Glasgow Hustings Live Tonight

Live hustings event at Holyrood Secondary in Glasgow with:

Nicola Sturgeon SNP
Kevin Lewsey Scottish Liberal democrats
Graham Hutchinson Scottish Conservatives
Fariha Thomas Scottish Labour Party
Tommy Sheridan Solidarity
Zara Kitson Scottish Green Party
Cat Boyd Rise Party


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  1. ED says:

    I can understand why , Lib,lab con, are doing this ,but what are the other three idiots playing at!!

    1. Alan says:

      The other three are there for publicity – ie, being seen on a stage with Nicola Sturgeon and making a pitch for second votes.

    2. David Allan says:


      Zara, Cat and Tommy are active participants in the Independence Movement each playing active roles in the referendum campaign , show a little respect !

      We will all be working together at some point in the future so drop the satirical tone.

  2. Dawud Islam says:

    I thought the SNP said they weren’t going to field any female candidates against Tommy in hustings.

    1. Frank says:

      That story has been confirmed as a lie and part of a deliberate attempt by Common Space to smear Tommy Sheridan.

      1. Dawud Islam says:

        I wasn’t agreeing with the policy merely stating what had been reported.

  3. Toby says:

    I cant afford 42 dollars per month to watch live stream.

  4. Susan Bell says:

    Hells bells labour stood with the Tories that’s aw oanybiddy needs tae know there is no trust in labour!!!

  5. tartanfever says:

    Thought the Tory candidate was going to explode when Sheridan said he would do away with the Holyrood’s oath to the crown and replace it with an oath to the people of Scotland.He was not happy.

  6. Mike Lothian says:

    Curious to what an illegitimate question is

  7. Alf Baird says:

    Nicola is beginning to remind me of Hillary Clinton for some reason. Still SNPx1.

    1. Frank says:

      Overrated politician.

      1. Mike says:

        Relative to who?

  8. Mike says:

    The choice isn’t between the SNP Greens and RISE for Government it is between the SNP Labour or the Conservatives.

    That’s the reality. If we don’t get an SNP Government we will end up with a Labour or Conservative Government instead.

    So consider that singular fact before wondering what to do with your second vote.

    1. Alf Baird says:

      On the contrary, “the reality” is slab and the Tories only have hopes and stated public aspirations to be the opposition. They know the SNP are a racing certainty to form the next government, even with SNPx1. Why spread falsehoods?

    2. Dawud Islam says:

      This post fails to understand the current electoral reality in Scotland. It is almost certain that the SNP would have a majority in the next parliament even if they fail to pick up a single list vote (which obviously isn’t going to happen but I use the example purely for illustrative purposes). It is impossible for either Labour or the Conservatives to win the election under any circumstances, even if the party collected EVERY SINGLE LIST VOTE. The only two possible outcomes in the election are an SNP majority (the 99% certain outcome) or an SNP minority government needing the support of at most a handful of Green MSP’s (only 1% likely but a possibility nonetheless). There is, therefore, no element of risk attached to not voting SNP with your second vote. Many SNP supporters will still want to use their second vote for the SNP, I am just pointing out the only possible electoral outcomes for those who choose not to.

      1. John Page says:

        I think you overstate the position…….it depends on the region and how many constituency seats SNP are likely to pick up…….the SNP list vote being divided by one over that number of list votes plus one. In some instances you are spot on. That just shows people should review the position carefully and exercise judgement.
        I was wondering who Mike reminded me of……it’s Jim Murphy with his “SNP will let the Tories in” crap……only this time its “vote Green and let the unionists in”.
        Hopefully people will think for themselves. This repetitive trolling is becoming tedious and (like Murphy was) it is disrespectful to fellow Scots
        Thank you

  9. John Page says:

    One over number of constituency seats plus one

  10. Mike says:

    So we’re talking about elections in terms of absolutes now? Based on polling no less. How many thought we were heading for a rainbow coalition Government right up to the day of the GE?

    The “Reality” is ONLY the SNP or Labour or the Conservatives have a chance of winning the election. Its highly likely the SNP will win but its by no means a certain majority “ESPECIALLY” if blind tactical voting is employed against the SNP.

    Independence losses if there is not a pro Indy majority Government because that would be a step backwards and would encourage the Yoon cabal in Westminster to take the pro indy threat less seriously.

    Labour in Scotland are now telling us they are officially anti Trident. Why? Because success for the SNP has forced them to adopt the idea and make it official manifesto policy.

    They are so afraid of the SNP success that they’ve even started talking in terms of support for Independence. Tentative maybe false probably but look how far they had to fall in order to get to a position where they believe they have to try and convince people they may support the concepts.

    You start diluting that Yoon fear of the SNP you start diluting the concessions the SNP are clearly winning from the Yoon cabal.

    We’ve never been closer to Independence if you want to get closer still then stop trying to split the pro Indy power base.

    The best opportunities for RISE and the Greens in Scotland can only come within a fully Independent Parliament where they can actually make policy.

    Its a no brainer yet there are still too many who want to put the cart before the horse.

    1. John Page says:

      So to sum up, the people of Scotland can’t think for themselves and you will tell us how to vote……just like Murphy by endlessly trolling the same bogeyman fear…..,,,,,regardless of what region people are in……

      I’ve got it. You want an SNP majority government.

      So do I.

      I think most folk have got your endlessly repeated message.

      Now show some respect to others who have thought about it carefully and don’t share your viewpoint. Or like Murphy are you going to stand on your Irn Bru crate and keep shouting the same unpersuasive negative bogeyman scare over and over…..

      John Page

      1. Mike says:

        The same way you clearly respect mine and my right to not only express it but reiterate it too?

        Are you afraid I may actually convince people or something?

        1. John Page says:

          You sound just like Jim Murphy.
          Ill-informed, lacking in any sense of nuance and boring the arse of everyone with your megaphonic and repetitious utterances.
          I sincerely hope your local Yes Chair or SNP Convener keeps you away from the public as you are a total turnoff.
          I am off to do more leafleting to get my constituency SNP MSP re-elected…….apart from trolling Bella and unsuccessfully trying to bully me what are you doing today to help?

          1. Mike says:

            Wow. That’s the kind of response I would expect from Duncan Hothersall. A total deflection away from the point of view altogether.
            You clearly can no longer respond to the actual issue so leave it be or find an argument but spare us the deflection and irrelevance.

    2. John Page says:

      Thanks for confirming that you are a loud mouth troll who is aw talk and nae fitba…..

      1. Mike says:

        Thanks for confirming you’re all conviction and not shallow self serving and bitter with it.

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