As part of #Indyref2 Research Project we are focusing on the launch of the National Yes Registry.

First and foremost, many thanks to Bella for this great opportunity, and for inventing a forum from which Ideas and projects (many months in the making) such as ours, can be seen, heard and accessed. Our proposals are simple. To create a concrete marker, from which to begin the much needed practical discussions on how to drive our movement forward. Please be aware (from our experience), the choice now is to build and grow what remains of our magnificent grass-roots movement, or slowly continue its dissipation, retreating and concentrating further on our already dominant (and albeit incredibly important) sphere of social media. In the process inevitably ceding further political control over our lives and communities to others.

There is not too much that we can say here that is not already in the trailer you are about to see, or in the films and website which that trailer links you to. All we would like to stress though, is that the majority of the National YES Registry’s role (and as a forum), will be in the arena of practical projects, sharing of resources, campaigning ideas and allowing the grass-roots to speak volubly for themselves on certain issues that they may find of utmost importance, but that party politics always tend not to want to get heard, or would obviously prefer the ability to simply speak on our (the grass-roots) behalf.

A good example of this would be on the matter of BBC bias for example. We will not even try to give other examples of these important and obvious divergences, as it’s simply not possible to know what ‘over all voice’ will emerge from the result of each individual activist group getting their own voice – and would obviously prefer the ability to simply speak on our (the grass-roots) behalf. I am absolutely confident however that it would be more representative and aggressively pro-Indy than our ‘officially’ appointed YES Scotland HQ leadership were, by the end of the last Scottish Independence campaign.

The basic idea is simple, to already have a grass-root network and organisation working, funding and speaking for itself by the time the next Indy ref comes along. So we can expand it rapidly and hit the ground running whenever Indyref2 is called . We now have the technology to create leadership through group discussion and forum votes, without the need for actual individual (charismatic) ‘leadership’, like has become the norm in the field of party politics. The most important thing (in our view) is collective ownership. This will ensure that the ‘movement’ stays a movement and can’t be dominated or controlled by any one group, ‘leadership’ faction or even a political party (once it’s campaigning effectiveness becomes apparent).

Our credo:

We propose that the National YES Registry follow as closely as possible the vibrant, open and inclusive blueprint that made the grass-root YES referendum campaign such a joy to belong to! Therefore, just as long as they feel their primary goals (be they political, social or cultural) are best served by the creation of an Independent Scotland, then all individuals, members of all and any political party, organisation or pressure group are more than welcome to join and participate in the National YES Registry project.

Support the National Yes Resgistry here.