COc_HuEWoAAaBkkFor one toe-curling day only we are offering special prizes for the best examples of sycophancy in the media around Lizzie’s Big Day. Inspired by Allan Massie’s constitutional frottage over at The Scotsman (‘God Save the Queen’) we are looking for the most squeallingly deferential tit-bits on this auspicious day of wonder. Remember bonus points are available for actual physical grovelling. We have till midnight tonight – but early contenders include:

Google suggested by  “ hard to top Google’s ‘congratulations Ma’am’ on the home page. they’re not even British!?”

A good point and extra marks I think for gratuitous grovelling there…

Nicholas Witchell for this suggested by Media Lens, who write: “Nicholas ‘Loch Ness’ Witchell on QE2: ‘Steadfast. Constant. Dutiful.’ UK journalism: simpering, craven, pitiful.” Indeed. Bow lower peons.

COd210LWcAErSbQSir Calum Gillhooley @distalgesic who says: “ Has to be the Torygraph hashtag.”

Tony McK ll*ll ‏@oakroyd  who suggests: “Anne Atkins, R4 Thought for The Day.’The greatest example (of the royal role) is to say ‘Not my will, but Thine, be done’.”

Which is nice – a wee hint of divine rule which is always good.

Pa Broon points out that John Major was pretty cloying in this interview here. Possibly two of the biggest Trumpets in christendom.

 does well with “ The Courier’s“Clean for the Queen” article (p3) must be worthy of a mention!”

Yes! There’s something almost medieval about that idea, thank you.

Carpet Burnsey is eagle-eyed citing the unfortunate Councilor David Meikle who tweeted: “Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on becoming Britain’s longest serving Monarch today.

COdVg7-WwAAt4etThis is nice (right) from Janine Smith @TartaandTweed who points to our very own Ruth Davidson MSP tweeting excitedly. Blessed indeed.

suggested “ the fella on Call Kaye who suggested all political parties should be abolished and the Queen should make all the decisions.”

Which we like – what better way to mark this auspicious occasion?

I like this from Gordon Mayweather who writes: “ My entry: Charles Moore, Telegraph who said “She is what the Bible calls “pure in heart”.”

Lovely. It includes this very strange logic: “This reconciliation of monarchy and democracy is not a freakish coincidence, but a real political discovery of the 20th century. Any list of the top 20 democracies in the world today would include Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Norway and New Zealand. Elizabeth II is Queen of half of these nations. The combination of monarchy and democracy helps a country be free and secure at the same time.”

 writes: Julian Fellowes in RT ‘ the fact that Prince Albert and Prince Philip were both sort of gorgeous adds to the fairytale” – good, we’re missing a bit of homoerotic ultra fealty.

Coming thick and fast now….

One great suggestion (from Richard Gibbons) is this effort from Iain Martin at the strange CapX site he edits. Titled humbly ‘God Save the Queen’ he writhes in self-abasement before the wondrous leader before adding: “it is tremendously amusing that she will travel to the Borders to take a train ride with Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Seeing their “here today, gone tomorrow” political heroine sitting there smiling alongside a giant of history and superstar monarch will drive a lot of Scottish Nationalists – who cannot stand the monarchy – completely bananas. What a bonus, on this marvellous day.”

But we think Piers Morgan is a difficult man to beat with his lovely tweet: “Thank you for every amazing minute Ma’am – all 33,460, 800 of them. My tribute to the Queen!”

COeMPMQWsAAR0As“On a very special day, a tribute to a remarkable woman from one of her (not so) humble subjects” … You can read his fawning scrawl here.

Maybe only to be surpassed by young Brooklyn Beckham (opposite).

So who have we missed?

Suggestions please peasants…