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  1. Optimistic Till I Die says:

    They, of course, feel their actions are justified, like the vast majority of individuals who make it ‘to the top of the heap’ by fair means or foul. They are, after all, running the UK ( or should that be ruining?).

  2. Barontorc says:

    This is a truly incisive piece of reporting, everything that’s wrong with this blighted Westminster/UK establishment system is shown.

    With one mighty leap we Scots can be no longer be dragged under. Let’s get it done, once and for all.

  3. John Tracey says:

    is this a poster to educate voters? many need to know these facts but do not access this website.

  4. Les Wilson says:

    They are the true low life’s of our society, of that there is no doubt. Parasites.

  5. Sir: I strongly object to your insurrectionist stance re our wonderful UK government. British democracy is quite simply the very best that money can buy.

  6. IAB says:

    Great graphic – should be everywhere as a poster

  7. Big jock says:

    Can you add some Labour mp’s onto the poster. They are just as guilty!

    1. Ally says:

      Has anyone heard any more about this? Last I heard (not long before the Referendum date) was the matter was being shelved temporarily. I can’t find another reference to it.

  8. June Stewart says:

    Sharing on Twitter, thanks…..

  9. Can we have one of these with Scottish Liebour and LibDumbs for use in our constituents as there are not many seats where the Tories will be challenging.

    We need to be hitting the Alexander Brothers (Danny & Duggie), Murphy, Brown Curran, Begg, Darling, Sarwar, as well as the 3 Sirs (Bruce, Smith & Campbell), Carmichael, Kennedy & Moore.

  10. Andrew Skea says:

    Don’t forget the man (Mr Salmond) and woman (Ms Sturgeon) who slashed the Further Education budget in order to condemn working class people to poverty – while claiming to stand up for working people!

    1. tartanfever says:

      Oh aye, ’cause slashing one of the many education budgets really condemns people to a full life of poverty !

      If that’s the case, then what the hell do tuition fees of £9k a year do ?

      The only change I would make would be to point 5 about the banks. We didn’t bail out the banks, we bailed out rich people’s assets.

      1. Gary says:

        SNP council cuts are condemning people to poverty. No doubt people on here will use the ‘Nuremburg Defence’ and say’s they are just following Tory orders but nonetheless SNP Councillors have slashed thousands of jobs, closed local amenities, cut funding to the voluntary sector.

    2. Is that you standing up for the working class Mr. Skea? Do you consider yourself to be working class?

      1. Monty says:

        The appeal of maxxing out on expenses which leads to politicians of all parties claiming food expenses and for miles traveled by cycle and ordinary travel to work expenses is sadly strong for all parties. The familiar replies of it was within the rules at the time or an attack of petulance are the response to any challenge by the public. A sense of entitlement is part of the package of being a politician

    3. Tina Feedgie says:

      Aye, fair points Andrew and Gary. After sending all our money to Westminster and getting just a portion of it back they had to balance the books somehow and I guess that’s why we’ve ended up in Scotland with huge tuition fees, the bedroom tax, expensive bridge tolls, pricy prescriptions and no free travel for pensioners.
      Bloody SNP.
      Thank god they’re sensible enough to go full speed ahead for fracking and are right behind trident replacement.

    4. jdman says:

      Get some facts Andrew, the courses cut (due to retraction of the barnett furmula) are to courses of 3 days length, done to protect the courses of three year + that WILL take people out of poverty
      3 day courses such as

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      See anything there likely to pull someone out of poverty?

      1. Ian Kirkwood says:

        Those crazy SNP people. This stinks of sensible and reasonable management. How could they……

  11. joseph O Luain says:

    It has long been my contention that if all those Labour Councillors who ran Scotland, at the time when Thatcher was first flexing her muscles, had resigned en masse, we wouldn’t be in the unfortunate state that we’re in at the moment.

    None of those elected had anything like a mandate from their constituents to bring in the poll-tax, sell council housing stock, or anything else like it. Mass resignation would’ve brought the whole Thatcherite project to a juddering halt, I believe.

    Who would’ve been there to rubber-stamp all the sociopathic “legislation” that followed, post seventy-nine? Place-people may have been sent in, it’s true, but with no mandate from the people that situation would have quickly proved untenable.

    Look around … Thirty odd years later it seems that little has changed.

  12. jaypot2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Fantastic – this should be on posters everywhere…

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