Hillary and the Balloons

ClintonBalloons0729I’m looking at the pictures of Hillary among the balloons…as a theatre type…and thinking to myself, a bit uncomfortably…

“She may have intelligence and experience and ruthlessness going for her, but she is a TERRIBLE actor. I mean, just…God help us…”

(A bit like Gordon Brown…when compared to Tony Blair…only being America. the contrast with Trump is like…more so)

Does it matter? Yeah. It does.

She is a bad actor. She knows she is a bad actor…like Gordon Brown did. This makes her uncomfortable. Watching a bad actor on stage or screen BEING uncomfortable is unbearable. It makes YOU uncomfortable. It makes you feel trapped in their agony.

Trump, whatever his deep seated personality problems – and boy are they deep, and BOY are they problems – comes across as completely at ease in his horrible orange skin.

Like Reagan did. Only twice as orange. And many times as pathological.

This is the biggest, dumbest, most human reason why Trump might win in November.

The electorate in the States, like the electorate here, like the population of most of the world…maybe ALL of the world…is generationally whipped by recession and public mendacity…by the failure of the globalisation project…by an epochal pessimism about EVERYTHING…and terrified of sudden, unexplained violence (all the more terrifying because of its suicidal, apocalyptic carelessness of personal and political consequences) that both reacts to and magnifies the mood of collapse and anxiety.

Trump’s apparent ease with madness, his anger, his snarl of contempt, feels to many…appropriate to our times.

It is this combination of elite nihilism and general anxiety that gives the likes of Trump, Le Pen and Farage the fetid pool of opportunity they swim in. They are at home here, because they were ALREADY as fucked up as the world now seems to the rest of us…a long time ago. They are not Hitler…that was then and there, and this is here and now…but they are READY for ugliness: they are pre-prepared by their own resentments and loathing for our ugly times.

The Democratic convention tried very hard to project a positivity in which it really doesn’t matter how bad an actor the CEO is…if the enterprise is healthy. But it isn’t. And nobody believes it is.

Which is why it matters that Hillary is so uncomfortable as an actor…

It makes us uncomfortable with the show of optimism. It looks like just another lie. Everything is a lie. There is no truth. All there is…is energy.

And where is energy? Why it’s in hate.

In every way except one, in the binary choice of a Presidential election…surely everyone has to see that it HAS to be Hillary. It MUST NOT be Trump. No one is going to get excited about Hillary, or even happy about it…but this is humanity we’re talking about. So it HAS to be Hillary. The alternative is darkness like this generation in the West really has not known.

If only she wasn’t so uncomfortable enjoying those balloons.

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  1. john young says:

    Both in the pocket of Zionists/big business/military industrial complex,it is like the worst possible Hollywood movie,they the Americans that is pose the biggest threat to mankind and we slavishly follow them.

    1. Alex Beveridge says:

      Agreed John. I can only hope that when we gain our independence in the near future we will not go down the same path.

  2. James Johnston says:

    It has to be Clinton, the alternative is just too appalling to contemplate but it’s like choosing a suicide vest based upon which one has the most comfortable shoulder straps.

    1. Craig Banks says:

      Trump has a clean record unlike Clinton. I would trust Trump more than her any day of the week.

  3. Andimac says:

    Whatever they decide, a balloon will win. Of course, it’s not hard to burst a balloon: all you need is a big needle. No shortage of those around. Maybe a shortage of folks to wield – maybe not. here’s hoping.

  4. Colin says:

    But politicians shouldn’t need to be ‘actors’, at least not in the sense of playing a character unlike themselves. This is where it’s all gone wrong. We used to vote for people because they had beliefs and proposals that we agreed with, not because they looked good on camera or because they looked ‘at ease in their own skin’ or because they could work a crowd. It all represents a dumbing down…of debate, of analysis, of reasoning.

    If Trump wins because Hillary is a poor actor then heaven help us.

  5. Justin Kenrick says:

    If Clinton had substance, as Corbyn does, then her ability to act would be irrelevant.

    He may well lose [the GE election not the party one] because the establishment is so against him. She may well lose because they are for her.

    If it had been Sanders, he would be winning by now.

    What was electable a decade ago, what was unthinkable a decade ago – all has utterly changed. For much much better. For much much worse.

    Unless we progressives realise this, we will not turn the losing streak into the winning one that beckons

    1. maxi says:

      The election wll be rigged as it has always been here. It does not matter which way you vote because the government always gets in!

  6. bringiton says:

    I am not too bothered.
    We saw how little Obama could do faced with a hostile Republican controlled legislature.
    Neither of these two candidates will have popular support from either the Democrats or the Republicans so will be limited in what they can do.
    It’s called checks and balances.

  7. Struan McMath says:

    How did it come to this, a choice between, clinton mk2 and trump?

    Had I the choice in 2008, I would have voted for her, but since then, in the public eye, she comes across as fake and telling people what they want to hear. Thursday she said I don’t want to take your guns, I just want those who shouldn’t have them, not to have them.

    Completely misses the point, nothing happens, but she has not offended the NRA.

    Her stance on Scotland’s independence summed her up for me, Cameron asked her to make a statement against independence, she duly obliged. How much easier would it have been to say that the vote is entirely up to the Scottish people, no one offended and she emerges as someone who won’t stick her nose into others business.

    Sadly the choice for the American people is someone who lacks sincerity and empathy versus a dangerous fool who seeks to divide and rule through fear, sectarianism and racism.

    I would vote for clinton with a heavy heart to ensure trump did not get in, I would have run to the polling booth to vote for Bernie!

    1. Keith Sutherland says:

      Hobson’s choice, I feel for our US kith and kin.

      Scotland has a choice, tory rule from London with no accountability or rule by Scots from Scotland with direct accountability.

      Pretty obvious choice in my opinion.

      1. Struan McMath says:

        ‘Scotland has a choice, tory rule from London with no accountability or rule by Scots from Scotland with direct accountability’

        I very much agree, but sadly information and news is controlled by the british establishment.

        Some people believe the information they have been fed since birth, this is one barrier we must overcome, it’s hard for people to accept they have been lied to.

        I’d really like to see independent analysis of the impact the media has on people’s beliefs that London is better to run Scotland’s affairs rather than ourselves.

        1. Duncan says:

          Stuart, a bit conspirational. Do you mean some believe the information they are born with whilst others are privy to what’s really going on? That some are somehow guardians of certain truths and unalterable facts. Sounds fucking scary to me.

    2. maxi says:

      This woman and her husband are psychopathic murderers and should never be in power anywhere with anything. Do some proper research and find the truth about them and the people they want to be puppets for.
      Her place in the whitehouse was assured years ago by the owners of the country , just as it is done here in the UK. Independence can’t come quick enough for the people of Scotland.

      1. Struan McMath says:

        ‘This woman and her husband are psychopathic murderers’

        Bold statement, where is your evidence?

        1. maxi says:

          Im sure you will have more trouble trying to prove they aint Psychopaths.

          1. Struan McMath says:

            That’ll be no then!

  8. BILL A says:

    We survived Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush. Are Clinton & Trump any worse ?

    Well, Scotland survived. Hundreds of thousands across the globe didn’t……plus ca change…

  9. Alasdair Macdonald says:

    Who was the author of this article? Why have we not been told? There have some really dire articles recently which ought to have been better edited. I realise that Bella is run on a shoestring and has depended to a huge degree on the wholly admirable commitment of the editor, but I think a bit more control over publication would show that standards are being maintained. I am not objecting to articles with which I do not agree, because we need debate. We need better writing.

  10. Neil Anderson says:

    I’m sick and tired of voting for anything “with a heavy heart”. We should be able to vote with conviction, pride and principle.

  11. Doubting Thomas says:

    Democracy comes in a whole lot of forms none of which are perfect.
    The choice of who will be President will be made by the voters of the USA but unfortunately for the rest of us their track record over the last 50 or so years has not been strong.
    They don’t seem to mind.
    Don’t be surprised if Trump gets in as the Clinton brand is so tarnished and she is as loathed as Gordon Brown was here.
    He was an unmitigated disaster visited upon the UK and his party are now paying for this.

    1. JohnEdgar says:

      Things got even worse for Labour after Brown left to work for the banksters. Yet, he still is fawned and feted by the media!!
      He is still bleating about hos book, My Scotland. my Britain.
      Is he delusional? Scotland has changed politically since then and England, aka “Britain” has metamorphosed into an unknown entity mouthing BrexitmeansBrexit!!
      American presidents up unto now were predictable within parameters; if Trump is elected, we may see reruns of the statements made by Barry Goldwater when he was the Republican candidate. He lost!!
      One interesting aspect of Trump is he may turn out for Americans to be in favour of Amerexit!! A retreat into American splendid isolation. He has said the USA would not stand by some of its Nato members!!
      We await.
      If he is elected, will May be first to drool over the “special relationship”?
      Maybe Gordo will get in first. My America, my Banksters.

  12. john young says:

    Broonie the worst of the worst well among them anyways.”The Clantons” well something like 139 persons closely associated with them have died been killed commited suicide? over the years.

  13. john young says:

    Doesn,t matter who “wins” the rest of the world loses,Sheldon Adelson and the Zionist mafia are the real power behind the throne.

  14. Douglas says:

    Clinton, Trump and the balloons bring democratic politics into disrepute….what a cringe-worthy spectacle…David Brent like…

  15. Jean Thomson says:

    All the comments are from males – glorying it seems as usual in mysogynistic yelps, mainly about appearance and presentation by a woman. 0
    Hillary Clinton is a remarkable woman, one of the several woman leaders today who may be able to turn the world away from war and injustice, by the use of intelligent thoughtfulness.

    1. I Clark says:

      You need to do some serious work on your trolling technique!

    2. nick says:

      like the article said – she is ceo – she represents wal mart (which gets its stuff from china) and so represents more globalisation – which maybe has peaked (mason grauniad) whereas trump has ‘promised’ a lot less globalisation which appeals to all those whose wages have stagnated these last 30 years and whose jobs went west (to china)

      its the economy stupid as her bill once said…the only ‘bright’ point (and i say this because the status-quo is now impossible) is that capital appears ‘fucked’ in that interest rates (return on capital) is negative in 33% of the world economy and heading that way in the us – another 25% of global gdp…

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