The Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) revealed today(1) (Tuesday) the evidence of their canvassing in working class communities across Scotland, and argue that “the results show the No campaign isn’t just losing working class communities in Scotland, but has definitively lost them.”

The RIC National Mass Canvass Sample(2) covers 18,012 people, and is taken over 90 areas across Scotland.

The national results show Yes 43.6%, No 25.3%, and don’t know 31.1%. With the Undecided’s taken out, the result is Yes 63.4% and No 36.5%.



The document also includes details of specific areas to highlight the fact that many of these areas are amongst the poorest in Scotland and are often areas with traditionally strong Labour support. See all the stats and full breakdown here.

The results were revealed as part of the grassroots Yes press conferences, which take place daily in the CCA, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow at 11am.

Jonathon Shafi, the Radical Independence Campaign co-founder, said:

“The evidence of our canvassing across Scotland all point consistently to the same thing: A peaceful, democratic uprising of working class people in Scotland is taking place against the British elite.”

“In particular, Labour working class heartlands like Greenock and Easterhouse in Glasgow are coming towards yes in their droves. The reality of years of privatisation and Thatcherite economic policies are making people turn away from the Labour Party and towards independence. Labour’s No message is evidently failing in working class communities.”

Victoria Heaney, a RIC activist in the Gorbals who was a no voter up until February, said:

“Many of the people I know have never voted before and they feel slightly ashamed about that. But the positive is they are actually excited about voting yes for the first time on 18th of September,”

“People will say they know nothing about politics, but will then go on to say I’m paying all my wages on childcare, the cost of food keeps rising, I’m worried about my kids future. This is people’s politics and we are trying to help people realise the importance of their voice in the referendum debate.”

Robin McAlpine, Director of the Common Weal, chaired the Press Conference and added:

“This movement is carrying out the biggest voter registration campaign Scotland has ever seen to make sure those who say they are going to vote yes in Scotland’s poorest communities are mobilised to do so. If I was in the No campaign I would be very worried.”

Deborah Waters, Deputy Leader of Labour for Independence, said of the Labour Party:

“If there’s a no vote, the impact of these canvass results will be minimal on a Labour leadership that is complacent, and will feel they have carte blanche to return to business as normal. But if there’s a yes vote, it will radically shake up the Labour Party and force it to listen to their base and change.”


  1. Watch the video of the Press Conference here:
  2. Full details of the sample including images available here: