ClintonBalloons0729I’m looking at the pictures of Hillary among the balloons…as a theatre type…and thinking to myself, a bit uncomfortably…

“She may have intelligence and experience and ruthlessness going for her, but she is a TERRIBLE actor. I mean, just…God help us…”

(A bit like Gordon Brown…when compared to Tony Blair…only being America. the contrast with Trump is like…more so)

Does it matter? Yeah. It does.

She is a bad actor. She knows she is a bad actor…like Gordon Brown did. This makes her uncomfortable. Watching a bad actor on stage or screen BEING uncomfortable is unbearable. It makes YOU uncomfortable. It makes you feel trapped in their agony.

Trump, whatever his deep seated personality problems – and boy are they deep, and BOY are they problems – comes across as completely at ease in his horrible orange skin.

Like Reagan did. Only twice as orange. And many times as pathological.

This is the biggest, dumbest, most human reason why Trump might win in November.

The electorate in the States, like the electorate here, like the population of most of the world…maybe ALL of the world…is generationally whipped by recession and public mendacity…by the failure of the globalisation project…by an epochal pessimism about EVERYTHING…and terrified of sudden, unexplained violence (all the more terrifying because of its suicidal, apocalyptic carelessness of personal and political consequences) that both reacts to and magnifies the mood of collapse and anxiety.

Trump’s apparent ease with madness, his anger, his snarl of contempt, feels to many…appropriate to our times.

It is this combination of elite nihilism and general anxiety that gives the likes of Trump, Le Pen and Farage the fetid pool of opportunity they swim in. They are at home here, because they were ALREADY as fucked up as the world now seems to the rest of us…a long time ago. They are not Hitler…that was then and there, and this is here and now…but they are READY for ugliness: they are pre-prepared by their own resentments and loathing for our ugly times.

The Democratic convention tried very hard to project a positivity in which it really doesn’t matter how bad an actor the CEO is…if the enterprise is healthy. But it isn’t. And nobody believes it is.

Which is why it matters that Hillary is so uncomfortable as an actor…

It makes us uncomfortable with the show of optimism. It looks like just another lie. Everything is a lie. There is no truth. All there is…is energy.

And where is energy? Why it’s in hate.

In every way except one, in the binary choice of a Presidential election…surely everyone has to see that it HAS to be Hillary. It MUST NOT be Trump. No one is going to get excited about Hillary, or even happy about it…but this is humanity we’re talking about. So it HAS to be Hillary. The alternative is darkness like this generation in the West really has not known.

If only she wasn’t so uncomfortable enjoying those balloons.