Well done Chris, Jack and all involved. Thanks for all your efforts.

  3. Ian Kirkwood says:

    I cannot get it to roll either!

  4. MBC says:

    Me neither. Using an iPad. The Youtube link just takes you to trailers.

  5. bald eagle says:

    thats the best shortest film i’ve seen in my life

  6. tartanfever says:

    The film should appear on the ‘Scotland Yet’ site hosted on Vimeo, here’s the link:

    50pm, but thats where it should appear. Trailers are available to watch at the same link.

  7. tartanfever says:

    Here’s the You Tube link to their page if they post it there also, again, some trailers are up if you haven’t already watched a preview.


  8. Ian Kirkwood says:

    Tried all the above but still no joy either iPad or PC

  9. John Page says:

    See it at Arran High School on 29th August at 7.00pm……..to be followed by discussion

  10. MBC says:

    Still nothing on any of those links…

  11. nope. nada. help mah boab!

  12. comforn says:

    Guess it’s not happening today – I sent them a tweet earlier but no reply. Fingers crossed it appears online soon – I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait!

  13. Anyone heard anything about this?

  14. Matt Seattle says:

    Saw it at Langholm, brilliant and inspirational.

  15. Colin says:

    Is this film available online or not, if it is can someone please post a link to it and not the trailers?

  16. tartanfever says:

    Colin, I’ve been checking the sites daily to see if the film has arrived yet, but sadly it hasn’t.

    The links I posted are to the ‘Scotland Yet’ accounts both on Vimeo and You Tube, where you would expect to find the full length version. We haven’t heard otherwise, so it looks as though we’ll just have to be patient.

    I’m sure Mike and the Bella team will keep us up to date if their are any changes.

  17. Ian Kirkwood says:

    Thanks TF, it would be good to get some clarity. Looks like there is a strong interest in seeing the film.

  18. comforn says:

    Online NOW!!

  19. Ian Kirkwood says:

    It was well worth the wee wait. What a wonderful film, passionate people with a real belief and aspiration for a better Scotland. Hats off for a brilliant job. Well done!

  20. benmadigan says:

    great film Re-blogged here. Hope lots of people see it, enjoy it and start thinking about its message

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