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  1. Born Optimist says:

    I, no doubt along with many others, liked Derek Bateman’s suggestion for a central media fund. As someone who contributes to a number of the alternative media in Scotland I get confused on occasions who I make regular contributions to and who I help support on an occasional basis, often when requests for donations are made. It would make life easier for me, and probably make my small contributions more useful, if there was a central pool with money allocated where needed.

    Regarding need, without mentioning any specific names, it seems much easier for some sites to raise funds than others, yet all of the principal sites (and probably a few I have never come across) are worthwhile in their drive for Independence and the dissemination of information as widely as possible to inform supporters and also in the hope of informing others as yet wedded to the MSM for all their information needs.

    I am certain that whoever became responsible for ‘managing’ such a fund would continue to operate in the interests of a functioning alternative media with a transparency and accountability that the MSM would never be able to match. I’d therefore be quite happy to make yet another donation to any group that set out to facilitate the type of fund Derek suggested. Even if it only functioned as an interim means of financial support for a few years until some alternative came along or was no longer needed it would be worthwhile.

  2. Elaine Fraser says:

    I wasnt able to attend this event so Im very grateful for this short film. I too get confused about donations I have made and as funding will continue to be a problem its good to see Derek Bateman and others already thinking about how to come up with a sustainable model. I really like the fact that eg. Commonspace take no advertising and hope this can continue.

    Many friends and family are still completely unaware of the existence of the alternative media and still rely totally on MSM . I think they would be astonished if they realised how frequently I now go online ( daily) for news and information and even more astonished to find out that I am actually prepared to pay for this. Hope heads get together soon to work out an acceptable funding model as it would be a great shame if this diversity of opinion and level of debate were lost.

  3. Neil says:

    At least CommonSpace does some news reporting for a change, instead of being almost entirely preoccupied with opinion. Especially opinion on being sacked by the BBC, and who wrote what on Twitter (Christ on a crutch…).

    For better or worse, this crowdfunding stuff is straight out of the church congregation tray school of money-making, btw. (And the idea of having the equivalent of a central license fee for viewing some blogs is most amusing).

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