2007 - 2022

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  1. Dougie Strang says:

    Very inspiring. Good to hear the word ‘anarchist’ used in its true sense.

  2. Kenneth Coutts says:

    Yes indeed Inspirational and free thinking returning power back to the citizens.
    I suppose the lightning bolts came along with the banks crashing and the corruption experienced in Iceland, good on the government for taking action at that time .
    With the people wanting change and the governments making change convergence is the ultimate
    Unless of course a government is totally fascist or imperialistically and monarchial led by the neoliberal corporations.
    Unless the citizens rise up and make change , bypass the usual confrontational bodies , via the internet then social change will never happen the fascists will never allow it without bloodshed.
    We watched social change on the news unfolding with the Arab springs and then dashed under the jackboot of whoever and wherever, I would say the British ,Americans ,Israeli’s had a hand in the crush.
    The power of the internet is the way, even though there is the back door paranoid state, hoovering up the citizens voice trying to keep one step ahead with the misinformation and propaganda.
    Change will come , but it needs to be rapid to confound the state, all to often the state slows things down by using the false premise of parliamentary democracy and debate, to bury or stifle the air of progressive social democracy.
    The greates fear the state has is the people rising up collectively.
    Independence by the people was the greatest fear the state had , we saw their action and now we see their reaction.

  3. James Dow says:

    YES That is why all governments are frantically trying to work out ways to restrict the threat.

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