corbyn-arrest-rob-scottThe problem of the radicalisation of young people is getting more desperate, as 1000s of people make the journey to ‘Corbyn’.

One proud New Labour parent, said “These kids don’t know what they’re doing. It’s all done over the internet. One minute they were good unthinking Blairites, the next thing you know they are engaged in democracy and common sense, it’s terrifying. Some of them are beginning to think fr themselves and question things. Before you know it they might have declared a commitment to ‘social justice’.”

The dangerous mastermind behind this new surge of radicalisation is a man known simply as ‘Jeremy’.

But behind his modest unassuming linen jacket and ‘hat’ are ideas that are sent to destroy the very fabric of the Austerity Kingdom. In words that are sure to send a chill down any right-thinking person he bellowed: ““What is there not to like about young people turning up and being interested in politics? What it’s about is converting Labour into much more of a social movement.”

Undercover police have reported that ‘hard left’ activists have infiltrated the mainstream party and are introducing ideas such as ‘thinking for yourself’ and ‘having a clue what’s going on’. Thankfully, political experts such as veteran John McTernan have stepped forward to explain why supporting popular policies such as holding transport and utilities in public ownership and scrapping Trident would be a disaster for Labour, still bouyant in Scotland after his wise counsel saw them obliterated.

Also bringing wise counsel to the debate is former New Statesman firebrand  Jason Cowley, writing in his favoured journal of the Daily Mail, who warns: “Corbyn is opposed to the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent and supports a 7 per cent rise in National Insurance to fund the reintroduction of student grants.”

Bella shudders to think what the combination of public education AND us being denuded of the ability to obliterate other civilizations could do to the Peoples Party’s standing in the eyes of those that matter. This coud get serious. As Mark Steel put it ‘The last thing Labour needs is a leader like Jeremy Corbyn who people want to vote for’. Perpetually anonymous Yvette Cooper added: “The important thing is that we emerge stronger from this and pull together as a united party and we really get serious about winning the next election.”