A united Ireland is as inevitable as Scottish independence

Alex Salmond has been in Dublin for the past few days reflecting on the Scottish independence referendum defeat last year and discussing the implications of a Brexit. He held several meetings with political parties, including Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil. Here he speaks to The Journal about the prospects of a united Ireland:

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  1. Edward Andrews says:

    The Headline is slightly misleading. Alex was asked if a united Ireland is as inevitable as Scottish independence, he gave a much more nuanced reply than you suggest. He said that is up to the people of the North – actually he really should have said that it is up to the people of the whole island, for it is far from certain according to various polls how much commitment there is to a United Ireland in either the North or the South, certainly in the North there is a lack of a majority for reunification and probably in the Republic it would be a very close thing.
    Personally as an Irishman brought up in the Unionist tradition I would hope that unification would happen, but there are some 3000 dead who added to the previous burden of dead people in Irish History who mean that it will be a slow journey, and whether it is completed in the time of living memory is an open question

    1. Jimmy says:

      I haven’t been able to read Alex Salmond’s comments but Scottish people of his age’and mine’were brought up to try and keep out of Irish politics.
      Much as it pains me to do so, I feel I must give the ex dear leader the benefit of the doubt in this case.

  2. Paul F Cockburn says:

    In any case… Historical inevitability as a concept requires hindsight; i.e., an event can only look inevitable when you’re looking back from after it happened.

  3. Dan Huil says:

    Britain [including Scotland of course] has been Ireland’s worst enemy for centuries. The least we can do now is give our support towards the formation of a united Ireland.

  4. Craig says:

    Scotland has never been an enemy of Ireland. Some Brit Scots maybe but not our country as a whole.

    1. Ian says:

      Craig, maybe not an enemy as such, but Scots certainly played their part in the Plantation of Ulster. And Scotland has not always been a ‘country as a whole’, don’t forget King James! ‘Britain’ did include Scotland for a long time, still does, and in that sense has played its part in British interference in Ireland. We shouldn’t deny what happened in the past; understanding it helps us in the future.

      1. C Rober says:

        Theres a couple of books on deep research of the Ulster Scots , where proving the Nationality of these “nomads” is admittedly near impossible. Is the origin of MAC or Mc being neither or either Scots or Irish ? and just for good measure throwing in North European and Northern Iberia genes into the mix.

        The result to the point that they , we , are neither Irish or Scots , but unique. Which does have a big historical bearing on the animosity from pre WOO, right up to the troubles.

        For example having grown up and experienced generational Irish , as we are led to believe , the ingrained mindset , and from both sides of the divide , the result is (or was) tribalism that eventually became not a national thing but a Religious thing.

        But as history shows , seeing as how the site is pro indy and anti union , the end result was divide and conquer , British Empire at its best (or worse) , for the benefit of the rich , those whom true religion is power and wealth – and through controlling the masses.

        The history of Ireland , well that ingrained into the WCOS Irish settler , of Catholic or Protestant descent , is largely 90 percent chip on shoulder , 10 percent history , where the truth is curtained by the family tales over the generations where history told to suit argument.

        The bad landlords , the historical bugbear of both sides , were their own enemy , aided by Westminster or Church. To the point that facts have been conveniently forgotten to prove points , just like politics.

        The Fenian movement for example , now used by the WCOS Protestant as a derogatory term for Irish Catholic and to describe pro terrorist leanings , was a movement for Freedom , for self determination , and had among it many non Lorded landed Protestant landowners whom knew the real reasoning for resentment was the taxes to Westminster…. Taxes that was being forced upon them as much as the tenants , leading to exodus not unlike the clearances , and the death of thousands during the famine.

        Even today history repeats in Ireland , the same story to prove points , where facts are obscured does go on , in the poorest households , in the belief that their “tribe” is right , and that everyone else is wrong , and for the most part in the poorest households.

        The simple and tragic fact of the matter is that neither side is truly wanted by those they align with , the Irish dont want the North and its baggage , the English dont want the Northern or any Irish , never have , unless it was for cheap labour. No Dogs , No Blacks , No Irish.

        Prosperity has long gone from Northern Ireland , the real reason why the Empire kept it was its income and ship building and as a strategic landing point for any future invasion , not exactly unarguable given the “fascism equals nationalism , nationalism equals fascism ” of the time , then all that is left is poor Protestants and Catholics – each keen to blame the other for their woes…. not the politics of wealth from its Island neighbour.

        The same is already evident in Scotland , regardless of religion , where it too will be unwanted by its masters , and like those too in NI they need to align against the wealthy elite , not with a football shirt or a church they never visit.

        There is already animosity from the English , ie barnet , the demise of shipbuilding for the British Fleet , just like Belfast the jobs are eroding and protecting/sustaining English jobs at their costs.

        The only reason why Scottish unionists are keen to keep the status qou is the same misguided belief of the NI British unionist , that their personal income is wholly dependent on dependency and that union , where the wealthy protect , create and preserve that misguided belief gene rationally.

        Scotland is Ireland , and as many have said before , but at least they fought for their independence.Scotland had but to tick a box , and fearfully failed….last time.

        The war enacted on Scotland though was one of media , not of bullet and bomb , but of boogey man or bribes later to be withdrawn. Its “terrorists or are they freedom fighters” with the argument depending on the personal view , all still raging against the machine.

        The biggest irony to me is that those for the total reunification of Ireland never just had the British to fight against , but among themselves , and afterwards the Church as well , and something that should the eventual happen should be learned from.

        So were perhaps the British establishment right in their “wrong” , they in separating North Ireland have at least given Ireland proper , well most of it , a form of peace with self determination , which in part is the reasoning why the Irish themselves just dont want the baggage of a United Ireland?

        There is still hope that eventually NI will once again join Eire , through the shared political process of Stormont , but as long as the wealth of the few is protected , and the hate of even fewer is festered for a that purpose on the majority – then it will drag forever onward. Something that Both Dublin and Westminster are currently happy with , and a minority arent and never will be.

  5. Jim Alexander says:

    See these “Brit Scots” thats 55% of the population going by the Vote last Year so maybe choose your words a bit more carefully they are your fellow Scots and the majority view.

    I saw very little support from Scotland during the Troubles for a United Ireland – as has been pointed out there is even less people in North & South are keen than 20 Years ago

    Scotland has never been the enemy of Ireland thats correct – no more than the UK has since Irish Independence – unfortunately the same can’t be said regards Ireland towards the UK or even Scotland

    In the early 70s the Parish Priest of Possilpark (Father Burns) fled to Ireland as there was a Warrant for him due to the discovery of explosives in the St Theresas in Possilpark – he fled to Southern Ireland – they refused extradition and the Catholic Church spirited him away from justice

    So we are clear thats Ireland as an enemy of Scotland ,not the UK – Scotland -harbouring a man who intended to blow up innocent people in Glasgow

    Good old Dublin the only City in the World with a statue to a Nazi Collaborator – but he fought against Brit Nats so that will make him a good guy ( obviously the Jewish population of all Ireland might not agree)

    So keep up the Brit Nats nonsense as if they are something to be despised and praise Good Old Ireland – that will be your fellow Scots who used there democratic right to vote No last September your referring to btw ( obviously Father Burns wasn’t big on the whole Democracy thing preferring the Bomb & the Bullet)

    1. Douglas MacPhail says:

      You seem a bit too sure of your own beliefs Jim, presenting them as facts.

      I can think of no Irish republican violence upon Scottish soil before, during or since the troubles!

      That arms came through the west of Scotland is stating the bleeding obvious, but the target was south of the border. That doesn’t make it right, but let’s not mislead people as to the intended target.

      As for Ireland, leave Ireland to the Irish, whilst we are at o leave Scotland for the Scottish, the british bring nothing but division and a colonial air of superiority!

      As for British violence in Scotland, look no further back in the history books to the diddy men in Geordge Sq September 2014!

      1. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

        Well said Douglas.

      2. Jim Alexander says:

        You know the explosives were for use in England how exactly

        You know exactly the Plans of the IRA and Father Burns how exactly

        Someone who brings explosives for killing & maiming of innocents is a terrorist – A Country that harbours and protects them is an enemy not a friend

        As Ive said the “Scot Brits” are 55% of the population – using a group of dafties in George Sq to support your argument – Seriously ?

        The simple facts are that Ireland gave support to the IRA – they in turn killed and maimed including Scots – England has never stored explosives or carried out terrorists acts against our population

        The argument for and against Scottish Independence is something that people have differing views on HOWEVER to make out good Old Ireland is someone we should befriend and that England are a common enemy is complete tosh

        1. Douglas MacPhail says:

          Jim, not 100%, but the point of Irish Republicans not bombing Scotland, ‘fact’ before, during or after the troubles is a trend which most observers would conclude is evidence that explosives run through Scotland were intended for detonation elsewhere. As I previously said just because the arms were run through Scotland doesn’t make it right.

          Scotland should be a friend to both Ireland and England plus the rest of the world. Why should Scots be told whom we can have friendships with or not with. britain has some mighty strange bed fellows, e.g. Saudi Arabia.

          You would have Scotland continue to be an invisable component of britain and have us tug our fore locks to gain crumbs from the table.

          I pity you Jim, you are a what union does to some Scots, fills them with self loathing and rhe belief their own culture is second best to that that spews from London via the state broadcaster. Union also insulates Scots from the world and reality, are you worried what you will see when you don’t have nanny’s penny to cower behind?

    2. James Dow A voice from the diaspora OZ says:

      Just what defines a fellow Scot, is that someone who just lives in Scotland, or actual Scots?
      I am an ex patriot Scot from OZ and have returned home on two occasions to discover there are three groups of inhabitants the archetypal Scot, the hybrid Scot, and the others.
      Unfortunately the others contain approx. 400,000 English social and environmental refugees fleeing a failed state recognizing Scotland as the next best thing compared to their idealistic concept of what a long lost Ye Merry Old England should look and feel like. During the referendum the policy of don’t scare the horses was evident, especially the grazing English ones, which was hysterical when you consider they had already gathered in one mighty herd and had moved from a trot to a canter and were now at a full gallop all headed for the NO corral.
      All this with malicious joy, the referendum was the perfect opportunity to display their residual loyalty to England by collectively thwarting the aspiration of their host nation.
      It probably also helped sooth their guilty conscience over their desertion of their former homeland and were quite comfortable in their role as quislings,
      All quite interesting when you consider they still want the failed state they no longer see fit to reside in to have control over the land they have identified as their Scottish sanctuary.
      Lets hope their children who will inevitably speak with Scottish accents will also prove loyal to the land and adopt the concept of just what it is about being Scottish, for that is just what it is, a state of being.

      1. Don McKillop says:

        I too reside in Oz, Bellarine Peninsula to be precise and I have been back and forth on numerous occasions and I tend to agree with your summation. I don’t think, as Jim states, that 55% of Scotland’s population would see themselves as Brit Scots. Perhaps he is confusing the 55% of those whom turned out to vote no, rather than what I believe to be over 70% of those residing in Scotland who view themselves as Scots. Just for Jim’s benefit, it was less than 50% of Scotland’s population that voted no, and there would be fewer than 30% of those classifying themselves Brit Scot. It saddens me to see so many Scots attacking the concept of an independent country, and cherishing the British State. As for Southern Ireland, they had the nerve and gumption to break away, more than my fellow Scots residing in Scotland had, not that I would wish for Scotland to do as the Irish did.

        1. C Rober says:

          The top rule for the IRA regarding Scotland was never to attack or bomb anything in Scotland Jim , Scottish squaddies aye anywhere else in world as long as they have taken the schilling , but never on Scottish soil. That included politician and royalty.

          Were that rule not there the Royals , mistakenly thought to be a high IRA target , probably due to Mountbatten being the Queens cousin and his assassination because he was military , could have been wiped out many times over with a single mortar or missile. Were there to be something like the deletion of royalty , specifically the Queen , it was thought it would be used as a reason to retake Ireland with a BSS planted evidence trail back to the Irish Govt.

          There was reasoning behind it , a bomb in Scotland , affecting civilians , would remove any sympathy for Ireland were there any collateral damage , as for caches no such rule.

          As for refusing extradition , given British history against the Irish or any part of empire , I doubt anyone would have granted it , the same as how it would never be done in reverse , but one has to argue on the Irish state and its being controlled then by the Church itself until modern times.

          However there is no such rule from the UVF , which was evident during the pub bombings in Scotland during the 70s , and of course the plaques , wall paintings and statues like the one you mention which are proudly displayed to them also. IMO should all be removed , to draw a line under it , both IRA and UVF , in order to move on.

      2. Philip Maughan says:

        I’m disappointed that Bella allowed this racist post by James Dow against English people who have chosen to make Scotland their home. I note that James describes himself as an ex-pat Scot who lives in OZ. Perhaps he should take a hard look at himself in the mirror then before maligning others who choose to live in a country other than where they were born.

        1. James Dow says:

          Cut too deep did it Philip? Historic fact can do that, and I have never heard the occupiers of England referred to as a race, Have you? I have heard them described as many other things though all round the world.
          Tried a little psychological leverage with Mike/Bella pathetic.
          Mummy, mummy there’s a bad man at the gate.
          You go and have a look in a mirror at the coward looking back.

    3. Jim Bennett says:

      Jim Alexander, you suggest that “Scotland has never been the enemy of Ireland thats (sic) correct – no more than the UK has since Irish Independence”. Perhaps that’s a matter of perspective. When British paratroopers murdered unarmed, innocent civilians on the streets of Derry I would suggest that was clear evidence that the UK was an enemy of Ireland. Of course, your perspective from a Britnat point of you would be that they were British anyway…so… that’s ok…
      You name a singe priest with a silly idea…I’d counter that with the whole apparatus of the UK state conducting a decades long campaign of aggression against Ireland from cold blooded murder in Derry to facilitating murders of Irish lawyers in Belfast and colluding with terrorists in the murder of hundreds of Irish people. Killing Irish people targeted by the UK state, using intelligence provided by the UK state and shooting them with guns provided by the UK state certainly looks like being treated like an enemy to me.
      “The murder of Sunday World reporter Martin O’Hagan in 2001 and two massacres, at Sean Graham bookmaker’s in 1992 where five people died, and the killings of nine Protestant men returning from work in Kingsmill village in 1976, are among the cases where state and paramilitary collusion is alleged to have been covered up.”

      UK state sponsored terror in Ireland was a reality – own it! http://cain.ulst.ac.uk/issues/violence/docs/sluka00.htm

      1. Jim Alexander says:

        First those in Derry and the other incidents stated were committed against British Citizens – whilst that in no way negates the actions – they were British – we have not assisted or supported any actions in Ireland since Independence – the Counter cannot be stated regards Ireland in its tactics support for the IRA in Northern Ireland & the UK

        You are correct there was State collusion using double agents – unfortunately this is what happens in “Dirty Wars” regards Bloody Sunday – again untrained Troops dealing with Civilian Riots and the outcome is the shooting of innocents – HOWEVER if you measure the actions of the British State in a 30 Year War against terrorism and the actions of the British Army during the same period they used the tactics that they had available – as has been stated on numerous occasions – the issue with combating a Terrorist War within your own Country is that there were no rules – as for owning it – Yes we are ALL British Citizens – no matter what your view thats what it states on your passport – so WE ALL own it

        As for studs and murals – Dublin is the only City in Europe with a statue to a Nazi Collaborator – good old Oirland eh – but hey what about those nasty English !!!!

        1. Jim Bennett says:

          Like I said, Jim, it’s a matter of perspective. Those murdered by the British state in Belfast were Irish. Those 850 Catholics murdered by British state sponsored terror in recent times were Irish. The lawyers from Belfast murdered with the active support of the UK were Irish.
          If your Britnat colonialism refuses to recognise this, I suggest you make your case directly to their relatives and accept the almost certain outcome.
          You seem to be under the impression that I hold a British passport. Think again.
          As for Nazis: you Britnats need look no further than your goosestepping, fascist saluting Lizzie Brit and her urine and gin soaked mother and family. The evidence has been on any news site you care to mention. From the great granny to the dashing young cuckoo, their Nazi sympathies have been captured on camera.
          The collusion of the Britnat elite with the Nazis is well documented. Ever read the “Hurra for the Blackshirts” Daily Mail from the 30s or Rothermere’s warning to his readers against the “jewish flood” of German refugees to understand where the Britnat state were at the time.
          The living monument that the British state has to racism and fascism is quite obvious. Listen to your UK Government on Syrian refugees. Read your British newspapers with their fascist ancestry spouting the same bile against “the other”.
          There’s a lot wrong with Irish history but it’s merely a plook on the rotting carcass that is the British empire that you hark back to.r

          1. Jim Alexander says:

            No its not a matter of perspective – they were British Citizens not Irish Citizens as Ive said that in no way negates the actions BUT they were not Citizens of the Republic of Ireland

            Was there collusion between the British Security Services who handled double agents – Yes – were innocent people killed as a result Yes – Were the British Army ready for a Civilian War in there own Country at the outbreak of the Troubles – No – were innocent Civilians killed as a result – Yes HOWEVER that’s not State Sponsored killing of 850 People – that’s reacting to a position that there are no rules of engagement – are you seriously suggesting the British State pre planned the massacre of 850 innocent people – seriously ?

            Ref the Royal Family – a picture of a Child playing encouraged by her Uncle who was made persona non grati by HM Govt – lets compare that to a City in 2015 who has a statue of a Nazi Collaborator – as for not having a British Passport – you have strong views on Scotland for a person who isn’t actually a Citizen of the Country – whatever my views – I live in Scotland – work in Scotland – pay taxes in Scotland and will argue the case for Non Seperation with those on the other side of the argument who live here – good old Sean Russell – and you want us to take Ireland seriously – Salmond should refuse to visit until the statue is removed if he had an ounce of decency

          2. Jim Bennett says:

            Hey, Jim Alexander. Your British nationalist mind-set isn’t far removed from the British State’s racism. You assume that only British passport holders have the right to live, work and pay taxes in Scotland – all of which I do and have done for decades.

            As for Nazism, the Queen’s gin soaked mother was encouraging her children to conduct fascist salutes and her cuckoo grandson laughingly wears the swastika. The links to Nazism don’t stop with the former king of your tin pot Britnat state. I see you make no response to Rothermere, the Daily Mail or the racist bile that spews from the Britnat media about refugees. Enough said.

            As to the British State murdering Irish people. Irrespective of your thoughts on the matter, these were Irish people who were murdered. The 850 I referred to were the number of Catholics murdered by British paramilitary forces. The documented links and facilitation of the British state in arming the paramilitaries, targeting Irish Nationalists, supplying intelligence on their whereabouts and movements on the targets and then not investigating adequately are extremely well documented. Indeed, by the British state itself, see the Lord Stevens reports.

            As late as this year, David Cameron professed his shock at the level of state collusion in the murder of Pat Finucane, an innocent lawyer. Finucane, the UK inquiry found, was targeted by MI5, details of his movements given to British paramilitaries and after his murder, the RUC deliberately failed to investigate it properly. All detailed in the recent British state inquiry.

            Former head of Scotland Yard, Lord Stevens, who led three UK government investigations into the actions of British security forces in Ireland, also appeared in 2015 on a BBC documentary. He told the Panorama program that thousands of agents were recruited during the Troubles, and that just one of the paid agents – Brian Nelson – was linked to “many dozens” of murders.

            Another agent in north Belfast, Mark Haddock, has been linked to 20 murders. Haddock ran one of the UVF’s most notorious terror gangs, and was paid at least £79,000 for his efforts by the British state. According to Stevens, during his investigations his team arrested 210 British paramilitary suspects, 207 of whom turned out to be paid agents of the British state. One is maybe a rotte apple, two a coincidence but 207? The British state had 207 paramilitaries on its payroll. They were the ones murdering the 850 people I talked about.

            Amnesty Northern Ireland program director Patrick Corrigan said: “The breadth and depth of collusion is truly disturbing. Killing people targeted by the state, using intelligence provided by the state and shooting them with guns provided by the state – we’re talking about a murder policy.”

            You disbelieve that the British state actively colluded in the murder of 850 people. It suits your Britnat narrative to refuse to see the truth that the British state is an entirely malign influence on Irish history. Despite Stevens (x3) or the Bloody Sunday inquiry I have no doubt that you are in possession of eyes that simply fail to see.

        2. Colm Alexander says:

          Jim Alexander you keep banging on about the Nazis in what is a pretty brass necked attempt to take the high morale ground. Well, Britain in its time has been every bit as bad, if not worse, than Nazi Germany, put that in your pipe – along with the wacky baccy that’s already there – and smoke it. Oh, and by the way, the British state colluded in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of the 1970’s.

    4. Seán a' Chóta says:

      If Jim Alexander really believes that Dublin is “the only City in the World with a statue to a Nazi Collaborator” he must lead a very narrow and uninformed existence.

      Central Helsinki, for example, features a large equestrian statue of Marshal Mannerheim who led Finland when it invaded the Soviet Union in alliance with you-know-whom. A Lutheran church in Budapest features a bust of Admiral Horthy, wartime leader of another country that was allied with you-know-whom. Lviv, in western Ukraine, has a large statue of Stepan Bandera, the wartime leader of anti-Soviet (and therefore, in a certain light, pro-you-know-who) guerillas. India may provide the closest political parallel to the Irish case: several of the country’s main cities (e.g. Calcutta, Amritsar and Chennai) have statues of Subhas Chandra Bose who formed an Indian army with Japanese backing to fight British rule. As even Mr Alexander may have heard, Japan was an ally of you-know-whom.

      History is complicated. It isn’t just black and white, or even grey. There is a whole spectrum of colours. To have any hope of understanding it, you need to be able to take multiple factors into account and be able to appreciate very different perspectives.

      By the way, I would agree that “a united Ireland is as inevitable as Scottish independence”. In other words, they aren’t inevitable at all but do look probable in the medium term (25-50 years).

  6. willie says:

    Am I wrong to see chilling similarities between Ireland voting for constitutional nationalism in the period preceding Britain’s entry into world war one.

    All of the indications are that the fuse paper has been lit for world war three.

    The financial services are in mess but the bankers. There is an absolutely huge defence industry that depends, indeed thrives on conflict.

    The adventures in foreign lands, fighting proxy wars with Russia as the enemy is an essential business strategy, and with NATO standing foursquare behind Turkey’s decision to shoot down a Russian war plane, has the defence industry been given another shot towards economic stimulus.

    A good going slaughter is long overdue and badly needed to refocus attentions on a stagnant and failing economic model and tragically it looks like history is about to repeat itself.

    A great war to end war?

  7. Joe Schmo says:

    WWI never ended.

  8. Big Jock says:

    Willie we are closer to war than we have been since 1945. This is a very dangerous time indeed.

    I think war comes in cycles. If we have peace for too long, some nations get twitchy. This time it’s the Russians. Putin is itching for a fight. It won’t take much to make him blink.

    1. leavergirl says:

      Really? It seems that it was Turkey that was itching for a fight, and shot down a Russian plane. And it was Turkey that redefined Syrian border as it suited them. And who is behind Turkey?

    2. Ground zero says:

      Really big Jock, Putin is the most level headed and sensible leader worldwide where most of the others are maladjusted sociopaths including your own DC.

      1. C Rober says:

        Turkey had been warning Russia for a long time about incursion , so did the business , partly to show its prowess in the region and of course to join up proper to the EU , whom keeps dangling the carrot , and because it has its big brothers , or so it thinks , to stick up for it.

        Russia will have to come to the table , it cannot complain about Turkey on behalf of Syria anymore , after all Crimea left Ukraine , so he has to admit that North West Syria , a land that has seen conflict historically between Turks and Syrians , thus must be allowed to join Turkey after a vote , or indeed its own separate country.

        Syris just like Turkey believes its big brother will back it up too.

  9. john young says:

    Maybe the NO voters would pause for thought in their backing of a war minded UK slobbering followers of the real devil the USA,if this war escalates and it has every chance we will be bang in the frontline of pos strikes from Russia,too late to re-consider eh!As for Scotland/Ireland I notice that Jim Alexander only mentions a republican sympathising priest as if there were none for their opponents,”one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter”.

    1. C Rober says:

      One mans terrorist…

      Alqueda- Mujahedeem when fighting Russia.
      American militia during the war of independence.

      Then you of course have those that removed the likes of the SHAH.

      Or Gaddaffi and Saddam whom once sanctioned by the west , when gone at their hands , have been replaced by what we see , and dont , on tv like in France.

      Depending on the way the spin goes you are either terrorist or freedom fighter , plus of course those individuals that oppose the dictatorships that are Saudi and the other religious royalty controlled states – Where for just speaking against the regime gets you hanged or beheaded , but Westminster , and the media , is more interested in a tax dodging expat alcoholic that knew the laws instead.

  10. willie says:

    The shooting down of the Russian plane was deliberate and the speed with which Cameron announced that the UK and NATO would back up Turkey if Russia retaliated, was remarkable.

    This is NATO vs Russia and the rest and Cameron is itching for the military to get going.

    1,700 new internal security spooks, an increased budget for strengthening the Police together with increased budget for weaponry confirms that the UK is getting geared up for war war.

    Sadly during the Remembrance Day commerations the BBC had a serving Blimp in uniform commenting that the commerations gave him pride in showing that Britain was still a World Power.

    Ah the pride of slaughter. Dulce et decocurum est in pro patria morar, and no doubt in a foreign field that will for ever be England.

    1. C Rober says:

      Wouldnt say its NATO v Russia yet , its more like get out of the way or join up , with the latter the clock is ticking on its friend ASSAD , more so now that China is coming in from the cold , in all likelyhood to attack its Islamic North West with a NATO sanctioned anti terrorism wide stroked brush that wont affect exports.

      I think the political commentators are too focused on the politics and not the nuances of History.

      By this I mean the whole Islamic State empire rising again , which gives good reason why both West and Russia dont want a Caliphate with a nuke , and I suspect the reason why Russia is so helpful to Assad is that RUSSIA have given him as some point a Nuke or two , which they really dont want on the terrorists hands or black market. So much so that having a removal squad for said nuke ensitu is the goal here , everything else is just sabre rattling and doing the bare minimum in pretence for Assad.

      Its not just the West that the caliphate worries , China , Russia , want to knock this sort of thing down , before it enters their borders , or its neighbours. One of the reason why China is a friend to N.Korea is its better to have a pitbull that likes you in your neighbours garden than in your own , and China has a few neighbours including Russia , India , Japan , Taiwan , so is now learning to play well with other children.

  11. john young says:

    They were only ever a “world power” when confronting tribesmen/clans who by dint were usually at each others throats,easily divided and conquered,Brittania has caused mayhem from far/middle/near East and the beneficiaries the usual mob yet we still have the majority of the population buying into this drivel,ignorance is the strength of their arm,when trying to discuss the issues with a young guy of the Orange order his retort was quote “well we won world war 2” didn,t we ffs,when I pointed out that it was mainly Russia who destroyed 3 German armies that “won” the war,he didn,t want to know that!

  12. bringiton says:

    I forget which NI colonial governor told the IRA that London had no “strategic interest” in retaining control over the province.
    Unlike Scotland of course.
    I think it is more likely however that Scotland becoming independent will trigger Irish unity rather than the other way round.
    The unionists in NI know this,which is why they shipped so many people over here during the referendum to try and stop it from happening.
    The unionist identity in NI is on a very shoogly peg and would be unlikely to survive being cut adrift from Scottish unionism.

  13. willie says:

    Well let us all hope that legions of our young people do not go off to their deaths in a multi theatre conflagration.

    Safety and security is important but we in Blighty and in the Big Satan have played a terrible part in destablizing whole regions.

    Our policy in Iraq and indeed Libya was not thought out and our security and that of the wider world has been compromised dreadfully.

    War criminals like Blair and Bush have been a curse on us all. The purpose of a military is to deter war and when you go to war your political and military strategy is a failure.

    Trident is supposed to be a deterrent and what a failure that would be if it were used.

    Doesn’t seem to be doing to much deterring these days as the warring spreads.

  14. Jim Alexander says:

    Jim Bennett

    You state that there were 850 state sponsored Murders – which is nonsense – there were British Army /Security Service Agents – they were involved in terrorism – there was collusion – thats not 850 Murders – iYes there were innocents Murdered no one is arguing that but there was not State Sponsored Murder on a large scale – given this was over 30 Years the numbers killed due to collusion and double agents were relatively small compared to similar conflicts – it doesn’t negate that innocents were killed but we need to apply scale

    Edward like many people were impressed by the Nazis Pre War – as soon as it broke out he was shipped off to Bermuda – I state again Dublin is the only City in Europe with a statue to a Nazi Collaborator – Sean Russell worked fir the Abwer the Nazi Secret Service – they reported to the SS

    Ireland gave tactict support to the IRA during he Troubles

    But lets bash the English and support Dear Old Ireland

    Im Scottish unlike yourself who has Citizenship of another Country – not a Brit Nat – Scottish

    I happen to believe we are better in the Union along with the majority of Scots

    Thats democracy for you – something Sean Russell wasn’t a Fan of

    1. Jim Bennett says:

      Jim Alexander – a Briitnat is exactly what you are. Your fetishisation of the British state is nakedly nationalistic.
      You sughest tuat you are Scottish because you were born here but reduse to allow people born on the ialand or Ireland Irish – very odd logic. Your suggestion that people who’ve lived in Scotland for decades, work and pay taxes here cannot be Scottish is repugnant racism. Immigrants to here are the New Scots building athe new Scotland. You howver, eepresent the worst of British nationalist racism and xenophobia .b
      Just a word on Nazis: I have no truck with them and have physically fought their modern day equivalents on the street. However, the Abwer was not actually the “Nazi secret service” and did not report ro the SS. The Abwer was army intelligence and led by Admiral Canaris who was a well known anti-Nazi. Most of those killed by the Nazis following attempts to assasinate Hitler were connected to the Abwer.c

  15. jimboo says:

    The Scots diaspora in Northern Ireland must have a right to repatriation, they went their at the request of the Scottish Parliament and Church and must be entitled to return to live in their motherland if the Union disintegrates.

    1. Edward Andrews says:

      As one of the supposed Scots diaspora in Ulster I think that your comment is one of the least aware that I have ever read. How do you define us? Many of us come from families who were refuges from the killing time so we were not asked to go to Ulster. In any case with the plantation the landlords in Scotland often simply told people they were going to Ireland. In any case both the Republic of Ireland and an independent Scotland will both be part of the EU with free movement of people.

  16. James Dow says:

    The greater region of a united Celtica awaits the unbiased and sensible application of it’s citizens for their combined security and prosperity. After all where did the Scots’ originate from?

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