Starting today we have the first of our guest editor slots, where we offer the pages of BC over to a different person for a week to shake us out out of our slumbers and ridges of habit and create and commission new content. We hope this keeps things fresh and also allows us to do some background work on (Top Secret) projects Bella Inc are working on.

To kick us off we are delighted to have Robert Somynne, poet, photographer and freelance writer. After being shortlisted for the Young London Poet Laureate award in 2014 he has gone on to write for online publications, collections and performed spoken word in Vienna, London, Edinburgh and Dundee. His writing since campaigning for Scottish independence has focused on race, class and nation, but he has written on topics included culture and foreign policy with a keen interest in European involvement in Africa and the Gulf.

Expect new & different things.

Welcome Robert.