tumblr_inline_nybv9rmdQ01tefpu1_500Wot is the Word-O-Mat?

“Word-o-Mat is a vending machine designed to satisfy your cravings for language. It was born out of a love affair between short stories, zines and clunky machinery. Word-o-Mat aims to make buying and reading high calibre writing a joy.”

It is the invention and love-child of Charlotte Ormston, an events co-ordinator from Scotland who is currently based in Malmö.

The Word-o-Mat zine editions will be dispensed from a beautiful vintage Wurlitzer cigarette vending machine based in Glasgow bringing poetry and short stories to you (instead of fags). The machine is currently in Malmö, and will be taking a literary tour through Europe after the summer to its new home in Glasgow (via the streets of Edinburgh).

Read all about the project here – and submit your writing to them here.

They have a Kickstarter appeal to try and get the Word-o-Mat to Bonnie Scotland. So if you have a love of crazy literary projects, indy publishing, poetry and clunky 1950s vending machines, this project is just for you. Check their film here:

Go support the Word-o-Mat here. @WORDOMAT