Mr Tickle

Mr Tickle



You don’t have to take my word for it.  That’s not even my headline.  This wee nugget of smug mischief-making comes from a chap called Tim Montgomerie and it was in the Times of London last week. Read it here.

Tim runs the Tory website “Conservative Home” – he’s a leading figure in the Tory Party, if you feel like checking – and his mission for the last couple of years seems to have been to use the electoral threat of UKIP on Europe and Immigration to push the Tories even further to the right.

Guess what?  Tim thinks it’s our turn. Hate the poor?  Hate the Disabled?  Hate the Foreign?  Hate the Scots!

He expects that we’ll vote No.  Then he expects us to be punished for being so annoying as to have had the referendum at all.  This is what he says:

 “If the battle for Scotland is nearly over, the battle for England might be about to begin. Today’s Future of England survey finds that most English voters want the UK to survive, but they want the terms of the relationship to change. Most think Scottish MPs should be prevented from voting on laws that apply only in England and also want Scotland to lose its budget subsidy. The average Scot currently receives about £1,400 more than the average English voter from the UK Treasury. Wales’s most disadvantaged communities are particular losers from the current spending settlement.”

He goes on to make his push for UKIP to push the Tories…who will then pish the other British parties.  As follows:

 “Until now the Conservatives haven’t felt it necessary to respond to the English awakening. It is not, after all, in the interests of Mr Miliband or Mr Clegg to empower an England leaning to the right. But I know a man who would benefit from tickling England’s tummy. He smokes. He drinks pints. And he’s called Nigel Farage. He does even less well in Scotland than the Tories. He’s got nothing to lose by wrapping himself in the St George’s cross and I predict he will.”

Okay?  Got that?

First, he expects us to Vote No.  Then, as a reward for our Loyalty to the “Family” of UK plc, he wants and expects UKIP to push the other Westminster parties into a competition as to who can stick it to the ungrateful, whiny, and worst of all COWARDLY…Jocks the hardest.

The 2015 UK election isn’t just going to be about austerity and punishing the poor and the disabled and the old…Scotland is in the firing line now. We all have got targets pinned to our chests. Whether we vote Yes or No.

The 2015 UK election, Tim says, is likely to be won on a “Punish Scotland” mandate.

Don’t take my word for it.  It’s right here in black and white.

Here too is a link to other statements that have already been made threatening and promising to do the same.


A vote for No is not a vote for no change.  It is not a vote for “Business as Usual” You have been warned.