Launching the National Yes Registry

As part of #Indyref2 Research Project we are focusing on the launch of the National Yes Registry.

First and foremost, many thanks to Bella for this great opportunity, and for inventing a forum from which Ideas and projects (many months in the making) such as ours, can be seen, heard and accessed. Our proposals are simple. To create a concrete marker, from which to begin the much needed practical discussions on how to drive our movement forward. Please be aware (from our experience), the choice now is to build and grow what remains of our magnificent grass-roots movement, or slowly continue its dissipation, retreating and concentrating further on our already dominant (and albeit incredibly important) sphere of social media. In the process inevitably ceding further political control over our lives and communities to others.

There is not too much that we can say here that is not already in the trailer you are about to see, or in the films and website which that trailer links you to. All we would like to stress though, is that the majority of the National YES Registry’s role (and as a forum), will be in the arena of practical projects, sharing of resources, campaigning ideas and allowing the grass-roots to speak volubly for themselves on certain issues that they may find of utmost importance, but that party politics always tend not to want to get heard, or would obviously prefer the ability to simply speak on our (the grass-roots) behalf.

A good example of this would be on the matter of BBC bias for example. We will not even try to give other examples of these important and obvious divergences, as it’s simply not possible to know what ‘over all voice’ will emerge from the result of each individual activist group getting their own voice – and would obviously prefer the ability to simply speak on our (the grass-roots) behalf. I am absolutely confident however that it would be more representative and aggressively pro-Indy than our ‘officially’ appointed YES Scotland HQ leadership were, by the end of the last Scottish Independence campaign.

The basic idea is simple, to already have a grass-root network and organisation working, funding and speaking for itself by the time the next Indy ref comes along. So we can expand it rapidly and hit the ground running whenever Indyref2 is called . We now have the technology to create leadership through group discussion and forum votes, without the need for actual individual (charismatic) ‘leadership’, like has become the norm in the field of party politics. The most important thing (in our view) is collective ownership. This will ensure that the ‘movement’ stays a movement and can’t be dominated or controlled by any one group, ‘leadership’ faction or even a political party (once it’s campaigning effectiveness becomes apparent).

Our credo:

We propose that the National YES Registry follow as closely as possible the vibrant, open and inclusive blueprint that made the grass-root YES referendum campaign such a joy to belong to! Therefore, just as long as they feel their primary goals (be they political, social or cultural) are best served by the creation of an Independent Scotland, then all individuals, members of all and any political party, organisation or pressure group are more than welcome to join and participate in the National YES Registry project.

Support the National Yes Resgistry here.

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  1. Geraldine Harron says:

    Our dedication and activity towards Independence will continue even after death, we are YESers, we are legend!!!

  2. Graham Stewart says:

    There can surely,now,be no doubt that the British establishment are not interested in Scotland’s wellbeing.And are only concerned about retaining control for the purpose of status and financial benefit to themselves.
    YES must win this time for the sake of democracy.

    1. Jason says:

      No doubt at all. None!

  3. Stuart Carroll says:

    Great stuff Jason, YESAnnandale look forward to helping to bring this to fruition. We need to be prepared for the future campaign to gain our independence and knowledge sharing is vital.

    1. Jason says:

      Thanks Stuart! Yes Annandale, and every other group are absolutely central to how we start organising ourselves again. The magic of the old YES movement (to me) during the referendum campaign was that incredible fusion of ‘national’ ambition with the intensely local knowledge and autonomous decision making that came from within the YES Groups and Shops. If we can get that ‘national’ element rekindled I think everything else is essentially still there.

      Mutual support and viewing ourselves (no matter how geographically disparate) for what we actually are, individual elements of a single national movement, is of utmost importance in the lulls between Party political elections (and Indyref2 🙂

  4. June Stewart says:

    Scotland still remains a casualty in an indifferent war at Westminster and the idea to resurrect all the grassroots group into a coherent voice with the guidance of the National Yes Registry is an opportunity not to be missed.
    I am looking forward to participating in that goal.

  5. Alan Bissett says:

    Several paragraphs in this article seem to repeat themselves, unless it’s my browser playing up?

  6. Helen Rumbold says:

    This is an incredible piece of work and I know you’ve worked so very hard on it. This will benefit Scotland greatly in the run up to our independence.

    1. Jason says:

      Thanks H! 🙂

  7. kate says:

    still yes, hope over fear

  8. Elizabeth McIntosh says:

    I’m in Cardrona can I help?

    1. Jason says:

      Thanks for your kind offer Elizabeth. At the moment we are waiting to see if there is the appetite to fund this project. Once that’s in place though, it will be all hands to the pump, all around the country! So, please go to our website and leave your details with us and we will contact you. Better still, get involved in your nearest pro-Indy group and see if they would like to join the National YES Registry as a group (if not already members). That’s really the best way. Local groups, no matter how small are a real community foothold, ready to expand and grow come Indyref2. Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Max Cohen says:

    Hi, speaking on behalf of the St. Andrews university students for Indy group, this is a fantastic idea and we will keep up to date with the workings of this project. Our society is open to emails: [email protected]

    1. Jason says:

      Hi Max, just spoke to your predecessor and so glad to hear stausfi is going from strength to strength. We have your society on the Registry and hopefully, if we get the funding, will be in touch to arrange a meeting. Look forward working with you all.

  10. Gwen sinclair Yes East Ayrshire says:

    We need to stay connected to stay strong to be ever ready and ever active. The National Yes Registry will be a great contribution to link us all and move forward together. Exciting stuff!

    1. Jason says:

      Thanks for your support Gwen.

  11. James Rodden says:

    yeswith bells on!

  12. YES Edinburgh North & Leith says:

    Congratulations to friends at National Yes Registry for getting this off the ground.
    Greetings from Yes Edinburgh North & Leith.
    Let’s keep the flag flying. Let’s keep connnected. Let’s get independence.

    1. Jason says:

      Cheers Edinburgh North & Lieth. Let’s do it! 🙂

  13. Bernie Burrows says:

    Yes all the way!!

  14. Alexander Hutcheon says:

    AYE !!!

  15. James Dippie says:

    A huge thanks for all your vision and hard work Jason.
    I hope that NationalYesRegistry now gets the feedback it needs to bring these ideas to fruition.

    1. Jason says:

      Thanks James. Hopefully, with enough support, another grass-root tool to add into the mix for keeping up and building on this amazing momentum for Indy! Can’t wait to really get things started!

  16. old battle says:

    I will focus relentlessly on winning YES voters from the reluctant seniors who voted NO out of fear last time.
    AuldYESSERS 2 it’s up tae me & YOU!

    1. Jason says:

      Old Battle, did you get a chance to read ‘a case study’ in the more info drop down menu of our website? This was at the very heart of what got me thinking in the YES Registry direction in the first place. More power to yer elbow! 🙂

  17. Elizabeth Rodgers says:

    Yes 2

  18. Sheena Jardine says:

    YES Pentlands has kept going since the referendum with meetings and social nights every month or two. In our opinion the campaign for Independence must continue over and above normal party politics as we need to educate people and ensure that the support for Independence continues to rise. We are very happy to be part of this project thanks for organising.

    1. Jason says:

      Thanks for the support Sheena and YES Pentlands! Will keep in touch.

  19. hugh taylor says:

    Yup its boots on the ground time

  20. Fairliered (Charles Fisher) says:

    Just watched the videos and made a donation (which I would strongly encourage everybody to do).
    I didn’t realise so much work had already gone into the project. It is vital that it is fully supported. Indyref 2 is getting closer with every Tory vote. We can’t rely on the amateurish official Yes campaign next time.
    P. S. Jason – great freehand drawing skills! Have you ever considered architecture as a career?

    1. Jason says:

      Never a career Charles, only ever as a calling 🙂 Think you’re right about Indyref2 and we really need to get ourselves prepared,at grass-root level, for all eventualities. Thanks for all your support.

  21. Janette Willet says:

    Great idea . It means we can hit the deck running when the next referendum is announced . And have time to analyse what we did wrong and get prepared for the next Westminster on slot of half truths and lies .

  22. Nick Sweeney says:

    After the farce of “The Vow” and the Tory votes against The Scotland Bill, I believe independence is WHEN and not IF.

  23. Ivan says:

    I’m very happy to see this launch and congratulations to Jason on the excellent videos and web site. There was a lot of enthusiasm for this initiative at the meeting of the Marchmont and Morningside group last night. Looking forward to working together in the future.

    1. Jason says:

      Great news Ivan. Really look forward to meeting with you all! (Now just concentrating on the funding). Thanks again for your support and for all the great work Marchmont and Morningside are doing.

  24. Sharon says:

    Brilliant, felt my pooling blood stir again. I look forward to the day this becomes a reality all across Scotland. Videos full of sense without the rhetoric that the media and ‘noes’ love to denigrate. Thank you.

    1. Jason says:

      Thanks Sharon. Please spread the word and hopefully, with enough support, we will all be able to get started making it happen.

  25. Bill Smith says:

    & 56!…..IT’S COMIN’ YET FOR A THAT! : YES!

  26. Bill Smith says:

    . & 56! IT’S COMIN YET FOR A THAT ! : YES !.

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