CS4LQhiW4AIDzpjDebating the next genertaion of nuclear weapons is causing a headache for Kezia Dugdale’s ‘revived’ Scottish Labour Party. Two wonderfully unhinged posts by Labour “big guns” merit mention in this morning’s dispatches. First up Jamie Ross points us to Tom Harris, erstwhile mastermind of Scottish labour’s ‘social media strategy’ who is delving deep into his fury-chest to bring us this spectacular Facebook meltdown (pictured right). “Anti West Fury Chimps” – presumably these are related to “Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys”?

At Holyrood today SLabour will of course face the first major test of its new policy against Trident renewal with one of its most senior MSPs in open revolt and the party facing accusations that it is in a “shambolic, incoherent and chaotic mess.”

In developments that are an advance on the previous ‘deliberately vague’ policy platform – Labour are now entering new phase of spectacular incoherence.

‘Take a Fresh Look’ appears to be in meltdown as one of the parties senior front-bench figures explains that “the vote in Scotland doesn’t matter”. Of course we knew that after Angela Eagle told BBC Radio 4’s World at One yesterday: “This does not change UK Labour party policy. Defence is not a devolved matter so Labour party policy on this must be set at a national level.”

CS35OgLWIAAKyPHJackie Baillie – the Dumbarton MSP and spokeswoman on public services and wealth creation, confirmed that she would be voting against the Labour position. Baillie’s position seems predicated on protecting jobs rather than some masterful geopolitical analysis of how WMD work or have value in a military sense, or indeed are morally defensible. £167 billion and rising is a very expensive YOP scheme, but the wider problems of incoherence are clear.

The Scottish Labour vote, by a big big majority is a funny thing. It makes you wonder what the 70% of members were doing for the last few years. Were they bitterly defending a policy they secretly found morally repugnant? If so, what else are they just going long with for short-term political gain now?

In a sense of course Baillie is right. A devolved Scottish party can’t really have autonomy on matters that are retained to Westminster. But all this does is expose the shambolic nature of Scottish Labour’s constitutional impotence and the harsh reality that Jackie’s omnicidal job creation wheeze props ups few hundred jobs at the expense of our national security,  and renders Scotland a convenient pawn in Britain’s vainglorious search for meaning in the 21s Century.