Here’s Loki freestyle on Wavvy Music

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  1. Josef O Luain says:

    Language, energy, righteous disdain. What’s not to like?

    1. Alasdair Macdonald says:

      Yes, that was a powerful performance. It was unsettling and often I felt disgust but I stuck with it. The intensity of emotion and the honesty of it made me feel uneasy at times. He showed that what is often seen as thuggish aggression is a justified sense of injury pouring out. I have seen hundreds of Glaswegian men over the past 70 years struggle inarticulately to express and justify themselves, but failing and resorting to violence and self destruction. But here we have someone who has clearly expressed and articulated these feelings.
      I am sure Burns would have applauded him. I do, anyway

  2. Onwards says:

    What gets me with rappers in general is at what point do they leave their past behind and move on ?
    I get it that you have to have attitude to have credibility for that kind of art or music.
    But it sometimes seems a bit contrived, especially when you see the guys in America where it’s big business.

  3. Sonny Crocket says:

    I just want –
    Independence (as a republic)
    An outright ban on fracking
    No nato no trident

    And really, i d like alec sammin back :-/

  4. Graeme Purves says:

    Aye, but. Whit comes next?

  5. Trickster says:

    I might buy his book but only after I’ve read a review from a soulless namby-pamby utopian 😉

    1. Peter Burnett says:

      You could review it if you like, I’d be happy to get a copy for you and pay you the going rate.

  6. arthur thomson says:

    Trapped in a jar.

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