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Mark Thomas in Edinburgh

Mark Thomas : Trespass Work in Progress

Trespass carries on from where Mark’s previous show 100 Acts of Minor Dissent left off. Mark asks the question: If the ramblers of the 1930s were here now what would they do to open up the cities? How do we turn the skyscrapers and corporate squares into our playgrounds?

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  1. aim-reload-fire says:

    I don’t know Mark but hey if I pay you half a day of my wages I can hear a tiresome, public school educated lefty career so-called “comedian” like you tell me what you would do in similar circumstances.

    1. catch a fire says:

      You really need to look into who Mark Thomas is. He is hugely engaging and very politically aware. He is certainly not your average comedian. He inspires people to take action instead of standing in the sidelines moaning or posting rants on public forums whilst not actively engaging in an action to change their world. For example…your last post.
      Check him out.

      1. aim-reload-fire says:

        “actively engaged in action to change the world” – eh – quite how has he helping to change anything please help me out here? Harassing receptionists in office blocks in central London, going on marches for wars which have already happened, walking the length of the separation barrier in Israel or doing stand-up in the late 1980’s blaming Thatcher for all of societies ills?

        He’s certainly not your average comedian clearly – hence that joke from a few years back: “what do you call a comedian with no jokes”? – Mark Thomas !

        1. catch a fire says:

          Ha! You are too clever for me sir. Clearly.
          Thank god for Wiki and your stone cold heart.
          One must be a Banker. Or something equally self important. Self serving.

          Go donate some of your time to something more worthy than trolling the net.
          Catch a Fire is the name of a song btw.
          One written by an inspiring individual who also made a difference in the world.
          Real success isn’t measured by money or objects. It is measured by what you do in the world to make others happy.

          Maybe you should practice. It feels nice.

          Might I add- that I did not initially attack you. I just said go check him out.

          Go sit in front of a mirror for a bit and reflect.

          1. aim-reload-fire says:

            any chance of responding to my comments or are you going to keep guessing (incorrectly) what I do for a living a while longer? Quite why I must be materialistic, an internet troll, a banker, self important & self serving just because I’m not a huge fan of Mark Thomas is anyone’s guess – perhaps you are related to him and are taking all this personally!

            Catch a fire is a name of a song – thanks – I’ll check it out.

            “real success isn’t measured by money or objects” – I agree that objects (materialism) is pointless – although as far as money is concerned I have found that people with money tend to be a lot happier than the people without. I rented for nearly 20 years and when I finally got my own place it has brought untold happiness – maybe that marks me out as shallow although I will be honest that communal living certainly destroyed any notions that we as a species can work together as the levels of selfishness I encountered in those two decades of house-sharing was breathtaking.

    2. Moorpark says:

      Your aim is pretty poor as Mark Thomas is not a public school anything. As for ‘tiresome ‘ well surely a matter of taste not subject to definitive pronunciation. The use of ‘Lefty’ indicates you’re a right wing type so in fairness to your probable ideological bent, Mark Thomas is a paradigm of success as he continues to earn a living whilst maintaining a consistent political identity. But all this is irrelevant as you openly admit to not knowing Mark Thomas and I appreciate that a 10pm post on a Saturday night is possibly a simple wail of loneliness and despair. Did last nights full moon get to you?

      May I recommend The Guardian’s comment sections as a more productive playground for you as there you will find many like-minded individuals and you even get to see how many people like your posts and I feel validation is important to you. Lastly, the name you chose is too open to parody and has a military fantasist vibe more suited to a teenage boy with angst issues.

      All the best

      1. aim-reload-fire says:

        (a) Mark Thomas attended Christ’s hospital school in Sussex – the last time I checked it was a public school.

        (b) I am politically centrist – such a political opinion does exist – you’ll find it in the centre of left and right wings strangely.

        (c) Clearly you were not happy with the term lefty as the ad hominem attacks began soon after.I tend to expect a little more from this website leaving the comments section of youtube as an outlet for abuse. I am apparently lonely and full of despair, typing past 10pm is suspect (unlike say people who type first thing on Sunday morning clearly), I have a juvenile username (not too sure why it’s open to parody though) and I’m apparently right wing. Missed the full moon though – it was hidden under thick cloud and rain.

        1. John Page says:

          …..that would be Manchester then…..

      2. John Page says:

        “…..a simple wail of loneliness and despair” Ouch!
        Would fit the bill for our regular Scots born, Manchester based, higher rate tax paying troll with narcissistic personality disorder……

        1. aim-reload-fire says:

          Hi John – not Manchester – although I’m a big fan of the city, neither Scots born and I certainly do not earn anything like enough to pay high rate tax – I’ll take that as a compliment though! Deeply skeptical, battered and bruised through experience and with a very poor view of humanity as a whole: I put that down to my age – at 40 you are young enough to have energy yet old enough to know that you are unable to change anything. The opposite of narcissism.

          “Life is hell, most people are bastards and everything is bullshit” – George Black

          1. JBS says:

            aim-reload-fire (really?):

            “Deeply skeptical, battered and bruised through experience and with a very poor view of humanity as a whole: I put that down to my age – at 40 you are young enough to have energy yet old enough to know that you are unable to change anything.”

            Oh, dear. Oh, dear, dear, dear.

            I wouldn’t give dunderheid any pink bunny hugs because I judged that he brought his shame upon himself, so I’m sending his share to you instead…

          2. JBS says:


            Are you sure about that user name? It would seem to me that the logical sequence would be reload-aim-fire. Never mind, let’s soldier on.

            “…I will be honest that communal living certainly destroyed any notions that we as a species can work together as the levels of selfishness I encountered in those two decades of house-sharing was breathtaking.”

            Oh, dear, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry because, although you no doubt wish to give the impression of someone who is weary, battle-worn, and worldly-wise, you just come across as someone who is a tad, well, a tad…pathetic.

            It strikes me that the outcome of your interventions so far has been: aim-reload-misfire-aim-reload-fire-shootoneselfinfoot…

  2. James Stewart says:

    They would simply form a conservation charity. Name it a National Charity for Scotland and then govern as feudal state. 1 landlord that kids on people are welcome everywhere. You can ramble all over the masses.

  3. Graham King says:

    Yes, way to go, Mark! Let’s reclaim the commons!

  4. HerewardAwake! says:

    I have found that its better to reload, aim and then fire to have more chance of hitting the target. Mark Thomas is a most successful satirical comedian who has the unerring knack of getting right up the noses of pompous, stuck-up hypocrites of any persuasion. Long may he prosper.

    1. aim-reload-fire says:

      The username was a piss-take of the song by Iminoff called “load, aim fire” – still I give you credit for noticing that it is in the wrong order and for not knowing who the singer is (the song is dire).

      Thomas hasn’t achieved anything – he’s good at making money through his right-on political tag a kind of stand-up version of Billy Bragg. Protesting outside the Saudi embassy in Mayfair before getting moved on by the police – inspiring !

      Still at least you allow replies – there are cowards here who don’t.

      1. JBS says:


        “Still at least you allow replies – there are cowards here who don’t.”

        Really? Do tell.

        Ersatz byronism is boring. Give it up, ffs. You’re not that badly off, are you? I mean, you can afford to spend time appending inane comments to aticles on websites…

        1. aim-reload-fire says:

          who’s worse: the people who continue to type (inane comments), the people who keep reading and replying (to the inane comments) or the people who put icons at the end of their sentences?

          1. JBS says:


            I like the fact that you admit your comments are inane – some self-awareness at last. Remember to change the bandage on your foot.

            I don’t know if a Reply button will appear on this comment, but if you like you can always use the one below.

  5. JBS says:

    Whoops! “articles”, even 🙁

    1. aim-reload-fire says:

      I asked you the question – whether I personally think the comments and replies are inane is not the issue.

      You do understand the concept of a question don’t you or are you a bit unsure as you were with the correct spelling of article?

      1. JBS says:

        😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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