Scotland: you are about to be bribed and lied to by some very very desperate people.

The idea that the people that have failed by selling you a visionless campaign of cultural self-hatred, reactionary economics and a level of campaign miserabilism never seen before, will now do an about-turn and concoct an enticing federalist future (within days) is comic. But, given full-scale panic mode, this is precisely what we are being told they will try and do.

Writing in the Guardian online, Toby Helm and Daniel Boffey write:

“The people of Scotland are to be offered a historic opportunity to devise a federal future for their country before next year’s general election, it emerged on Saturday night, as a shock new poll gave the campaign for independence a narrow lead for the first time.

Amid signs of panic and recrimination among unionist ranks about the prospects of a yes vote on 18 September, the Observer has learned that a devolution announcement designed to halt the nationalist bandwagon is due to be made within days by the anti-independence camp.

The plan, in the event of a no vote, is that people from all parts of Scottish society – rather than just politicians – would be invited to take part in a Scottish conference or convention that would decide on further large-scale transfers of power from London to Holyrood.”

The notion that  Sir Menzies Campbell, Gordon Brown and Douglas Alexander have either the collective nous or the political clout to act with the creativity and ambition to pull that off is, without credibility.

But given the sinking feeling that is now swamping the No campaign, the notion of some post-No ‘big offer’ is being suggested.

Will Hutton pleads (‘We have 10 days to find a settlement to save the union’) that: “Westminster’s party leaders must offer to create a federal Britain and irrevocably commit to a constitutional convention to discuss its implementation if Scotland votes no.” Unfortunately he has misunderstood the basic tenor of the British State, that is to cling to power, to centralise it, and to shroud it in obscurity. #Yes are, according to the same author: “the atavistic forces of nationalism and ethnicity” – which is such an absurd metropolitan misreading of what’s going on as to be laughable.

Talk of a ‘convention’ or a ‘post-No conference’, wheeling out these tired discredited characters, none of this will be enough to stop the irresistible tide of change we are seeing.

So, let’s keep on doing what we have been doing that has got us here: relentless positivity, energy and creativity and ignore the attempts to manufacture a future-hoax that Westminster is incapable of delivering.

Beware Trojan Horses.