Ruth Davidson is your saviour, but how does this work?

The phrase – “What God thinks” – stuck out in this lovely exchange.

But if Ruth Davidson, remarkably, is the bulwark not just against the DUP deal affecting LGBTI rights in the UK, but also, and even more remarkably, the Conservative Party advancing LGBTI rights in Northern Ireland, you have to ask yourself where and when has Ruth Davidson successfully stood up against the worst Conservative policies? When exactly has this happened?

The Bedroom Tax? The Rape Clause? Benefit sanctions? The growth of food banks? Cuts to the health service? Homelessness and housing?

This is what you could call ‘particularist solidarity’. On an issue that affects her personally, she is suddenly, and completely unconvincingly motivated.

I’m struggling here to find examples of Davidson’s ability to prevent the most toxic ideas spreading across the land? Perhaps readers can help out?

Here the usually bubbly and famously media-savvy operator doesn’t like the questioning.

Looks like she’s been drinking Harp lager. Time for a sharp Brexit?