Listening to these damascene conversions from some of Better Together’s most vehement supporters is astonishing, whether it is representative of a larger sea-change or not I have no idea.

But it must be extremely galling for the future No campaign – and I can think of no equivalent version from Yes to No (suggestions please) – in the other direction.

But what Mike Dailly and Tom Morton become in these short films, is not just subvertisements for Yes, but hugely articulate refuseniks from the now collapsed notion of the case for a progressive Britain. Their words, as much as any, are the reality on which the Labour Party’s botched smear faltered this week.

What are key drivers in both these cases are the unfolding Brexit farce and the lack of credibility of Labour as a force for social good and coherent political opposition.

Their voices are measured, articulate, experienced and strangely optimistic.

Journey to Yes #4


Journey to Yes #5