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Advertising Shits in Your Head

After we wrote about the weirdo-manipulation of the British Army’s new recruitment campaign  ‘This is Belonging’ – which uses military conquest as a vehicle for alienation-bashing bonhomie – we’ve been on the look-out for other ads and adbusters. So it was nice to see the work of the Special Patrol Group which has hit London with fake adverts that warn and inform the British public about our military efforts past and present.

Some are broad-brush, like this simple but effective  ‘Advertising Shits in Your Head’ poster.



Others are a bit more specific, like this catchy ‘Bombing is Great’ army ad:


According to Dazed magazine: “In order to break into the posters cases, the artists used a specific pack of Allen keys called the “Ad Space Hack Packs”, on sale in the Dismaland gift shop for £6. This set can reportedly open a third of ad poster cases around the world.”




Folllow @SpecialPatrols for more of the same.

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  • c rober 1 year ago

    Gotta watch the radical doesnt instead spawn an industry though – banksy?


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