Noam Chomsky Interview

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In the last few months they’ve pulled off some great interviews, here with Noam Chomsky. Watch it and support them.

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  1. Jane Kidd says:

    Interesting and worthwhile interview, terrible interviewer. Prepared questions were asked in the wrong order, and a polite ‘thank you’ was necessary but absent at the end. I will donate though, maybe get some media training organised? This is meant as constructive criticism.

  2. Frank says:

    I agree Jane. 10 minutes in and we have established two things. First: Chomsky is against Trident and second, he is opposed to austerity. Really bad interviewer; very parochial questions! If the people behind this want to raise money then they really need to professionalise. I’m not sure if ‘independence live’ is the best name for this channel; It sounds like’s a channel stuck in 2014.

  3. MBC says:

    Well I have to disagree with the first two posts. The interviewer began by asking what for me is a key question for Scottish independinistas, and that is whether the rUK would have to give up its seat as a permanent member of the UN Security Council if it no longer had Trident, because I perceive that as being at the heart of the matter as to why the UK will not let us go. Being as Trident is in Scotland and an indy Scotland would not want Trident. And Chomsky answered very clearly that from a legal point of view at least it should not jeopardise the UK’s position since it is a signatory to the Non-proliferation treaty which obliges, he says, nuclear powers to reduce (or get rid of?) their nukes. Politically of course it may be otherwise.

  4. Tom Kane says:

    NC was surprisingly ill-informed about the referendum questions… How I wish the interviewer, who I thought had some foolish Scandinavian easiness about him, had pursued NC a bit, and had asked, what made the referendum question so difficult for you to get to the bottom of? An answer there would be interesting…

    And I agree with the post above about the importance of the Trident/NATO question…

    1. Tom Kane says:

      Woops… Meant foolish Scandinavian easiness…
      Fc too close together

      1. Tom Kane says:

        It was my spellchecker…
        Changing coolish to foolish… Sorry… I’ll stop now…

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