A timely deconstruction of how Fake News operates in the UK and how the right-wing press has jumped from one propaganda model to another from Paul Mason:


However there are some problems with this analysis.

The idea of the BBC as being a ‘final arbiter’ of truth – a sort of backstop to lies in the media may have caused a giggle or two. Mason is on record himself describing the BBC’s role in the independence referendum as “completely biased and unbalanced in their reporting” (2014).

Mason, former BBC Newsnight Economics Editor has said of the public broadcaster:

“Not since Iraq have I seen BBC News working at propaganda strength like this. So glad I’m out of there.”

Nor are the British libel laws something to celebrate as a defence of freedom of the press. Their absurd cost, complexity and the consequences where there is a total inequality of funds mean they are frequently used by the rich and their lawyers to silence their critics.

However – with those caveats – it’s a good talk-though of the key processes of Fake News, and pro-indy voices would do well to mark the common treads of smear and disinformation used against Corbyn and the independence movement.

What alternatives are there to the model here? Here’s five actions:

1. Mass disinvestment and boycott of tabloid press
2. Demand and reclaim public broadcasting
3. Create rigorous alternative media with standards and commitment to quality journalism
4. Expose alt-right disinformation and spin
5. Expose lobby groups, think-tanks and corporate funding planting stories in the media