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On the Scottish Six

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  • nick 2 years ago

    love it cheers

  • Iain Miller 2 years ago

    Wall to wall football …..

  • Struan McMath 2 years ago

    Fabricated problems with the NHS, curtesy of “labour research’!

    Whipping up patriotic pride in Scots in uk Olympic team (what other nation would take pride representing a country that’s not their own?)

    How special our royals are, that must be why the rest of the world thinks of them as England’s royal family, and by rest of world I include England.

    Giving commentators like mcternan and grant time to comment on politics without stating their affiliations.

    Basically, just being biased bbc!

  • Robert Malcolm Kay 2 years ago

    There is no such thing as an unbiased News programme.
    Someone, somehow, has to decide what we are to watch, either on the basis of what they think is important to us, or on the basis of maxxing sensation and viewer numbers.
    The ideal News story concerns a sex scandal involving a celebrity (footballer/politician/actor), because that catches our attention.
    Second best would be a major disaster involving lots of death and carnage, ideally involving white, English-speaking people.
    And in third place, a tinpot government being overthrown somewhere in a popular tourist destination.

  • Alf Baird 2 years ago

    A totally new BBC Scots Language TV station is needed which, as with BBC Alba, requires a Scots Language (Scotland) Act. This shuid be dun richt noo.

    • Marcia Blaine 2 years ago

      Oh aye, the noo.

    • Marcia Blaine 2 years ago

      Och aye, the noo.

  • JohnEdgar 2 years ago

    Surely, even in the EBC’s revamp and creation of the Scottish Six, the old guard – front presenters and back up teams need to be replaced.
    The current tone and attitude to Scotland and Scottish matters and the areas of coverage are deplorable.
    How can the existing personnel on the set-up ever be competent to go forward?
    A guid redd oot is needit!

  • kat hamilton 2 years ago

    even the discussion of the scottish six the other night showed union jackie birds face in a scowl, same way as her interview with alex during indy 1…how very dare we try and establish a more reflective news show without the blatant unionist, snp bad thats weve had to suffer for wonder most folk wont tune in regardless of what concoction, version or format itll take…dont trust them even with the weather forecast…

    • JohnEdgar 2 years ago

      Does Jackie Bird know what “urnie” means?

      • Alf Baird 2 years ago

        As it staunds A widna miss thon BBC-Scotland-regional-unionist-biased-Anglicised-institushun if they poued the plug oan it richt noo. Maist fowk A ken juist sling it a deifie onywey. Past pension time for Jackie etc noo A wid hink – mebbe her feenal Hogmanay shaw anaw, Am howpit. Lat Scots cultur bluim at lang an last – Scots Language Act = Scots Language TV Channel.

  • Gavin 2 years ago

    100% of English licence fee money is spent in England. English programs made by English people for an English audience, both radio and TV.
    94% of Welsh licence fee money is spent in Wales( though some of it is for making “English programs for an English audience).
    55% of Scottish licence fee money is spent in Scotland, and much of that is for making programs with no Scottish content—Question Time, with a person who makes his contempt and dislike of Scots very plain. Robot Wars—compared by two people from the Irish Republic for goodness sakes!
    Its time for Scotland to get our licence fee money back to Scotland–to spend on programs relevant to us.
    BBC Scotland is the most blatant “State Broadcaster” anywhere in Europe, since the Berlin wall came down.

    • andy clarke 2 years ago

      with you all the way bro

  • David Allan 2 years ago

    The prospect of two more years of prolonged referendum posturing by Nicola Sturgeon during EU Brexit negotiations all aired on a Scottish Six anchored by Jackie Bird would make you greet.

    The Scottish public at large will be bored to death meanwhile the pot-holes get bigger the implications of the Scotland Act changes and how the SNP govern goes unnoticed just like the SNP summer campaign to win over no voters is eclipsed by the Deputy Leadership contest.

    Truth is we are further from achieving Independence than ever before.

    Brexit created options and possibilities the SNP chose to obstruct and throw up obstacles.

    Aye the Beeb and Scottish Six their new propaganda tactic will wear down the voting public with night after night of endless tedium .

  • Mach1 2 years ago

    The problem with the BBC is in the name. Every night we are told we belong to a country that voted for Brexit, that is riven by racism and was beset by riots at the outset of the ConDem coalition in 2008. No we urnie.
    I do not belong to a country that voted for Brexit, I live in a nation which voted to remain part of the EU. I do not belong to a mythical entity called Great Britain, I belong to a nation called Scotland which at this point in history is part of a failed union with an England teetering on the return of rioting in its city streets and beset by racism as a defining characteristic of its political discourse, whether at Westminster or through the British state’s mouthpiece, the BBC.
    There are of course those (ahem, David Allan) who might be bored that many people resident north of the Border are looking away from Westminster for solutions to our current impasse. The first step is securing independence.
    A Scottish Six, I fear, would in any case do little to dilute the pro-Labour bias of BBC Scotland. It is this, rather than the Anglo-centric bias of the parent body, which really sticks in the craw.

  • Marcia Blaine 2 years ago

    I simply could not take an hour of Ms Bird and her ilk. Besides I’d miss all the stuff on murders in Fife and the obligatory fishing news items even if it’s the classic ‘woman slips on herring on Dundee town hall steps’.


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