We are delighted to announce that Ciaran Murphy is the winner of our national poster competition. He wins £1000 and we will be distributing 10,000 copies of his poster throughout the country.

His image is a vibrant call to action that subverts gender stereotypes and resonates with the creativity of the whole movement. Our competition was filled with fabulous images – and we hope you share them all widely.

Ciaran Murphy is 26, grew up in Stirling and studied in Dundee. He said: “I wanted to go with just one figure, a play on Scotland the brave and from there thought of doing a defiant, strong girl in full pipers uniform to imply modernity and positive progress.”

Our second prize went to Rosie Balyuzi with her heart-warming and grin-inducing ‘Big Yes Now’. It will be the centre-spread of the next Closer magazine.

In third place was the clever ‘Vote Yes for a that’ from Fraser Croall, that we will make available as a card.

The competition was filled with amazing images and all are available to share and download. Thanks to everyone for taking part.