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Journey to Yes 17

The next instalment from Phantom Powers Journey to Yes series features philosophy professor Anthony Grayling who campaigned for the No argument on 2014.

Professor A.C. Grayling was one of the leading intellectual voices who strongly argued for maintaining the union in the Scottish independence referendum of 2014. His argument was based on the strong historical role and cultural bonds Scotland had within the union. However, the UK’s vote to leave the EU changes everything and Anthony now believes Scotland, faced with being dragged out against its will, has every right to choose the path of self-determination if Brexit goes ahead. Scotland could flourish and independence may even bring about a much needed reform of English politics.

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  • Charles L. Gallagher 1 year ago

    And they just keep coming. Welcome A.C.

  • SleepingDog 1 year ago

    I attended a talk by Professor Grayling at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and his ideas were concerned with analysis for dealing practically with the world’s problems and shaping its imminent future. For example, he paid a lot of attention to China. Indeed the subtitle of the book of essays he’d released (The Challenge of Things) was subtitled Thinking Through Troubled Times, where thankfully he is able to counterpoint pessimism with optimism.

    So I guess he has put a lot of thought into the Scottish Independence question.

    But I believe AC Grayling has already made a great contribution in tackling one of the great British propaganda myths (or silences) in Among the Dead Cities. The next time you see England supporters making wings of their arms and singing about Lancaster bombers while their team plays Germany at football, it would be helpful to have read that thoughtful and well-argued book.

  • Alf Baird 1 year ago

    The ‘Union’, maybe the finest of all “great British propaganda myths”:

  • Redgauntlet 1 year ago

    Another coup for Phantom Power. Well done guys.


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