From No to Yes

This is the first of a series from PhantomPower:

“Fraser says Yes. As more Scots who voted No to independence reconsider their decision, we follow their journey to Yes and self-determination for Scotland. Fraser is a Labour member who, let down by the empty promises made by Better Together in the final days of indyref and concerned about an increasingly right-wing UK out of the EU, sees independence as the only choice now. ”


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  1. c rober says:

    Welcome on board , more of this sort of vid please.

    Can you show a url link for the less savvy to spread?


    1. Phantom Power says:

      Aye sure – here

  2. Alf Baird says:

    Better late than never, I suppose. This guy looks like a career politician wannabe – should fit into thon SNP juist fyne.

    1. Phantom Power says:

      Many No voters regret their decision. Not sure how being critical of a party you’re a member of fits with being a political wannabe.

  3. Doubting Thomas says:

    Merr aye voters are changing their mind cos the EU are tellin the Natsies there is no automatic entry ……get tae the back of the queue!!

    1. Neil Anderson says:

      Natsies? Whit’s that then? Are you dighted pal?

      1. Doubting Thomas says:

        Natsies…….the Tartan Tories……..these really are the descriptions the majority of scots apply to the vocal minority pushing and undemocratic agenda.
        Get out away for your computer scree.
        Talk to people.
        You might just be surprisingly informed of the mood out there caused by this fractious unwanted constant lie that somehow leaving the EU is a mandate for another referendum on independence.
        Clearly with only 27% supporting another referendum it is not.
        She has no democratic mandate, does not have the legal powers and is totally feart to call one.

    2. john says:

      Not what was said on Good Morning Scotland this morning Thomas , EU spokeswoman said Scotland , being in the EU already , has much of the criteria needed to be admitted . Others looking for admission still have to satisfy the other 27 countries they are fit to enter , so , no back of the queue for us is what she is really saying .

      1. Doubting Thomas says:

        John you seem like a nice chap although I did not see the programme there was extensive coverage of the EU spokesperson’s interview in yesterdays press and media and either you or the programme have got it quite remarkably wrong.
        She said the negotiations regarding Brexit are between the EU and the UK.
        She went on to say that Scotland being part of the UK would leave the EU as there were no possible circumstances of a separate special deal.
        Then she said that the next possible entry date was likely to be 2020 when the Balkan states were looking to join.
        Thus the earliest date would be after the UK had left the EU.
        In terms of whether Scotland re-joining the EU in the event of independence coming to pass then she said that Scotland currently met most of the criteria.
        Note …….most……. not all.
        In her interview she was categoric that an independent Scotland would need to resolve the issue of the size of the current deficit and would need to adopt the Euro as currency.
        Given that if and it is a very big if a second independence referendum takes place in 2018 and the even more unlikely event the people of Scotland vote to leave the UK it would be virtually impossible to meet the requirements for entry.
        The massive lie being put out by Sturgeon and her Natsie party cohorts is becoming totally exposed to the scrutiny of the electorate.
        The uncertainty given the proportion of don’t knows in the current polls makes it a risk to far for wee fearty.
        And given she has no legal powers to actually force a referendum the possibility of one taking place without the UK governments consent would be unthinkable.
        In fact I suspect by going down the legal route to establish whether there was any legitimacy in her claims the whole process to even get to another referendum would take years.

        1. john says:

          That “she” you are talking about has a name Thomas , it is Jacqueline Minor .If you go to Radio Scotland and listen to today’s Good Morning Scotland podcast you will hear the said lady telling you what I said in my earlier post , that part starts at 31:31 into the podcast , but I think you might be interested in other parts of the broadcast also . Thank you for saying I sound like nice chap but you shouldn’t have spoiled it by calling me a nastie cohort .

        2. NaeFearbutFearItsel says:

          Thomas I wonder if you’ve ever considered what would have happened if the Scots vote in the EU referendum had determined a remain vote, (or for that matter a leave vote), against the wishes of an English vote to the contrary? Also – given the complex and unpredictable outcomes of leaving the EU and the implications of this for Scotland, why would you fear asking the Scottish people again whether they wishes to remain part of a leaving UK? At the end of the day, for we the voters it is only a wee trip down to the voting station is it not? Aye – testing the truth of a matter can be a painful business but it is ever better than avoiding it – whatever the outcome.

          1. Doubting Thomas says:

            The fear is on wee fearty’s part not mine.
            If you had read some of my previous comments you would have realised I would be delighted to have the referendum right now.
            We know how that would turn out don’t we.
            You have completely missed my point or perhaps ignored it as it does not accord with your thinking.
            My point was and is on the basis of the polls carried out to date there is only 27% support amongst the electorate for a further referendum.
            Sturgeon claims to speak for all of Scotland in demanding a further referendum be on the table however that clearly is a huge lie.
            Her “announcement” leaked out that the referendum could take place in 2018 if the Brexit conditions she is demanding are not met suggests she knows she would not win a referendum at this stage.
            Given the timetable laid out by the UK government for the triggering of Article 50 in March or April this year then Scotland would be included as part of the UK in leaving the EU.
            This has been made abundantly clear by the various spokespeople for the EU.
            That being the case Scotland would have to re-apply to join the EU if she won the independence referendum.
            If a referendum ever takes place!
            The absolute lie being peddled that Scotland wants a further independence referendum now or even in 2018 and that having one will be the only way to ensure that Scotland remains in the single market is totally exposed for what it is.
            Scotland voted to remain as an integral part of the UK and the UK voted to leave the EU and mendacious claims will never usurp this.
            The other lie that somehow Scotland can remain part of the single market whether as part of the UK or as an independent country has also been exposed given the timetable laid down by the UK government and confirmed by the wishy washy suggestion of a 2018 independence referendum.
            She knows she does not have a democratic mandate and the fact that she could be completely stymied by legal challenge given she needs the agreement of the UK government to hold one.
            They may when the polls are considered let her call one and agree to one being held which would be my preference as this would put the matter to bed once and for all.
            But as I said wee fearty will continue to huff and puff.

        3. Alf Baird says:

          “negotiations regarding Brexit are between the EU and the UK”

          Scotland would remain in the EU if it were to become independent prior to the ‘UK’ announcing Art. 50 withdrawal. The entity doing the withdrawing (from the EU) would not then be the UK; upon Scotland’s independence, the UK as constituted ceases to exist. The UK is a joint venture treaty-based entity; once Scotland leaves, the JV is ended.

          1. Doubting Thomas says:

            Dream on Alf!
            There is no chance of that happening.
            She will not call a referendum before 2018.
            Article 50 will already be triggered.

          2. Alf Baird says:

            The point here is not what the SNP will or will not do, for who can say. The point is that the UK ceases to exist whenever England or Scotland becomes independent. Therefore, the entity that became an EU member (i.e. the UK ‘state’) would no longer exist, only the successor states exist. Thus, England (post end of the UK ‘state’) may take England out of the EU, but it cannot take Scotland out of the EU. Which means that the SNP x 56, holding as they do the sovereign will of the Scottish people, have a material choice to make prior to any Art.50 EU withdrawal by the current UK ‘state’. The SNP x 56 not only hold the power to make Scotland independent, now, today; they also hold the power to retain EU membership for Scotland, should they so wish. Scotland does not have to be ‘dragged over a Brexit cliff’ by the UK, if the UK no longer exists.

  4. Morag Stevenson says:

    ..well said young man great to have yu on

  5. Doubting Thomas says:

    Have you been imbibing on hallucinatory substances?
    When England becomes independent???
    The 56 hold the power????
    Absolute piffle!!!

    1. Doubting Thomas says:

      And just for clarity the SNP MPs at Westminster do not hold any sovereign will.
      They are there to represent their constituencies,
      They cannot and will not be able to force any political ideology on the people of Scotland.
      They sit as a minority party in the U.K. Parliament.
      I say again they hold no democratic mandate and no legal powers to instigate an independence referendum.

      1. john says:

        For goodness sake Thomas, your beginning to sound hysterical.

      2. Alf Baird says:

        Scots have never been in any doubt that Scottish MP’s can end the ‘union’ in the same way it began, i.e. through a majority of Scottish MP’s. Scotland does not need to wait to be granted permission by any institution to hold a referendum. Scotland does not even need a referendum, and never has needed one.

        Even the great Craig Murray, a superb Ambassador for Scotland, agrees with me:

        1. Frank says:

          According to the Act of Union the Scottish MPs sitting at Westminster are a part of the “The New Parliament of Great Britain” and so it would take a majority vote of the whole Parliament to repeal the Treaty of Union. Our 56 cannot do it by themselves.

          1. Alf Baird says:

            No nation depends on seeking permission from another nation to be independent; nations assert their own independence.

            Moreover, the Claim of Right (recent and past) declares the sovereignty of the Scottish people, not the sovereignty of any parliament, joint or otherwise. Scotland’s nationhood does not, never has, and never could depend on the whim of 600 or so MP’s from other nations. Scotland’s sovereignty is for the moment vested in Scotland’s MP’s to do as they think best, in the interests of Scotland. If they think it best for Scotland to become independent, prior to the UK’s Art.50 withdrawal from the EU, then constitutionally they have every right to do so.

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