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Live coverage from the Glasgow #SP16 count from IndependenceLive

indy emirates generalWe’re delighted to join with our colleagues in the new mediasphere in Scotland – CommonSpace and Kiltr – to collectively embed IndependenceLive‘s livestream, from the Glasgow count at the Emirates stadium for the Holyrood General Elections.

It’s starting at 11pm today, below:

IndyLive are also running a Blab – a platform for running commentary – from the event,  available at this link, or from the embed below. You can also comment on our post below.

And while we’re in widget mode, here’s a feed from Twitter on the #SP16 hashtag:

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  1. john young says:

    The SNP have lost my/my family and a fair few friends votes after that Sun photo shoot.

    1. Onwards says:

      Because a Sun endorsement is worse than remote Tory governments lording over us from Westminster right ?

  2. Mark Crawford says:

    The SNP have lost my vote too (voted Yes, voted SNP in 2015) after deciding that even though they are cutting 23 million pounds from Dundee Council’s budget this year, radical reform of local government financing (such as a Scottish Service Tax, local income tax, land valuation tax etc) is not required.

    But, hey, apparently everything that matters in Scottish politics happens in Glasgow anyway. We’ll see…

  3. john young says:

    Any endorsement from anything right wing /Thatcherite seals it for me Onward,don,t you remember Tony Blah Blah/fat arse Broonie et al,conning the ever so gullible public that they were representing them,well we know now if we didn,t already know that the establishment will suck you fcuking in and blow you out in square bubbles,that Sun endorsement is the first step in a well oiled fly trap and I didn,t think she was daft enough to fall for it.We didn,t fight for independence to replace like with like,there has been nothing from the SNP camp that would give me any encouragement at all.Remember Jimmy Reid the “firebrand” well he wasn,t long in getting his column in the Sun and achieving celebrity status,they separate you first then seduce you and it is too late,these fcuckers are masters proven masters at duplicity,yet that bint Sturgeon from Glasgow fell for it hook line and sinker,effin eejit.

  4. Hannah says:

    People’s Princess Cat Void has been seen sobbing in front of a full length mirror as she prepares for her acceptance speech in front of the returning officer and thousands of mobilised poor people from the schemes.

    1. James_Mac says:


  5. C Rober says:

    Looks like that snpx2 never worked as expected , that is unless you wanted more tories in power , and less labs , at the time of posting 7 still to be declared , snp 2 short of a maj.

    The greens though have added they are willing to do a deal , hopefully it stays this way , then some green power can be within the housing , welfare and energy bodies within Holyrood.

    1. Riddok says:

      The SNP X2 had little effect in the constituencies all bar 1.
      Ruth Davidson putting herself direcly agains a popular green candidate allowed her to slip through the gaps when greens voted for their candidate (as they should) Ruthie played it smart.
      Every other constituency saw the collapse of votes (usually Labour) and those votes coalescing around the best unionist candidate.
      Apparent the hardline unionists do not mind who they vote for to ensure the win to stifle independence.

      How the regional votes stack up will depend on the final analysis…..but the SNPX2 was the insurance policy, incase the clean sweep didn’t happen.
      If the regional vote gets diluted then the SNP won’t get a seat to replace any losses or lack of gains in constituencies – meaning and overall loss in SNP seats and an overall loss in “independence supporting parties” seats SNP – 6 (-7 if you count the indy) Greens gained +4 for an overall loss of -2
      Unionist paries tories +16 Labour -13 Libsems (0) for a gain of +3.

      There were repeated warnings this would happen if anyone attempted to game the system in the way advocated here – looks like they were right

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