Tree--river-tree-mountain-rain-dark-clouds-forest-1280x960Now that we’ve voted for Brexit it’s time to discover what it is. Okay we didn’t vote for it, but that is beside the point, because of democracy. Are you following this so far? David Davis’s statement we’re told ‘gave nothing away’ as if he was the keeper of some eternal secret in Pirates of the Caribbean or had just delivered a box of Milk Tray. To reflect this mystic process [in which in a routine that Houdini would have been proud of – Scotland has simply disappeared]  a new language has had to  be developed.

Alec Finlay comments that there’s: “No irony that the Japanese government delivered a 15 page report on the reality of Brexit on the same day the UK government managed to say almost nothing. But I like the idea that May is planning to speak largely in Zen koan: “Brexit means Brexit”, “What Keith does is for Keith”, “Scotland must be happy, but Scotland has no veto”, “Taking back control means taking back control”.

Finlay calls this new form ‘Teemays’ and we invite your contributions.

There are certain rules to the competition. Reference to Scotland must only be oblique. Campaign slogans from Better Together and Brexit may be included, but it is not obligatory. If referencing the three masters they must be referred to only as ‘Bojo’, ‘Davis’ and The Fox’. Although disciples today are expected to spend a dozen or more years with a master to complete a full course of training in koan commentary, yours must be complete by next week, or whenever Article 50 is triggered, whichever comes first. There is no prize but eternal wisdom.

Like Kung Fu Fighting, Brexit is ‘a little bit frightening’, but please bring joy to your poetry.