13599962_10154026213649597_3688626223071689259_nEnglish politics is broken: you start with the House of Lords, sofa government, the electoral system, unchallenged Media barons (Iraq, Brexit), English Nationalism (there was a reason Kinnock wasn’t elected, and Miliband, with the cry of “no power for the SNP”); then you add a revival of Bennism, with no commitment to address the crisis that led to Brexit except at a socio-economic level, and no chance of being elected; an informed middle class Remain movement that favours petitions that have no party political support; a toxic blend of xenophobia that crosses classes; left progressives that call for alliances which their party has refused and continues to refuse; a Lexit movement that imagines some Romantic benefit will come to the working class from flicking V-signs at the establishment by voting Leave, when we are about to see science, education, health, culture, and investment decimated by leaving the EU, hitting those communities worst.

To cap it all you have the Labour party indulging in the same kind of legal challenges and petitions that epitomised the recent Referendum.

You cannot fix English civic culture, politics, nationalism and xenophobia by apolitical petitions or Corbynism – these represent the gulf in a broken system. I support anti-austerity, but you cannot mend a broken system without addressing the system itself, as a whole. I fear for what England is dragging the UK into. The social and cultural divisions are dangerous and, as the economic situation worsens, education and culture suffer, and the body politic erodes, it is the poor, the ill, the migrants, who will suffer.

Yes, Corbyn gives good speeches when he is among friends, but he refused to address the crisis Colley describes, and ignores the situation outside of England. Unless individuals can bring together The Petitioners and Corbynism, and address the whole system, England will sleepwalk into election defeat, and the dark days will get darker. I have so many good friends who say they support alliances, electoral reform, even Federalism: I understand why they support Corbyn, but I don’t understand why they accept him leaving a broken system broken.