THE JOY OF BLOGS profiles bloggers and offers inspiring advice to others. The emergence of new and diverse writing voices has been a key feature of Scotland’s new media movement. Here we profile 4 very different bloggers who explain more about their work, offer thoughts on the failure of the traditional media to reflect our changing nation, recommend blogs and offer a wealth of tips and advice for new bloggers and those thinking about beginning a blog.
Includes interviews with:

WILLIAM DUGUID Author of the frequently hilarious Scottish political blog ‘To September And Beyond’ which enjoys thousands of readers each week.

KIRSTY STRICKLAND, an award-winning writer on Politics and Feminism whose groundbreaking media monitoring work for ‘Women for Independence’ is challenging attitudes on how women are represented in the media #WriteToEndVAW #WFImediawatch Follow her here.

ROBERT J SOMYNNE This Politico-Poet-Pilgrim-Photographer-Teach ­er-Beardist is major writing talent who offers a unique and challenging view on our changing nation. Follow him here.

SIMONE CHARLESWORTH Simone writes regularly for Any Voices and her own blog is a wonderful mixture of the political and personal, as well as occasionally quirky, reflections. You can read Simone’s brilliant essay on being an English woman and Scottish Nationalist hereFollow here here.