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Wedding Invite meets Suicide Pact

The letter from Jackson Carlaw to Kezia Dugdale calling for a new Tory/Labour “alliance” opposing #indyref2 via the marvelous and unlikely source of Michael Blackley, the Political Editor of the Scottish Mail on Sunday.

As Martyn Bennet would have it: “This is the LORD’S doing; It is marvelous in our eyes.


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  1. tris says:

    As this is a matter of importance I am releasing this to the press (without the courtesy of informing you in advance)?

  2. Andy Borland says:

    Yea, verily, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death ….

    Come in Labour, the water’s lovely!

    Choose carefully numbnuts 🙂

  3. mike cassidy says:

    And this is probably the reason for the letter.

    An opinion piece the day before from Alex Rowley.


    Looks like Deputy Dugdale picked up the wrong hymn sheet.

    1. bringiton says:

      I notice that the British Labour party in Scotland are making noises about the amount of trade we do with England.
      There are a few things here that are not being addressed.
      How much of that “trade” is Scottish exports going through English ports?
      A Scotland inside the EU will probably find it more profitable to export directly to EU countries rather than England where,if we are to believe previous claims from the Britnats,trade barriers would be in place.
      When New Zealand had it’s market to the UK cut off due to the UK joining the EEC,they rapidly found other markets for their produce.
      Trade will always follow the path of least resistance and should not be the main reason for retaining obsolete and costly political alliances.

      1. Alf Baird says:

        Scotland will first need to fix its “obsolete and costly” seaports in order for trade to develop: http://reidfoundation.org/2016/01/sort-out-our-ports/

        Never mind Labour, the SNP have yet to figure this out, even after 10 years in the driving seat.

        1. Matt McCallum says:

          If there is no trade going through Scottish sea ports then it hasn’t been a priority for any Scottish Government to divert much needed and dwindling resources to fix them over the last 10 years. I’m not too sure if this is a reserved matter although I’m pretty sure that there is no funding in the block grant to cover it.

          An independent Scotland on the other hand would have the means to commence with a regeneration scheme while in the short term coming to a deal to continue with the status quo and use shipping from English ports.

          This would possibly cost a wee bit more but would be a stop gap solution

          After all Rome wasn’t built in a day

  4. bringiton says:

    Labour’s credentials for supporting a minority view are to be lauded e.g. ensuring that the voices of the 38% who voted to leave the EU are “respected”,the views of their PLP are to be respected above those of their 500,000 members but exceptionally not it seems when it comes to the 45% of Scots who voted for independence.
    They are going to have to decide whether their solidarity with fellow workers applies only to English workers or with the vastly greater number in the EU.
    Given their track record,I would bet on them sticking with the minority in a UKOK campaign again.
    Not known as the British Labour party without a reason.

  5. John Edgar says:

    A poisoned chalice! One wee flaw in the argument based on Carlaw’s skewed obsercation. Indyref2, like indyref1, involved tthe SNP and other groups across tge political spectrum in Scotland.
    As always, the red and blue tories only see themselves as the parties; the political spectrum in Scotland goes far beyond the old two-party system.
    with one MP each at Westminster, two yoons are shouting from the same sheet.
    A squeek more like it.
    Slab the branch are lost after chumming it with the tories.
    The tories are trying to destroy Slab, maybe slab dont see it yet!!
    Where has Kezia been lately? Seems to be off the radar? Lost?

  6. arthur thomson says:

    Can it actually be that the remnants of Slab have absolutely zero self-respect? They are being publicly baited by the collection of xenophobic, Thatcherite oddballs and geriatrics that constitute the Scottish Tory Party and they are apparently running scared of losing the remains of their support to them.

    The only thing that is missing from that letter is a ‘LOL’ at the end of it.

    1. JohnEdgar says:

      What does constitute self-respect for (S)lab?.
      Who knows? Kezia Dugdale is currently off the radar, (GB)Lab is tearing itself apart with court and counter court action.
      Corbyn was the first to call for Article 50 to be invoked straight after Eng/Welxit.
      Unlike the SNP, (S)Lab and (GB) Lab have no strategic concept regarding a starting negotiation standpoint vis-a-vis the EU. Neither do the May-Tories as yet have a format of Brexit other than Brexit means Brexit!!
      The LibDems north and south of the Tweed are…?! Well, where on the issue?
      May is running around contradicting herself on open or closed borders with Ireland.
      And the EU Commission president Juncker has stated there are no sweeties for Westminster.
      The whole UK/GB set up is marooned on an island literally waiting for a passing ship to rescue them from their self-inflicted isolation. Not so splendid at the moment!!
      Liam Fox is predicting a solution by 2020 at the earliest.
      When you haul up the draw bridge, you have to lower it again. Those outside will not do it for you!
      Cut off!
      So where is (S) Lab in all this? As usual, waiting to be told!

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