newssourceA new series of ‘postcard’ micro blogs: the best of the web in under 250 words.

Lesley Riddoch is in fine form over at the National: “My enduring beef is simple – who makes news and what constitutes balance? …David Cameron – as the very embodiment of the Establishment – made news by simply breathing. When he went to Shetland in the midst of the indyref the Prime Minister led every network news bulletin despite saying absolutely nothing. Later I walked out of a Radio 5 Live programme which played 40 minutes of unmediated Cameron propaganda as if it was a public service announcement.” She compares it nicely with the Salmond-Robinson spat: “All that really happened was a robust challenge to BBC news values by scunnered, self-educated Scots without the deference of previous generations.” Meanwhile over at the Gruniad, Roy Greenslade effectively takes the same paper to task ‘for its erroneous Sturgeon editorial’.

Michael Gray has an update in Common Space on Toxic Fife, the contamination at Dalgety Bay that Gordon Brown was famously dealing with. Over at his place Craig Murray talks of a ‘kind of sickening political opportunism is the true disrespect to the innocent dead’ – and plays catch-up with the Chinese nuke deal. Peter Beaumont and Joanna Walters in New York have a brilliant piece on Alan Greenspan’s memoirs in which he states: ‘I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.’

Finally Mondoweiss have a sickening story of a six year old boy being detained and interrogated by the Israeli police in Bethlehem.