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Mapping French Kissing (and other subjects)

We’re banishing the post-Brexit blues by celebrating European culture and history through maps.


Percentage of Young Adults In Europe, aged 25-34, Who Still Live With Their Parents



European Map of Wind Farms

map-of-european-wind-farmsJewish Population of Europe in 1933 and 2015


[Sources: http://www . jewishdatabank . org/Studies/details . cfm?StudyID=803, http://www . pewforum . org/files/2012/12/globalReligion-tables . pdf]

Map of French Kissing Etiquette

b1c1l4cccaa6apdEurope by Religion

Two things to note about Europe. The formerly communist states of East Germany and Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic and Slovakia) are clearly visible on the map as the areas with no religion. Second, despite right-wing fear-mongering, Muslims do not form a majority in any area of Western Europe.

Every European Country’s Top Import Partner

c8g9kt5xqaegb_uEurope by Hunger (1918)

tumblr_n7x90ajj881rasnq9o1_500Portion of world map of languages by Twitter

twittermapEuropean Football Leagues by Attendance




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