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  • James Mills 3 years ago

    ..but don’t they have a winning team ?
    David Mundell , the man groomed for the Scottish Office by his predecessor Alastair ”memo” Carmichael , and Ruth ( please don’t mention the postal votes ! ) Davidson , the Tories secret weapon in Scotland ( have you seen her posing on a tank ? ) who hopes to better the great strides backwards made by her predecessor , Annabel Goldie , who like so many failures in politics was ennobled to get her out of the way .
    David and Ruth have set their sights on becoming the second party in Scotland by replacing Labour as the first losers in Scottish politics .

  • manandboy 3 years ago

    I have an elderly relative who talks like Cameron – but he has dementia.
    Perhaps Cameron has political dementia – or is that a condition present in all unionist politicians.
    If only No voters could remember that.

  • bill fraser 3 years ago

    Flying pigs in perspective.Hilarious!!


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