Scotland: Victory Next Time!

A beautifully lucid Tariq Ali talk on what just happened to Scotland bringing 50 years of experience to the post-referendum political autopsy….

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Fantastic talk, thank you for this insight.
    A dissatisfied Scot

  2. rosestrang says:

    Correct, in every detail. Definitely one to pass on to no voters who are now feeling disillusioned.

    1. Gordon bradley says:

      Where’s all those strident pushers of the NO vote now ?
      Why aren’t they telling us all how marvellous its going to be now ?
      They’ve vanished.
      Funny that.

  3. jimnarlene says:

    Brilliant and illuminating, a must watch video; for yes and no voters alike.

  4. Fred says:

    Well done that man, although anent parochialism being extinct, Ian Gray compared any independent Scottish broadcaster to the White Heather Club.

  5. Daniel Dominick says:

    I am sick of people saying there was a no vote. Also the people of Scotland prospered greatly under the act of union. The European Union was the beginning of the destruction of Scots professional jobs & wealth. It was the destruction of the act of union from the 70’s through to present that put the people of Scotland back into poverty. Go to your new found political party of the SNP and ask them to publish the act of union in full & put it out to all members of the SNP & then ask them the questions of why these acts no longer protect our interests as they once did.

    1. tartanfever says:

      ‘Also the people of Scotland prospered greatly under the act of union.’

      Sure enough, the Highland Clearances were just about getting the people off to Butlins for a couple of weeks holiday.

      What utter drivel.

    2. Highland clearances,and lowland clearances add in the many sold into slavery it was not just Africans enslaved Scots and Irish made up the bulk of slaves on the sugar plantations.The main objective of the clearances was so that our population could never be enough again to fight a war of independence,keep our population low as low as 10% then we wont ever be able to mount a bid for freedom.

  6. Daniel Dominick says:

    I believe in an independent Scottish parliament.

    1. aplinal says:

      I believe in an Independent Scotland, then we can have the Parliament we need.

  7. Morag says:

    It’s wonderful hearing that conclusion from someone so wise and so insightful. It makes me less worried that my own similar thoughts are no more than wishful thinking.

  8. MBC says:

    Thank you Tariq.

  9. Gordon bradley says:

    This is the end of the beginning, no more.
    Its inevitable now.
    A matter of time.
    The sooner the better.
    And I’m English ! The upheaval is much to be welcomed !

  10. Flower of Scotland says:

    Thank you Tariq. As a despairing Scot, I thank you for your insight, and maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  11. Linda Ramsay says:

    Well said Tariq. Brilliant summarisation of the referendum fiasco. Watch this space. THE 45% WONT GO BACK IN THE BOX.

  12. I wrote this comment for another blog but thought it may be of interest here:Well written Rod I have read your blogs,and the poems,thanks for them.I am 62 the noo,I I have stopped smoking again,and never was a great drinker,a “two can Dan” and my Alice made sure I never drank that often.I had a thought about how the SNP behaved over the course of the referendum debate.I recall it being said on more than a few occasions that if a majority of Scottish seats in the Westminster parliament went to the SNP then that would be a vote for independence and that is how we shall win through.The referendum was just the first half of the game.The question I think remains is this,have enough people been convinced of independence and that the referendum was somehow not fair or “Kosher” the ire may be fresh in all of the minds as to vote for the SNP come May and we win the 30 seats needed.Like you I found myself shouting at the TV “why don’t you ask this or that ” and my suspicions were aroused several times when I could see that the yes campaign from the SNP was not as robust as it should have been.Is Alex Salmond smarter than I even thought has he been playing the game ten times better then I thought?It looks like Westminster will be in a strange mix come the May elections,turmoil might describe it better,with UKIP,with Labour in dispute with itself,Lib-Dems a big question over if and any?The Tories leaning very far right and having tied themselves into another referendum over an EU exit.The SNP could be the only party with the same message and with cohesion.The more I think about it the more it makes for a plan,and don’t you just love it if a plan comes together!The referendum may have been dismissed by Westminster as a new parliamentary session is not bound by the previous one,but a majority of seats cant be ignored! is this when the whistle will blow.I have had confidence in Alex Salmond and certain he had a plan although nothing came out as a game changer in the last few days of the referendum like I and I suspect many others thought it would.I was dismayed and wondered why there was not a storming finish perhaps I’ve guessed right for once.

  13. Ken Mair says:

    Among all the lies about Scotland and Scots. In the past two years it is a breath of fresh air to hear an account based on the facts that spells out what actually happened. Even for someone such as myself who studied thousands of reports and official documents in relation to Scottish Independence, it raises 2 or 3 new aspects I had not considered. I thank you for this and may even get my sanity back. By the way one phrase was a puzzle ……..there is no “English Parliament”.

  14. Reblogged this on mainstreamsubmarine and commented:
    The kind of half an hour education that all NO voters should have been forced to watch before Sept 18. Hindsight is a silver lining on a big black unionist cloud – but didn’t EVERY person voting YES not say how it would be if Scotland voted NO?
    Like Tariq says: next time Scotland WILL become an independent nation..

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