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Media Wars

As part of a new series looking at deeper problems of media and political control beyond just ‘SNPBad’ here ARTIST TAXI DRIVER Chunky Mark interviews Caroline Molloy indy journalist with Open Democracy on media bias and political influence at the very top of the BBC, and the British crisis…

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  1. eleif says:

    “Corbyn a new era that could potentially spread to Europe if we can overcome the establishment”

    ok, I get that tweets are throw away and compete for attention… but the presumption that there’s no other social democratic opposition across Europe, just the wait for British heroic leadership, is a rather worrying expression of British Nationalist exceptionalism increasingly to be found in Corbynism

    perhaps if ‘the left’ actually won a national-level election 😉 it might be able to join social democrats in positions of power elsewhere across Europe to co-operate in contesting the neoliberal structural dominance running through the EU… the difference there being more than just some minor inflection

    1. Graeme Purves says:

      Indeed, Corbynism seems astonishingly insular and myopic. At least Caroline Molloy acknowledges a lack of intellectual hinterland.

  2. Alasdair Macdonald says:

    These three clips are far too short to give any real insights into what are the problems and what, effectively, can be done. They were little ‘vignettes’. The first introduced the idea that the issue with the BBC is ‘more than Andrew Neill and Laura Kuennsberg’. I think most of us, or at least readers of sites like this, knew that. So, Ms Malloy, what now? The final clip was a ramble about sympathy for Mrs May, but, essentially, Ms Malloy was displaying a “British”/mediacentric parochial attitude. As eleif, above, indicates, Ms Malloy seems to be indicating that the European left is waiting for “British” leadership, whereas, what we need is for ideas of how the European left is responding and how these can be implemented here.

    My principal interest is in attaining an independent Scotland. I would dearly like an ‘awakening’ of the left in England on ideas of governance, but for people like Ms Malloy, the British/English conflation is still hegemonic.

    Perhaps Ms Malloy has a much more nuanced and insightful approach, but we require something much more substantial to allow her to develop these and a more forensic questioning.

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