Brexit’s Grapes of Wrath

“Taking migrant workers “out of the supply chain” would result in there being no homegrown produce on shop shelves” within five days we are told. Read the full story here.

There’s a sort of madness in the air. These people have no idea what they have initiated and the coming debacle will get messy. But at least we’re moving from “We just don’t know” to a clearer picture with estimates of a £66bn annual hit if Britain goes for a hard Brexit.

Luckily the Sun on Sunday has a solution in an editorial marked ‘Imaginative Ideas’:

Cu33lqvWgAA7_3uIt’s sort of Cool Hand Luke meets Benefits Street.

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  1. Boris says:

    Migrant fuelled agri companies are destroying britains family farms in the race to the bottom

  2. MBC says:

    Serfdom to be reintroduced.

    1. Yan says:

      Shut up and slave on, impossible for indigenous Scottish workers to be classified as slaves due to their inherent power and privilege according to the diversity and equality rule book.

  3. D. Smart says:

    The House of Lords is full of people who could put in a half shift… Old folks homes might want to offer some of their residents the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and top up their pensions… Turn picking into a game and school children will become fit for the next commwealth games. People recuperating in hospitals would welcome the chance to get back to “work fit”… The opportunity Brexit has created is endless. Another money spinner… Imagine bus loads of Chinese tourists stopping to photograph the indigenous population toiling in the fields. In Scotland a piper could be heard playing a rousing march to keep the field workers minds from wandering…

  4. Monty says:

    this is what happens when you give previously marginalised obsessives such as the tory europhobes the platform of a referendum. You mainstream what was previously a minority idea and one they have been thinking about endlessly and are evangelical about so inevitably they sound more convincing than the other side. They end up winning as they attract the marginalised, hacked off, angry to their side which unfortunately adds up to just over 50% of the electorate. they are now fully in the political bloodstream of the country leading their cheerleaders in the yellow press to yet greater idiocy and trying with some success to bully any opposition into silence and then irrelevance and they hope extinction.

  5. Rob Outram says:

    Prison labour is after all what the US economy is based on…perfect, get people with no rights to make things for you….free…and reap the rewards…perhaps that’s why this government are so keen on boosting the prison population?

    1. c rober says:

      2 million people in that system iirc , near half the population of Scotland , of just above slave labour , all held at the taxpayers cost – enriching the private corporations.

  6. Simon Chadwick says:

    Why is it OK for migrants to come over here and steal our skilled jobs? How is that better than them coming and taking our unskilled jobs? Surely if they come and steal all our skilled jobs, then we will all end up working at low end menial jobs even with a degree or PhD? A bit like we are now? And it will all be the fault of foreign people! Etc. etc.

    1. c rober says:

      perhaps what was meant was where there is a shortage , but I doubt it , the term skilled is wide and varied.

  7. c rober says:

    If the use of prisoners as labour had been a priority , and with the “housing shortage” , then open prisons and Offender Orders would have empowered councils to build more long before now , to reduce landscaping and labour costs .But as housing and the supply of services is the protectorate of the wealthy , through politicians of the same calibre , so social housing supply is kept wanting – and the privatized building on social building contracts continue , as does leading the electorate down the garden path on a life of sub prime mortgages.

    The uk hasnt been able to fill its shelves for years in fresh produce , it imports , and from not just the EU but further afield . Hell we even allow the export of Scottish caught fish processing to China for it to be re-imported without tarrif – to profit our foriegn owned , but British branded companies. The same companies that promised to keep work in the UK , then shifted it to their home base nation.

    Still those low paid , sitting in shit houses in the Majority that was the English Brexit voter household have got what the “thought” they wanted , however the reality may be further from the truth – and where Westminster ends up crawling back into the EU , and god forbid have to adopt the beer token that its the euro. The voter simply had been fed a diet of hate for too long , of shifting blame for successive govts to the EU on their own decreasing spending on social housing , schools and the NHS.

    Still those that prosper through our x in that box each election , that make out laws , the millionaire politicians , will direct legislated traffic to where they can still operate and profit from regardless…. and in the process harp on about how they supplied democracy at the grass roots level , thus empowering the electorate – like never seen before , and I doubt will ever be seen again as a result.

    Sound familiar , should do , nearly every other paragraph of SNP worksheets also scream of this sort of empowerment.

  8. bringiton says:

    Our version of Okies,UKOKs but without the freedom of movement bit.

  9. lordmac says:

    Leave voters to be given 400 hours community berry picking order

    1. MBC says:


  10. Derek says:

    There has been ‘migrant’ labour for hundreds of years. e.g. London Folks heading for the Weald of Kent for hop picking. Scots people heading to Blairgowrie for berry picking. Kids all over Scotland getting early school holidays for the tattie howkin’
    If we chuck out all these Europeans will be be able to revert to the ‘norm’ i.e. UK-homed labour? I doubt it very much.
    What an eff’n shambles.

    1. c rober says:

      What everyone also fails to realize is the industrialisation of farming is almost absolute , where these jobs picking are now rare , and as a result of machinery as drudgery riding on a platform on the back of a tractor – like some form of open air production line.

      Just about every single labour intensive form of argiculture now has a swiss army knife attachment for the back of a massey. All that is left is soft fruits , which in the Uk is a short season , and of course a major import the rest of the year from Spain and further afield like North Africa.

      Still though machine makers are in their element , and the banks that funish those loans for them , on the continent its all about chinese made or chinese branded imports. Even the once prized and prized Jap stuff is on the chinese production line , and is now becoming as a result second place to the Korean made machines.

      Then of course we have the other end of the spectrum , one year seed supply by copyright from America and its toxic roundup adoption and denials . I can tell you for one thing I wouldn’t like to be on the back of one of those tractors , suspended over diesel fumes , behind tyres churning up toxic dust or mud , then wondering why Jnr was born a decade later with 2 heads…. just as TTIP is adopted and prevents Americorp from being sued.

      But still it does mean ones strawberries have a longer season to accompany the bollie.

  11. Yan says:

    Gangmaster controlled jobs are being promoted to claimants by DWP/JCP staff in Scotland.


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