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Mouth – Brain Connection Lost

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It’s been a difficult week for defenders of the Union and the arse-end of the Liberals, now clinging to office with an air of stoic desperation. The harsh reality is that Carmichael won. But these losers are used to winning big and losing long. If this is the bar set by the political class who could deplore voters for abandoning them wholesale for the altogether more alluring realm of Strictly and other forms of cultural ketamine? Make no mistake, the ruling set down this week effectively says,  ‘politicians are professional liars, its part of their job,get over it.’ It’s not exactly inspiring is it? What’s reassuring is that this doesn’t seem to be a compulsive reaction. In fact, against the odds, people here still seem compelled and inspired to change and participate.

So what of our unfortunate Orcadian Member?

In the Times Andrew Tickell (‘Bungling MP deserves his public humbling‘) describes Carmichael as “A man with all the menace of a squashed aubergine.”

On his own altogether more respected platform he points out the now utterly disintegrated credibility of the Orcadian, quoting the Judges verdict: “We had no concerns about the credibility and reliability of the witnesses, with one exception.” A teller of “blatant” lies. “Unimpressive,” his behaviour demonstrating “a lack of candour”, “at best disingenuous, at worst evasive and self-serving” in his actions. These are not descriptions of a man vindicated. But the conclusion cannot be avoided: today is a good day for Alistair Carmichael. He survives. The thread which held the sword over his head since May’s general election has finally snapped – and he has dodged the falling blade. But only just. By a hair’s breadth.”

[Ed – a bawhair I think is the technics legal parlance LPW].

Elsewhere Alec Finlay writes: “A lovely Carmichaelism: “For 20 seconds his brain lost connection with his mouth” (Caron Lindsay, Liberal Democrat on BBC Radio Scotland). It seems it never reconnected until after the election poll? For those of us of a certain age these are like echoes of Oliver North and Reagan’s fantastical: “A few months ago I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that’s true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not.”

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  1. June Stewart says:

    So going forward, every MP must commit to being truthful and honest within the context of his or her ability? What about parliamentary rules do they count for anything ? It would appear not.

  2. Fed up with the Lies and Propaganda of the London Media Industrial Complex says:

    One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but he does look like a bumbling oaf.

  3. Steve says:

    Wash your mouth out! Carmichael is not an Orcadian. That is like saying Winston Churchill was a Dundonian! That may be his address, but he is from Islay. Liam McArthur is Orcadian, at least by upbringing. And Tavish is a Shetlander, albeit an aristocratic one.

    1. Alan M Johnston says:

      Can you please explain Tavish being an aristocrat?

      1. Anna says:

        Tavish is the son of Lord John Scott, the Lord Lieutenant of Shetland.

  4. bringiton says:

    Lies,damned lies and the British Liberal party.
    Next May will determine whether his constituents agree with Carmichael’s party that lying is the normal way of doing politics.
    If they agree,what does that tell us about them?
    Of course,there is always the old excuse that “they are all the same” and I might as well vote for the lies I prefer or in some cases,not vote at all.
    We need a big clean up of politics and that has to start at the head of corruption which is the Westminster parliament.

  5. bill fraser says:

    He is in a Party where there is little interest either here or In England ,and will therefore get away with any little indiscretion on his part,so we should make him suffer for any move out of place by him.

  6. Fiona Morag Grahame says:

    The petitioners are so thankful for all the support they have been getting and much of it is from Orkney & Shetland. In a small place where the Fib Dem establishment has dominated the communities for so long it has been very difficult for ordinary people to openly support us. But they have. If you live in an urban environment it may be difficult to grasp what it is like for folk in small communities who fear for their jobs and abuse they may get if they speak out. Carmichael has been left without a shred of integrity but he is still our MP (for the time being) and voted recently to bomb Syria. He affected the election in Orkney & Shetland (proven beyond reasonable doubt) by his deceit. Would you like someone of such a disreputable character representing you?

    1. MBC says:

      Does he still hold surgeries and do constituency work? Do constituents still consult him? What kind of person seeks his help?

      1. Fiona Morag Grahame says:

        He sometimes holds joint surgeries/events with Liam McArthur in Orkney but I do not know what he does in Shetland. He has constituency offices in Kirkwall & Lerwick which he shares with the MSPs. I am assuming he is doing constituency work because he told us he would devote his time to that. I am not sure how many of his constituents he consulted when he voted to bomb Syria as both MSPs have distanced themselves from that decision. Who would go to him now for help? could you trust him to help and would he be effective?

    2. Monty says:

      As I live in Edinburgh West I do. Our MSP has also been deselected for the 2016 Holyrood elections by the local party. It is not a good situation. At least the situation with Carmichael has been resolved and I am sure his office still competently carry out constituency work. Having unclear and unresolved allegations against you MP going on for months is fair from ideal.

      1. Fiona Morag Grahame says:

        Unfortunately Monty it has not been resolved because Alistair is still under investigation for being ‘less than fully truthful’ and ‘lacking in candour’ to the cabinet office inquiry. This was only revealed during his cross examination. If you read the Determination, as I am sure you have done, you will find the judges quite damning remarks about him and also the shock that his behaviour had upon his constituents.

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