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Remember all that stuff about how the Tories had changed and were all new and dynamic and wasn’t it great that Ruth and Theresa were in charge? This poster (right) tells a different story of randy fetid chauvinism (“waitresses”) in 2016. Jamie Ross does a super-lite a puff-piece on Ruth Davidson at Tory conference. While over at the National Alyn Smith explains: “Mrs May…is about to discover , in Europe if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu’. “

Also jaw-drop reading is Boris Johnson spelling out in an extraordinary speech the new ‘Arc of Stupidity’ or what he attempts to sell as ‘soft power’:

“Up the creeks and inlets of every continent on earth there go the gentle kindly gunboats of British soft power captained by Jeremy Clarkson – a prophet more honoured abroad, alas, than in his own country,” he purred. “Or JK Rowling, who is worshipped by young people in some Asian countries as a kind of divinity.”

Finally this is a chilling take from Chritopher Hitchens speaking in 2007 on Scottish fear / cringe, though of course his take on Europe is now hilariously ironic & off-kilter: