Jim Murphy – Saviour of the Union (The Movie)

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  1. J Duncan says:

    Really funny and very clever. I might not kick the television the next time I see the smug one after seeing this!

  2. DialMforMurdo says:

    Brilliant, utterly brilliant. This wins the internet since the first cybernat ever messed about with MS paint.

  3. heathermclean19 says:

    Utterly BRILLIANT! Love it!

  4. JBS says:

    Utterly lovely. A BAFTA and an Oscar at least.

  5. June Stewart says:

    Brilliantly well done, I hope this gets many shares and likes, I for one will be sharing wide and far.
    Best laugh I have had in a long time and certainly tops the Green Party’s Boy Band Video.

  6. bellacaledonia says:

    Genius! This should be up for an Oscar definitely.


    1. DialMforMurdo says:

      Kev you need to do a roll call of praise for everyone involved in the video.

      Having been at this longer than I care to imagine, I can’t recall a film as well made, brilliantly written, as well scored, with such beautiful artwork and as downright funny as The Saviour of the Union. I’m out of superlatives. Just brilliant.

  7. ross says:

    Absolutely brilliant

  8. wee sandy says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Was felling a wee bit down. Never laughed so much since this campaign started.Brilliant!

  9. . says:

    Just what I needed after a shit day at work. Cheered me up and made me laugh.

  10. Big Jock says:

    A work of inspired genious!

    I wonder if Murphy is proud that he chose the Union flag over the Saltire. It shows him for the sycophantic anti Scot he is!

  11. kailyard rules says:

    This BRILLIANCE must be shared wide and continually. Very effectual . The last frame, the beheading ,is a stoater!

  12. Enjoyed every last minute of it. What else can I say? WOW!

  13. Superb, really well made, esp. the deadpan delivery! Just loved it. I know some Scots down south that will love this!

    The independence movement really does have the brightest, funniest and best!

  14. Douglas says:

    Hilarious….next up. Gordon Brown please….

    1. George Muir says:

      Douglas, well put. I worked with GB some years back and there is a crying need for that to be done.

  15. davidmccann24 says:

    Quite simply, absolutely brilliant. An Oscar awaits.
    Probably not a Brit though!

  16. Alistair Davidson says:

    Who says winners write the history?
    5 stars !

    1. Alistair Davidson says:

      They do!

  17. Kenny says:

    So talented! Not only takes the pish out of all BBC history programmes (like when he keeks through the hole), but had me stitches. Not sure which image I liked best — Murphy as Mother of God cloaked in a Union Jack repelling eggs, Liberty Leading the People Wielding a Bottle of Irn Bru, or the final image of Queen Sturgeon beheading the fiend who had raped her (nation)!

  18. Itchybiscuit says:

    I’m sitting in front of my monitor doing a Montgomery Burns ‘Eggscellent’ while chuckling to myself.

    Anyway, he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy… 😉

  19. broonpot says:

    Hilarious; irreverent; great music; great art. Encore! Encore!

  20. Fantastic, I love it.

  21. broonpot says:

    Hilarious; ireverant; great music; great art. Encore! Encore!

  22. Mealer says:

    James Francis Murphy.A Great British hero.
    Tremendous piece of work.Many thanks.

  23. Nigel Nicholson says:

    I like a happy ending!

  24. John Dickson says:


  25. Jammydodger says:

    So well executed! Congratulations to all involved.

  26. Tinto Chiel says:

    Very clever and stylish and very, very funny.

    If I thought that any of the Slabber Crew would watch this and feel the shame, ignominy and pricks of conscience they should, I would be delighted.

    Sadly, I feel their stupidity, venality and complete lack of self-awareness will make this impossible.

    Oh, well, we will move on without them. And a very good riddance to the lot.

    The future belongs to us.

    1. Barraload says:

      the Slabber Crew

      That would be folk like me then. One of the nicer things I’ve been called on here

      It is very entertaining and slick. Well done to the makers

      What is interesting is how much this narrative has become embedded in the nationalist psyche. None of them seem able to come to terms with the fact that the majority did not vote to remain in the UK for the reasons you seem to think.

      I know it comforts you in your loss to think that we voted out of fear etc etc but you need to start getting it that the No vote had solid reasons for their view – as good as the YES for their view – if, that is, you want to change any minds and give yourselves any chance of winning the independence you crave.

      This is a fine piece of art that does the same as so much on this site; it is preaching to the converted. Meanwhile the majority who voted No probably see little reason to change from their views when they are ridiculed and called names like Slabber Crew.

      They do, however, get over the emotional things and listen to things like “fiscal autonomy next year” and they get that the SNP want to re-run the referendum as soon as they can because that is how they can pursue their singular goal of independence – and the majority thinks things like £7 billion deficit in public finances – scary.

      Good art deserves praise and this is good art. Pity it does little to advance the cause it espouses among those it should be seeking to convert

      1. Gaelstorm says:

        A good response, and I agree with some of what you say. However, many of the people who voted No did so out of fear stirred up illegitimately. EG pensioners in Stornoway being contacted in their homes to be told they’s lose their pensions if Yes won.
        By Labour people. That kind of behaviour is why ultimately Labour will lose in Scotland unless it stops saying that its listening, and actually acts positively.

        1. Barraload says:

          The direct approach that you describe is wrong and I wold not excuse or justify it.

          What was not wrong was pointing out that the loss of the ability to pool the cost of state pensions across the UK could have a detrimental effect on pension provision. How was this to be funded; cuts or taxes?

          The nationalists ducked this, draped themselves in a flag and said, “it’ll be fine”.

          Those of us who found that to be an inadequate answer then said, “sorry I am unconvinced.”

          This seems quite a reasonable approach but the nats decry it and call it betrayal, shameful blah blah. That is why they lost the argument; after all the emotion, that is repeated here ad nauseum, was put to one side the argument for independence didn’t stack up, which was a shame as it was a once in a generation opportunity to get it right

          Maybe the last bit of that sentence will be changed by the SNP reneging on their – what should i call it – how about a “vow” or a “promise” that the referendum was a once in a generation event.

          1. MBC says:

            So you’re admitting that it was fear, then. Earlier you said that Yessers didn’t understand why people voted No, that it wasn’t fear. But now you say it is.

          2. ghostly606 says:

            Alex Salmond’s view is that it is a once in a generation vote. Nicola Sturgeon said that at this current time she has no intention of rerunning the referendum in the immediate future unless there are big constitutional upheavals. eg EU referendum.

            Nowhere was a pledge / vow made that this was a once in a generation event. It is up to the people to decide, via democratic means. If the SNP believe it is justified constitutionally (see above) then it may go in their manifesto, and if they have a majority at Holyrood then there is a clear mandate for another referendum.

            As the argument “doesn’t stack up” in your opinion, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

          3. manandboy says:

            You’re tying yourself in knots with false ideas.

          4. Barraload says:

            Tying on knots??? Hmm

            On the basis of what Galestorm says I trust that someone i don;t know put pressure on a pensioner i don’t know and i assume Maelstrom does and as a direct result t this pensioner voted NO for that an no other reason. If all of that is true, then it is wrong. That is not a political point or a concession to anything it is just calling something wrong

            However the other point you ignore is that no-one on the Yes side answered the question; how would pensions in Scotland be afforded; cuts or tax rises. Rough;y how much of each. An estimate will be fine

            If you can’t be bothered doing that, fine, but then you have to rely on a tide of emotion and not reason to sweep people along and you get frustrated with those who want answers. You then think that insulting them will work. Dearie me

      2. hossmackintosh says:

        you seem to forget to mention that the UK deficit is over £90 billion and the UK debt is over £1.4 trillion.

        So why is that not “scary”.

        So it is good for us to share in all that UK debt. Makes me think how lucky I am that my future pension (2nd worst in the EU) is really safe in the hands of Westminster.

        What complete nonsense. I would have more confidence with FFA and an efficient Scottish Government running the country than the a Westminster clowns who have wrecked the economy and have continually missed all their financial targets to date.

        1. The trouble with Labour now turning its guns on FFA is that it was never what the SNP wanted – it was a Lib Dem policy. Home rule was a Labour one. It was the unionists parties who just spent 3 years telling people we shouldn’t go for full independence as “nothing will be the same after this, honest – federalism is just round the corner”. The scaremongering and false promises certainly swung enough people to win the referendum.

          Now they’re aiming they scaremongering guns at the very arguments THEY used during the referendum not to vote for full independence. And in doing so they demonstrate perfectly that their entire approach during the referendum was an absolute lie.

          So who is arguing for FFA? Not the SNP, because they can’t offer or deliver it, only Westminster can. It’s precisely this kind of dishonesty that’s killing Labour in Scotland.

      3. Robert Peffers says:

        Oh! Dear! Where to begin? Nah! Too many obvious points so I’ll just make two. First – What , “£7 billion deficit in public finances”, would that be, barraload? Could you provide some actual real figures please?

        Second point is, “the SNP want to re-run the referendum as soon as they can”. Has not the Scottish First Minister announced many times that neither the SG nor the SNP can, or will, demand a referendum on the matter as that choice can only be made by, “The People of Scotland”. Exactly what is it about the legal fact that, under the independent Scottish legal system, The People of Scotland are sovereign and not either the Queen of Scots, nor by consequence, “Her Majesty’s Government”, that you do not understand?

        It is a historic fact that when the English Kingdom, (all three countries of it), had their 1688, “Glorious Revolution” , the only two remaining British Kingdoms were still independent. (remaining so until 1 May 1707). Thus when the English Kingdom’s Parliament deposer their reigning monarch, James II, it could not also depose the Scottish King James VII of Scotland. This is proven as true as it began what the English wrongly term, “The Jacobite Rebellions”, that spanned across the Treaty Of Union of 1706/7 until 1745. How, though, could the Scots rebel against a monarch not their own?

        The still independent English Kingdom’s Parliament of 1688 removed from their imported foreign joint Monarchs, King Billy & Queen Mary of Orange, the Royal veto over ONLY the Parliament of The English Kingdom and thus made ONLY the three country Kingdom of England a, “Constitutional Monarchy.

        So, care to tell us all exactly when Scotland fell under the sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament?

  27. connor Mcewen says:

    Cameron so Tory supermarket spoof video has nothing on this.Next year’s Cannes film festival?

  28. Alastair says:

    Brilliant. Thank goodness UKIp are proposing no VAT on ladies things I need tenalady as I am pissing myself.

  29. Loved the rework of the painting, Judith Beheading Holofernes by Caravaggio, a beautiful young woman saving her nation/city by cutting the invading generals head off.

    The good old days.

  30. Barbara McKenzie says:

    It’s incredible: hundreds of years of Westminster personalised propaganda – against the likes of Joan of Arc, Richard III, Bonny Dundee, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ares Velouchiotis, Arthur Scargill, Alex Salmond- and they never managed anything like this. Perhaps because they would not have been able to achieve the ring of truth?

  31. albawoman says:

    Tremendous. What talent we have in Scotland.

  32. Alice Sharp says:

    Just wonderful.

    Sent from my iPad


  33. MoJo says:

    a weapon of mass amusement ….hope it goes viral!

  34. sw323_red says:

    Fantastic! Brilliant artwork and so so funny and relevant

  35. hossmackintosh says:


    Looks like the start of indy TV – who needs the BBC any more.

  36. mike gunn says:

    Like all who have said above, Brilliant! And so sadly true. If i have one gripe its that its not an hour long!

  37. kat hamilton says:

    amazing stuff. love it. so apt and shows the scottish parcel of rogues gallery…sad its mostly the proud scots but who are responsible for holding their own country back.never have understood that…anyways, thank you for the belly laughs, and summing up mr murphys sycophant behaviour that fools no one..i hope anyway…

  38. almannysbunnet says:

    After a day of nuclear BS this was just the tonic I needed. Well done! As they say many a true word is said in jest. Can’t praise it highly enough. Straight onto my facebook page. I give it five irn bru’s.

  39. Clive B Scott says:

    Very clever, very funny, rapier sharp. Well done to all involved.

  40. Angry Weegie says:

    Absolutely fantastic, guys. I hope there’s more to come.

  41. Tom Kane says:


    Sorry for the capitals… but how fine … how funny … and I think you’re ready for a full length documentary… And so are we. Fab!

  42. BRL says:

    If anything – it’s a tad understated!

    Loved it – every second. Brilliento!

  43. Methusalada says:

    So clever ,so brilliant , so true ! Without doubt you are one of Scotland’s highest talent. You display & describe so accurately the truth of this egocentric leader of the fools. For that I thank you !

  44. Cath Short says:

    No sorry, I am a one of the 45 but something about this made me recoil, you are giving him more credence than he deserves

    1. Barbara McKenzie says:

      More credence than he claims? Makes it all the more fun that it pretends to buy into his pretensions.

    2. douglas clark says:

      Well, I suppose they do compare him to a saint but perhaps in unfriendly terms?

      Did you write similar comments about ‘That Was The Week That Was’ and other satire?

      Talk about not getting the point.

    3. Barraload says:

      You are right there. Pumping up Jim Murphy like this is increasing his stature except among those who were going to ridicule him anyway. It’s good art but probably bad politics

      1. Robert Peffers says:

        Once more, Barraload, you, in typical Unionist manner, make claims with absolutely no factual evidence in support. Please define these nebulous, “Bad Politics”, you refer to?
        Mind you I expect I will now be classed as a, “Vile evil Cybernat”, for having the temerity to question a, “Patriotic Scottish, but … “.

        In reference to those, “Bad Politics”, I have no doubt you can also explain how these alleged, “Bad Politics”, are apparently leading to a multitude of increased support while the London Labour Party Branch Office is sinking in the opinion polls?

  45. Labour Pains
    Never stray too far from your roots
    Especially with Tory’s in cahoots
    For your brand will be tarnished, on the nose
    A putrid emblem, a stinking red rose.

    James Dow

  46. douglas clark says:

    I think this is brilliant.

    From the flowing locks of the commentator, who reminds us of someone and their antics, and is even more windswept than their subject – I thought that that was impossible – to the ‘Last Supper’ with added Irn Bru, the genius is in keeping you guessing what will come next.

    Awesome. I intend to share this as widely as I can.

  47. ELAINE FRASER says:

    I found this very funny and clever at the start but became increasingly uncomfortable as it went on . In the end unclear to me who /what was being made fun of ? Share it widely if you wish but don’t assume everyone will see the funny side .

    1. Robert Peffers says:

      Oh! We Don’t, Ms Fraser, we most certainly do not. There are those who have always soaked up the Establishment propaganda and these people always will.

      Here’s a wee example of this propaganda for you. In the latest debate the arrogant Scottish leader of the Tory Party made this demonstrably untrue statement,, (I paraphrase), “The United Kingdom is one big country”.

      The fact is that the title, “United Kingdom”, properly describes exactly that it is, “A Kingdom”, that is formed by the only TWO former independent Kingdoms of Scotland & England. There is not a single mention of either the term, “Country”, or, “Countries”, in the entire text of, “The Treaty of Union”.

      Yet a Westminster Civil Service Paper has claimed, (and is quoted by David Mundell as if set in stone), as, “The Treaty of Union EXTINGUISHED the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as, The United Kingdom. There is absolutely no basis whatsoever for this claim.

      Fact is that by the Westminster Parliament’s kack handed transformation of the legally bipartite United Kingdom into a quadratic union of four COUNTRIES and the retention of the United Kingdom Parliament as the, (unelected as such), de facto parliament of the COUNTRY of England we are no longer an actual United Kingdom but have the Westminster Parliament now as the parliament of the Master Race of the Country of England devolving their ENGLISH powers to the now subservient three other, perceived by them as inferior countries, of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

      Can you show I am wrong, Ms Fraser?

  48. kevinwilliamson says:

    Good political art or satire shouldnt just re-affirm convictions or preach to the converted. It should go beyond that and if necessary make people feel uncomfortable. Think Limmy or Jerry Sadowitz or Doug Stanhope. The above film isnt easy laugh student union comedy either, the guys behind it are talented artists. I doubt if this will be their last work either. Expect more…


  49. Edd Travers says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Nice one : )

  50. macart763 says:

    Just superb. 😀

    Take a bow.

  51. Big Jock says:

    Not expecting any Slabour folk to get the message in this. The part they can’t deny, is that they chose unionism over Scotland, it’s black and white to me. Some people are afraid to use the word betrayal of your nation. Not me they betrayed Scotland ,and this is their punishment,delivered by the betrayed.

    1. Barraload says:

      Gosh. In a grown-up democracy are you not expected to respect the way others vote? Do you want to deny people the right to express their democratic wishes. Sounds like you want to betray democracy

      1. david agnew says:

        You know, that sounds exactly the sort of thing we have been saying when Cameron, and indeed most of the UK media, went into full Mental mode about Scotland “imposing” Labour on the UK.
        I think you’ll find that what is being said here, is that Scottish labour chose Westminster over Scotland. They chose to be the parliaments men in Scotland, not Scotlands men in the Parliament.

        The day labour allowed Cameron to get away with that utter nonsense, oblivious to the irony that before this, Scotland had been voting labour for decades, was a deal breaker for many folk. People say that if Scotland could only vote labour it’d be ok, I do have to wonder if they have been paying attention. Are these people seriously saying that Scotlands only democratic choice is to vote for a party Westminster likes? Would Cameron have been ok with Scotland voting labour? Would Mr Massies fears of the thames foaming with blood subsided all of a sudden if Scotland imposed labour on the uk by voting labour? This could have been an opportunity for them to show the UK at its best, by allowing a democratically elected party that a majority Scots chose as being best placed to represent their interests in the UK. Instead the Scots are being endlessly held up as a bogie man and the SNP smeared.

        You really should not be surprised that having thrown a lot of crap Scotlands way in the last 4 years, that some of us decide to throw some of it back. And yes a lot of it is going Scottish labour’s way, it’s been getting punked by the Tories for the last 4 years by being useful idiots. Frankly in opinion and this is my opinion – they deserve to lose. I haven’t heard any reason put forward as to why they shouldn’t.

        1. Barraload says:

          I think our perspective is different. I want what is best for poorer people across the UK You are only concerned with Scotland, Scotland, Scotland. A food bank in Manchester is as much of an offence as one in Motherwell. You see a difference based on nationality. I don’t

          1. Robert Peffers says:

            Balderdash, Barraload. You just parrot Establishment Propaganda and lies and offer nothing by way of evidence of the truth or otherwise of your party mantras. Since devolution began the Establishment have not only lied to the voters but assumed them stupid enough as to blindly accept the lies as you so obviously have done.

            Get it right devolution as set up by Westminster legally ended the United Kingdom.
            Here’s facts for you.
            There are only two equally sovereign KINGDOMS as signatory KINGDOMS on the Treaty of Union.

            Wales was annexed by the English KINGDOM in 1284. Ireland was annexed by The English KINGDOM in 1542. Scotland was NOT ever Annexed By the KINGDOM of England – UNTIL DEVOLUTION DAY ONE.

            Here’s facts – The term KINGDOM refers to a Royal Realm and need not be a country. There are no mentions of Countries in the Treaty of Union.

            On Devolution day one the bipartite United KINGDOM was made into a quadratic set-up of four unequal COUNTRIES but with the Westminster parliament retained as the, unelected as such, de facto Parliament of the COUNTRY OF ENGLAND but still calling itself the United Kingdom Parliament.

            It devolved different functions to the three non-English COUNTRIES but kept all United KINGDOM functions as COUNTRY of England functions and funded itself as The United KINGDOM.

            So the truth is that the rest of the United Kingdom are now subservient to the Country of England who decide our devolved functions and our per capita funding. Enter the Barnett Formula, (Stage Left). The express function of that formula is to assess the value of the extra devolved functions each devolved country has been given and to then devolve, from Westminster Ministry that previously carried out and financed the devolved function, to the devolved parliaments. It does so on a per capita basis and as each country has different levels of devolved functions and England has none the system correctly allocates a different per capita sum to each country EXCEPT England who had neither devolved functions nor block grant.

            That, Barraload, is what Labour did. They not only ended the United Kingdom but designed it to be unequal in all four countries in both funding and power over the four countries. We are now living in the Kingdom of England – just ask David Mundell, (“The Kingdom of Scotland was EXTINGUISHED by the Treaty of Union and the Kingdom of England renamed as The United Kingdom”). He quoted a UK Government produced paper.

  52. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Barraload 0735.

    Good morning.

    “The Slabber Crew. That would be folk like me then.”

    Oh, don’t worry. Unless you are one of the politicians lampooned in the film, it doesn’t refer to you.

  53. Big Jock says:

    Baraload…gie it a chuck pal!

    1. Barraload says:

      Why. Is this not what debate is about. Or is this site for converts only?

      1. Robert Peffers says:

        No, Barraload, it is because you are attempting to continue to fight the referendum debate. You won that, remember. not get over it an start to defend your Labour Party policto ies in relation the General Election debate that is now in hand

  54. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

    Protect their highland estates and hedge funds. That about sums it up. Sic a parcel o rogues in a nation.

  55. Big Jock says:

    Barraload – It’s for people with a sense of humour who understand satire when they see it!

    Incidently I wonder how Murphy’s horse will get on at Aintree tomorrow…

    Trainer: Paul Nicholls Jockey: Noel Fehily

    Weight: 7 11-06 Form: 38-613

    Unioniste 20/1

    1. Barraload says:

      Eh I said I though that film was good and I agree it was an entertaining piece of satire. The point I made was that as politics it (a) was preaching to the converted and (b) actually improving the status of Jim Murphy in much the same way that direct attacks on Ed Miliband and the First Minister have increased their popularity. You won;t see that if you’re a convert of course

      1. Robert Peffers says:

        Eh! What evidence have you that Ed Miliband’s and Jim Murphy’s popularity has increased?

        I offer you this as evidence, Barraload : –

        Wed, 25/03/2015 – 10:58 :

        “A YouGov poll in today’s, (that’s 25/03/15), Sun makes clear that the First Minister has a net approval rating across the UK of +7, compared to David Cameron’s net rating of -5, Ed Miliband’s net rating of -39 and Nick Clegg’s net rating of -47.

        Amongst respondents in England alone, Nicola Sturgeon is the only party leader who has a positive approval rating – with a net rating of +5.

        On attempting to find more current figures I found several that, laughably, poster figures for the Tory, LibDem, Labour, UKIP and Plaid Cymru but, strangely, no mention of the SNP Leader or indeed any of the Greens Leaders.

  56. FFS-ffs says:

    More from Bonnie Prince Bob here…

    I recommend “When you’re smiling..”

    BTW, nice to see Nicola setting the agenda in London without even leaving Scotland.

  57. Big Jock says:

    I hear the unionists on the Big Debate ganging up against Full Fiscal autonamy. Same old referendum style scare stories about black holes and chaos!

    They still don’t get this. Trashing Scotland is over. We know we were duped. The worm has turned stop trashing you own nation!

  58. jimdownie says:

    Such wonderful professionalism. Stunning artwork. Congratulations to all involved.

    Jim Downie

  59. JUST DONE IT says:

    You forgot to mention ‘The Digger’ Jim’s source of facts and inspiration.

  60. Frederick Robinson says:

    Well-made film, but partisan narrative propaganda is not fact, or even history (that dubiously interpretable version of fact) – it’s partisan narrative propaganda. No matter what latter-day intervention there was by Unionists not wanting to affect the result earlier, the fact is that more of an SNP-selected Referendum-electorate (Referendorate?) voted pro- than anti-Union. Get used to it, for heaven’s sake. These sour grapes are fast going off.

    1. Robert Peffers says:

      Oh! Jings! Frederick Robinson, you don’t actually believe that what passes as history in United Kingdom classrooms is actually true do you? The first recorded history in Britain was recorded by the Romans and even that was biased. Real experts conclude it is coloured by the self-interest and political ambitions of the Roman Leaders in South Britain. Here’s a couple of fundamental proven facts that knocks much of our schools history on the head.

      The claim that the Scots were Immigrants from what is now Ireland is total bunk. First the actual forensic style evidence – artefacts found on West-Coast Scottish Islands have been dated as earlier than their equivalents on the coast of Ireland. Now the simple common sense evidence. The early superhighways were the seas and watercourses. Reason being south Britain was covered by the dense, “Wildwood”, and northern Britain was under the Great Caledonian Forest. It was a deal simpler to travel by water than to cut yourself through craggy land masses and dense woodland. Now remember it is less than 23 miles between Ireland and Scotland at the narrowest place. Truth is the Scotti inhabited both sides of the Irish Sea.

      Here’s another. The English are Anglo-Saxon and the rest of we Britons mainly Celts. Genetics show less than 5% of the entire British Archipelago, (never mind England alone), carry Anglo-Saxon genes. Reason being the Anglo-Saxon tribes were an elite ruler class who did not interbreed with the aboriginal Britons but instead treated them as slaves or villeins. (as did the Romans before them).

      As for the Celts, these were mainly Holy men and mainly celibate. In both cases the aboriginal Britons adopted their masters or holy men’s cultures. A stone age site at Howick in England did a genetic survey of local residents in the area and, to much surprise, discovered a woman living a mile or so from the dig was a direct descendant of the remains of a person dug up on the site. We white non-immigrant Britons share a common genetic descent. It is our various cultures that mark us as different. Schools history is bunk – here’s another lie – In 1603 there was no Union of the Crowns as claimed by history. If there had been why would we have needed a Treaty of Union to unite what was already united?

      British schools history is pure propaganda.

  61. Barbara McKenzie says:

    @Frederick Robinson

    I came late to the referendum, not living in Scotland. I get no sense of sour grapes, but of tremendous vitality, intelligence and wit (mind you, I’m choosy what I read). On the Yes side, that is.

    What did Limmy say? Something about how awful it must be, to win the referendum and still be so bitter.


    That’s crap about a ‘Vow’ over no referendum for a generation. Salmond was describing the situation as he saw it then. No-one foresaw that the Yes campaign would be so energised by the outcome, that SNP membership would quadruple, or that SLab and Murphy especially would continue to shoot themselves in the feet to the extent they have done.

    Also, the thing about a campaign based on misinformation, is that you can’t expect to sustain and repeat it, because eventually you are going to be exposed. And I bet no-one in Scotland swallowed that bullshit story about Nicola Sturgeon saying she supporting a Tory victory.

    You feel offended at being called a SLabber, though I think here it was the hierarchy being referred to. Well remember the vicious terms used for Yessers by the No, campaign, unpatriotic being the least of them and ask yourself, how impressed are No-voting grannies going to be when their children and grandchildren are described thus?

  62. Dr Strange. says:

    Think this kind of thing has been done before a few times? Just saying? Bit of Monty python in there also. Vic and Bob did something similar which was hilarious.

  63. Kirsty says:

    Love this but can’t see who wrote it? Pure comedy genius, I’d love to see more or follow the writer, something!

  64. bellacaledonia says:

    It’s by @nonideefixe & @NorrieHarman

    1. Connor Mcewen says:

      The possibilities are endless with this format. Spitting Image style staged debates, Usvsth3m style Cameron,statesman of the pig sty visits to farms.
      Cameron and his lackey Cheechmichael are hiding well away from it all I notice

  65. David says:

    In Hills of heather
    Where rivers rage
    stood our faithers, clad in plaid,

    In battle lost ,
    then standard found,
    those fallen souls , rise just and proud,
    in this celtic land
    our battle ground

  66. rab dornan says:


  67. rab dornan says:

    R.I.P. noble ST. JIM [ ovum repelledon; repeller of eggs]

  68. Raymond Rose says:

    I have been a great supporter of your various media outputs and utterences but was recently dismayed and surprised at what appears to be doubled standards exercised on your Facebook page.

    Recently I posted humorous satirical post to your page with following quotes ” There will be no more cuts after 2016″ :- Jim Murphy and “If I only had a brain “:- Straw Man from OZ along with photographs of each. But this was removed by one of your monitors. I questioned this with the monitor she said I broke Bella Caledonia rules about drawing comparisons between real characters and fictional ones. Actually I hadn’t directly done that but admit it may have been inferred. In the light of how political satire and humour are part and parcel of the cut and thrust of elections, not unlike your exelent video above Iwas supprised at her action.

    However, and this is really my point, I then realised that the monitor that removed my post, even after 52 ‘likes’ was the very same one that I had recourse to censure for her calling one of your contributors an ‘Idiot’ a couple days before, I had mearly asked ‘who watches the watchers’. When I informed her that I would report her actions for being unfair, since it appeared everything to do with my taking her to task rather than my humorous post, she promptly removed my access to your Facebook page entirely. My question here is that fair is this the kind of censorship and gagging you agree with?

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