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For all the desperate media spin at Osborne’s half-baked repositioning and the relentless assault on Labour, you are reminded by Matthew Hancock’s slipped-mask not of Jeremy Corbyn or John McDonnell but Aneurin Bevan, who said: “No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.”

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  1. dunderheid says:

    “I am obeying the highest law by doing my duty. Man must defend himself against bedbugs and rats ― against vermin.”

    Heinrich Himmler.

    It is always a good sign when your level of rhetoric descends to that of genocidal maniacs

    1. Neil Anderson says:

      You really are a dunderheid. And here’s me thinking it was a nom de plume.

      1. dunderheid says:

        And you really are Neil Anderson…nothing more…nothing less…an inspiration and warning to us all on the perils and opportunities that surround the choice of nicknames on nationalist blog comment sections.

  2. dunderheid says:

    “But if you carry this resolution (unilateral nuclear disarmament) and follow out all its implications — and do not run away from it — you will send a British Foreign Secretary, whoever he may be, naked into the conference chamber. … And you call that statesmanship? I call it an emotional spasm.”

    Seeing as we’re quoting Nye Bevan today.

    I also hope you support his lifelong derision of Welsh nationalism

  3. John Fullerton says:

    l. Let’s get something clear about deterrence. To be effective, it requires the full spectrum of military capability, from the response an attack by three men on a post office, an assault by 30 insurgents on an offshore rig, the potential submarine threat to shipping and trade through to an (extremely unlikely if not totally improbable) all-out nuclear attack. If the deterrent capability is lacking at one level, the risk moves up the scale to the next. With only 16-18 major surface combatants and no maritime recon capability, for example, the Royal Navy is unable to provide a credible deterrence in the eastern and northern Atlantic. That makes it all the more likely that nuclear weapons would have to be resorted to in the form of nuclear depth charges and torpedoes. Having an inadequate conventional defence ensures that the risk of nuclear war becomes a possible, even likely, scenario.
    2. ‘People like you’. The psychology of the ideological free marketeer is that he or she is incapable of seeing the best in other people. Selfishness is seen as the primary moral value. Japanese companies, on the other hand, treat their workers as if they have a moral sensibility, and thus extract a high level of productivity from them – unlike the misanthropic Tories. Tories dislike the public, view the electorate as an obstacle, and the democratic process as a troublesome nuisance. Like all free marketeers, their policies shrink investment, redistribute wealth to the rich, engender successive financial crises, and fail to grasp that higher wages produce higher tax revenues and greater consumption. They are economic illiterates, in other words – and that’s a capitalist perspective. No wonder Tories are disinclined to fund ‘public services’. They fear the public and can’t make money out of ‘services’ unless they are privatised.

    1. tartanfever says:

      John, I think you are being kind. The tories know perfectly well that higher wages increase tax takes, but they also increase a person’s independence and attitude.

      Rather than force their beloved multi-nationals to pay a proper living wage, they would rather top up that wage with state benefits as that will keep the recipient subservient. It’s a double whammy, help out the rich company owners and shareholders whilst keeping the working class in line.

      I’m fed up with with, I’d love to see a general strike.

      1. dunderheid says:

        How pray tell, oh economically literate ones do you propose to “force” multi-nationals to pay more. I’d of thought the clue was in the name…multi-nationals don’t have to stay in one nation…when it gets too expensive in one they can move to another and take their jobs with them.

        Also I love that you think tory policy is to create welfare dependancy…its the first time I’ve heard of the tories being accused of being too generous on welfare.

        Finally I’d also love it if the SNP called for a general strike…as Corbyn is showing there is nothing more dangerous for left wing politics than the public actually seeing the reality those politics could create. Rubbish piling up on the street…power cuts…hospitals on part-time hours…who wouldn’t reward the party that brought that about

  4. John Fullerton says:

    Tartanfever, I agree. I did say from a capitalist perspective! I’d love to see a general strike, too. I’d also love to see a refusal by the Scottish government to remit taxes and revenues to Westminster in a nationwide civil disobedience campaign, but I suppose we need to raise the level of popular support for independence first.

    1. dunderheid says:

      Yeah it must be a real bummer when the public don’t support your madcap schemes for a socialist revolution…but keep working on it comrade…I’m sure you’ll get there

  5. Douglas MacPhail says:

    Meanwhile in the real world, the SNP keep hoovering up each and every council seats despite the best endeavours of the only opposition in Scotland, i.e. the state broadcaster and the press.

    Regards choices, Scots in increasing numbers are of the opinion that, that innovative cancer treatment, that new school, that bypass or that their bins emptied every week is in direct competition with renewing trident or bombing Syria.

    As for cameron being naked at the negotiating table, I never have nor will ever ask him, his party, westminster or his nation to represent me in any respect.

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