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How Dirty Cash Corrupts Democracy, and How We Can Take Democray Back

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  • Mike Fenwick 3 years ago

    Compare …

    The government will abolish ‘check off’, the outdated practice of state-run union subscription payments, in the public sector.

    – outdated practice of state-run union subscription payments to be ended, removing the taxpayer-funded administrative burden on employers
    – union subscriptions can be paid by direct debit, modernising the relationship with trade unions and giving public sector workers greater consumer protection
    – removal of ‘check off’ in the public sector to be included in the Trade Union Bill, as part of curtailing public cost of ‘facility time’ subsidies

    Contrast …

    A payment of £50,000 gives business people direct access to David Cameron and other senior Conservatives at dinners, drinks receptions and other events

  • Blair paterson 3 years ago

    The government would have you believe that the terrorists come from abroad but they are the real terrorists they Inflick the terror of not being able to feed your kids or pay your rent or have a decent standard of living while they still have the cheek to go to church on Sunday any real church would ban the whole lot of them


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