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Bella is changing to meet the needs of our new political situation. Bella aims to be the best site for commentary, analysis and reporting on Scotland and beyond. We want to capture and recharge the energy of the Yes movement and help re-channel it / us into the next phase and onto the next challenge. To do so we’re bringing together some of the best writers artists and thinkers around.

We’ll be bringing you more international coverage, more arts & culture, coverage of breaking innovation and change, plus commentary on social justice, ecology and community, plus all the rest. These categories are not sealed, nor are they exclusive.

On the announcement of the new team, Alastair McIntosh commented:

‘The Referendum saw a noble steed dragged down into the mire by a gilded carriage. Unless “The Vow” involves redirecting our oil wealth to social justice and getting a grip on foreign affairs to unstitch the Empire as underwritten by warmongering and Trident, I will constantly work to persuade those who voted No to rethink their moral position. This requires a free media. One that is rooted in the Scottish people, in our democratic intellect – democratically accountable – and not subaltern to the forces of our internal and inner colonisation where money and fear trump justice and hope. That is why I support Bella Caledonia.’

For the political challenges ahead we’ll need all the creativity, invention and energy we can muster, whether it’s defending against the next onslaught of ecological crisis or the next wave of austerity cuts.  Or, whether it’s re-booting for the next phase of the independence movement beyond the Smith Commission or the next election.

It’s with this perspective and a fresh and open mind that we are delighted to announce our new editorial board working on these themes:

On Social Justice we have trade union activist and RIC founder, Cat Boyd, with rapper, poet and lyricist Darren McGarvey (aka Loki), Douglas Robertson, and 19 year old Haniya Khalid.

On International reporting we have Justin Kenrick (in the Congo), Karen Emslie (Spain), Yiannis Baboulias (Athens), Kirsten Han (Singapore), Jack Ferguson (Amsterdam), and Smari McCarthy (Reykjavík).

On Community we have author and campaigner Alastair McIntosh, with writer Rebecca Nada-Rajah, author and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch, and Mairi McFaddyen of National Collective and TradYes.

On Ecology we have short story writer, performer and artist Dougie Strang, cultural activist and writer Laura Cameron Lewis, and historical geographer Fraser MacDonald.

On Arts & Culture we have Bella co-founder and publisher Kevin Williamson, roaming about culture but also focusing on film, novelist Meaghan Delahunt  and acclaimed poet Kathleen Jamie both focusing on poetry and fiction, plus playwright Peter Arnott, and arts producer Fiona Ferguson (who was behind the Aye Talks).

Covering Innovation we have Lauren Currie, Skye-based author DJ MacLennan, and writer and musician Pat Kane.


There’s some basic housekeeping we’re doing too. We are pleased to be working with the fabulous Cat Ingall on illustrations and Jannica Honey on photography (see above) to improve the visual look of the site and the incomparable Greg Moodie who’ll be kicking off his regular strip exclusively for Bella next week (buy Greg Moodie versus the Union here). We also have a proofing system in place (some of you will be very pleased to hear) and we’ll be overhauling the website’s structure and design in the coming weeks.


For press details and more information contact us at: bellasletters@yahoo.co.uk


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