c5modpxueaaxci3Bella Postcard: our weekly series of micro blogs, a (very) random ‘best of the web’.

Like a bit of heavyweight “degrowth” analysis? Eleanor Finley from the Entitle Collective has it all for you: “For me, what the degrowth movement has been arguing for is politically the same thing that Marxist political ecologists, like Bellamy Foster and others, argue when they say that we are on the verge of a Great Transition, in which values of “consumerism, individualism, and domination of nature” will be replaced with “a new triad: quality of life, human solidarity, and ecological sensibility”.”

On a  more tecchy-front, Germany has just announced a zero-emissions train that emits only steam-  Choo-Choo!  – & The Inertia covers MeyGen and Scotland’s carbon targets: “Seawater is 832 times denser than air and so a five-knot ocean current has more kinetic energy than a 220 MPH wind.”

Unrelated – Robert Zaretsky is very good on Trump and Debord – and Simon Reynolds on the suicide of Mark Fisher and his legacy of K-Punk and Acid Communism.

Meanwhile back home, over at Vice, Matt Lygate covers the forgotten history of Scotland’s Tartan Terrorists – and The National discovers the weird world of Scottish architecture [‘Scots architect body RIAS overlooked once more, this time for new Edinburgh bandstand’.]