rbs4251A new series of micro blogs: the best of the web in under 250 words.

RBS confirms it’s still run by the most gigantic bastards imaginable “Next year, regardless of our level of failure, we’re going to ask for 300% via a note stapled to the forehead of an old woman in a wheelchair.” More here.
Something for the Weekend?”In the early 2000s, eminent American jazz musician Willie Ruff suggested that much of African American music has its roots in the Gaelic psalm singing of the Western Isles, which crossed the Atlantic in the same years as the slave trade.” Check out New Gaelic Performance: Buaireas anns an Uisge/ Trouble the Water at the Tramway.
Hit the North That whole Northern Powerhouse schtick? Deid.
Upstart A brilliant campaign to change Scottish education: “The western countries with the best records in education don’t start formal schooling till children are seven. Instead they have a kindergarten stage based on well-established principles of child development.” More here.
Terrifying “Trump had adopted a shrewd electoral strategy” – according to Rupert Murdoch.