Monsters v Aliens, Plants v Zombies, Real Ale v Craft Beer, Mayweather v McGregor: the epic battles that we have witnessed though the ages have been joined by another set of Titans: Pandas v Tories.

It’s lost in the mists of time the origins of the bitter feud, though some claim that it stems from the original joke that “There are more Pandas than Tory MPS in Scotland”.

This was statistically true (2 -1) until earlier this year when the Tories took a huge leap in numbers jumping from their native 1 MP to a magnificent 13.

Experts say its difficult to accurately quantify their numbers in the wild and for years it was thought that they simply couldn’t reproduce their MPs in captivity. The events seem to have made Tian Tian and Yan Guang (both said to be diehard Yesers) furious.

Today it was announced that Tian Tian is believed to be pregnant, according to Edinburgh Zoo. 

With the prospect of by-elections and quintuplets not being ruled out – the epic Pandas versus Tories is back on.