North British News: Willie Rennie and the Russian Menace

With this week’s news including the debate over Sputnik putting down roots in Scotland, North British News a new satirical outlet presents to you, Scotland’s own ‘Mccarthyite delight’.

Our wee Bella update gives you the adventures of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, Willie Rennie as defender of freedom and the ever prestigious and credible Alistair Darling.

You can find more of their work on their website here.

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  1. James says:

    As a Gay, Scottish, one time Indy supporter I struggled but accepted the Faustian pact between Souter and the SNP as a necessary evil to secure funding for a wider goal of independence. However, the YES/ independence movement’s dalliance with Russian TV supported and editorialised by one of the most openly homophobic regimes in the world (see amnesty) is a compromise too far. It is a slap in the face to the entire LGBT community who supported Yes.

    As thousands of us march for equality in Scotland our thoughts are with our brothers and sisters being persecuted in Moscow and Vladivostock, I for one will never be associated with the Yes movement again.

    1. Brenda says:

      It’s astonishing that people are actually ‘disliking’ this very fair and reasoned comment. Perhaps this is the true face of Scottish nationalism. Everything can be compromised, everything will be compromised.

      1. Tony's Cock says:

        I’m mr big dick

      2. Auld Spock says:

        ‘It’s astonishing that people are actually ‘disliking’ this very fair and reasoned comment. Perhaps this is the true face of Scottish nationalism’

        Perhaps it’s being liked down by people who think it’s stupid to speak of ‘the face of Scots nationalism’ rather than accepting that ethical issues need to be taken of themselves independently of who might agree. Arguments like this are demolished by elementary logic as ‘the undistributed middle’.

        Also rather silly to oppose Scottish independence because a Tv station from a nation with laws against promoting homosexuality to children might get opened in the country, when Westminster politicians are grovelling in front of the Saudis.

        Lastly rather sinister to suggest that the proles shouldn’t be given the option to watch whatever they want. To my knowledge there’s no Scottish government funding for Sputnik, I don’t see why freedom of speech should be denied. Where does that stop?

  2. Malcolm MacKinnon says:

    James and Brenda appear somewhat contrived, I smell false indignation coupled with SNP BAD.

    I recall a member leaving the SNP when the SNP supported repealing of section 8 in schools. I can think of no other party in Scotland that has done more or risked more for the gay community in Scotland, including legislating for gay marriage. Can James and Brenda point to a party in Scotland that has done more for gay rights?

    If we are not going to engage with Russia over its society’s views of homosexuality, are we not to engage with the US for policemen shooting black people, death penalty and its foreign policy, Australia for its treatment of aborigines and migrants, France for The Calais refuge camp, China for its treatment of Tibet, Sahal countries because of female circumcision, Brazil for cutting down of the rain forest, India for its caste system, Spain for bull fighting, Canada for exploiting the tundra for shale oil, Faroe’s and Japan for whale hunting, Israel for its treatment of Palestinians, etc.

    We can all pick and choose reasons for wishing to shun others, purely down to our own life styles, prejudices or beliefs, but to say Scotland should not become independent because of unsubstantiated reports in unionist newspapers of an alleged “dalliance’ takes the biscuit.

    I doubt James you have ever supported independence, I also wonder if you and Brenda are one and same?

    Any old stick to beat the SNP, a common theme in recent months is that the bad news stories about the SNP hold little truth and when the stories dry up you can always revert back to SNP bullying online to keep the pot stirred.

  3. LGBT says:

    And with that the Yes loses all credible claim to being an inclusive progressive force. What is more disturbing is the deafening silence from all the luminaries/ Yes ‘activists’ writers, artists who made such a noise during the indyref about what a progressive beacon an Indyscot would be.

  4. Useful idiot. says:

    Is it just me or can anyone else see the irony of ‘Satirists’ satirising objections to a state/ media that imprisons/ bans ‘satirists’ for doing exactly what said satirists are doing…on a site that would be closed down for publishing said satirists satirising the government and politicians.

    Way to stick up for your fellow bloggers/ new media chums + Russian satirists, Bella.

  5. Useful idiot. says:

    And how can the Yes movement claim to be progressive if it turns a blind eye to human rights abuses in Russia? Perhaps it never was really was?

    Where are all the Yes writers and artists who claimed an Indyscot would be a wonderfully inclusive country superior to repressive Britain, why are they not supporting the Scottish LGBT and protesting about this, why the silence?

  6. Useful idiot. says:

    And finally, one can only infer from the fact that Bella editors delete LGBT posts but allow LGBT abuse to remain on their site ‘see the hilarious Mr Big Dick’ that they share the abusive views?

  7. LGBT girl says:

    The Yes movements new bedfellows…hilarious eh, worthy of satire to mock anyone who points this out.

  8. LGBT girl says:

    Why are you censoring LGBT posts? Are your Russian paymasters pressuring?

  9. James dow says:

    An independent Scotland would do well to establish a friendship pact with Russia a country we have had long historic involvement with, a people who dearly love their motherland, as we Scots love ours. Not to mention the security balance that would protect Scotland’s interests going forward. I can think this way for I am a Scot who has not secummed to the propaganda of the BBC and the rest of the fourth estate.
    And in regards to the fourth estate the NWO and globalisation could not have occurred unless a wholly owned partisan media had not been invited to join the first estate on the golden podium. this would have been the first priority of the NWO

    1. LGBT girl says:

      So every single international human rights organisation is ‘propaganda’? Russia is a wonderful country. The Kremlin isn’t.

  10. Stuart Murray says:

    I see the new tactics of tory and labour trolls, hijack a discussion and twist it into anti SNP.

    I suggest both your party leaders in Scotland have a different view on SNP and this topic! Indeed both will be beneficiaries of the same sex marriage law introduced by the SNP.

    None of you have answered the question on whom has done more for gay rights in Scotland?

    Wonder why?

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