Imagine living in a time when the most powerful man in the world was so stupid he thought “cleanliness” was more important than climate change.

Imagine living in a time when a man with such a shameful track record on the campaign and in office would be given such a craven interview broadcast on UK tv?

Watch an extract here.

Amongst the countless opportunities to question or challenge the President on his racism, misogyny or his attacks on civil liberties, accusations of corruption or war-mongering, we were left with just shambling sycophancy.

Piers Morgan let him talk abject nonsense about the greatest issue facing mankind.

This was less journalism and more freak show.

As De Smog reports:

“President Donald Trump loves to accuse his detractors of producing “fake news” as a way to deflect from his own distortions and misrepresentations. But in an interview screened in the UK in recent hours, Trump’s tired attack on climate science — itself a demonstrable twisting of the truth — was the epitome of the actual fakery pushed by climate science denial groups and conservative media outlets. And Trump’s continued disregard for the authoritative positions of climate scientists and scientific institutions and academies across the globe echoed the platforms of groups supported by one of his key financial backers — the Mercer family.”

“Trump’s climate science denial perfectly mirrors the myths perpetrated by the groups funded by one of the president’s key benefactors — the hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. As DeSmog has reported, Mercer and his daughter Rebecca have been spending millions on climate science denial groups in recent years. Latest tax filings by the Mercer Family Foundation show that in 2016, the Mercer’s extended their support for climate science denial groups.

As well as continuing to support the notorious Heartland Institute, the Mercer family is now also backing the CO2 Coalition and the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change. The CO2 Coalition wants the public to think that adding extra CO2 to the atmosphere will only be good for the planet. CO2 Coalition director Professor Will Happer, a retired Princeton physicist, has compared what he describes as the “demonization” of carbon dioxide to the “demonization of poor Jews under Hitler.”

Read the full account here.





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  1. Helen Oram says:

    He believes in shooting his mouth on important issues he fails to understand and doesn’t have a clue about

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