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Clinton Trumps the Donald

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  • cowaldude 2 years ago

    Fortunately I am not an American from the USA otherwise the embarrassment would be unimaginable watching this performance from both of these candidates; is this really the best the USA can do? Vladimir must be beginning to believe in God!! As that great American tennis player once said – ” you can’t be serious”.

  • john young 2 years ago

    Unfortunately whatever that mad house throws up we will most certainly suffer,we have nobody and I include the SNP that is prepared to bring the truth about that rotten to the core country,we are lemmings following them over the cliff.

    • Heidstaethefire 2 years ago

      What would you like them to do?

  • Kevin Brown 2 years ago

    Caught part of it. Some of what is said, without any challenge from anywhere, is just unbelievable. Hillary, I see, has a ‘new plan’ to defeat ISIS — in which the assassination of Al Baghdadi figures large. The assassination of Osama worked out well, didn’t it? Do you recall the TV footage of the yobs around the White House chanting ‘USA! USA!’. Then there was regime change Libya, co-authored by Hillary, Cameron and Sarkozy. Poor Gaddafi, who was trying to flee the country, was murdered by a mob who raped him with a bayonet.

    I’m sure it will work out better this time.

  • J Galt 2 years ago

    You must be aff your heid if you think the Clinton Creature won that one!

    Mind you I’m impressed her handlers managed to keep her holding together – just!

  • Donald Murray 2 years ago

    Bizarre as it may seem, I wonder where the uk’s leader has been hiding these past weeks?

    I’ve seen Nicola Sturgeon reopening a steel works, answering questions in parliament and discussing brexit with members of the public, i’ve seen davidson misinform the Scottish Parliament and I’ve even seen wee kez become emotional, confused, lost and looking hapless on TV, but nothing or no glimpse of the nobody in number 10 Downing St.

    bbc / ebc is pre occupied with the US, I think it serves a distraction to what is going on here and shows priorities between the US and EU by the uk’s establishment.

    Hilary is far from perfect, her time should have been eight years ago, but her abilities and capabilities over trump for the job of president surely require little analysis? Or debate?


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